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Hi all! I am Joyce Daisy and this is my web site!

For those who think that dressing LG has something to do with children, it DOESN'T.

Dressing as an LG has to do with SELF IMAGE ONLY.

I now personally think it has to do with what has been called the "Inner child". This does not, as far as I know, make any LG unsafe to be around. That is because I know that if someone was unsafe to be around, I of all people would know it because the unsafe peoople, ALWAYS 'came out of the woodwork' and tried to mess with me, but the LG's that I met in person, did not do or suggest anything like that at all. If any one of them had even thought it, I think I would've picked up on it right away, and I didn't notice anything like that at all.

I used to think of my experiences like that as being a curse; the fact that I seemed to bring out the worst in people, but I have since changed my opinion on that. It's not a curse; it's just a way to see someones 'true colors' before you get to know them. The LG's I met in person, were bright and cheery.

LG's are usually thought of as male crossdressers, but there are females who dress LG too, especially in Japan right now. That is a style though rather then a way of life which sets it apart from what we call LG's. I still think that LG's are drawing from their Inner Child, if so, that would explain why we are USUALLY so gentle, and caring.

I am female; just thought you'd like to know that, however, I can no more go outside in my idea of the perfect dress then an LG crossdresser can, even though when I dress like that it isn't considered to be crossdressing. I have as yet to make my idea of the perfect dress. It'd have lots of ruffels and lace on it. Perhaps by the time I make it, the trend from Japan will have come here to the USA and then it WILL be okay for me to wear a dress like that outside. But it'll cost something to make so I haven't even started on it yet, but I can see it in my mind, pretty as a picture just the same.

To me, what I call an LG dress, is somewhat like the dresses of long ago that women wore; about knee length or longer. The 50's styles and before are good. After that dresses went way short and I wouldn't be caught dead in a short dress in public, especially with our wind. Even a knee length dress here is a little hard to control.

If you see me in a dress here, it's usually mid-calf length because of our gusty wind. However, I usually wear slacks here when I am out walking. If I had a car I might wear more dresses but since I'm on foot these days and it is generally accepted for women to wear pants and slacks, I do.

I can tell you that was NOT allowed when I went to grade school. These days it seems that everyone is allowed to wear pants in grade school, which is good. Wear pants to school and save the pretty dresses for special events and church. That way you can actually PLAY when you're in school, and keep the dresses looking nice for special events. It also helps on COLD mornings. Dresses are COLD to wear on cold mornings. I guess that's what stockings were invented for, but I never had any nor saw anyone else wearing them when I was in grade school. Maybe they too were not allowed. I don't remember now, I just remember being cold in a classroom and wishing that the radiator or even the steam pipe was closer to where I was at. Pants would've helped greatly. Stockings (opaque ones) are popular in Japan too by the way. I looked for some to wear this Christmas, but couldn't find any at all. I had my red ones but I wanted red and white striped ones. I do so hope the USA isn't going the 'Rambo' direction. The last thing we need is more olive drab and jack boots.

What we actually need is MORE people like US. No, they need not dress in any special way to follow their inner child, but we DO need to depart from the dark and dreary, and enter the world of the bright and cheery and this is one way to do it.

Anyway, in my opinion this page is "G" rated and is suitable for any age, transgendered or otherwise, or anyone who isn't a crossdresser either. However, if you are a minor your parents may not want you to be here so if you are concerned about that, ask them first.

If you are fine with all of that, then by all means, Enter

Adult Little Girls
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