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"Hello. My name is Molly Maguire. Mommy says I look like a raccoon. She tells me I'm a VERY 'busy' little girl." I have a brother named Mr. Bubbles and we were born on 2/14/2005. This is our "coming out" party. We're FReepers now."

"Mommy was watching the Super Bowl and I got bored so I went and played with the toilet paper. Mommy said she could tell by looking at my face that I was guilty.

"Hello, my name is Mr. Bubbles. When I was a baby, I liked to take chances so mommy called me "Cowboy." One day I was watching her fill the tub with bubbles, and I wanted to play with them. I didn't know they were only on top of the water. When I couldn't stand it any longer, I jumped feet first into the bubbles, but I went right through them and into the water. It went over my head, but mommy pulled me out and saved my life. From that time on she started calling me "Mr. Bubbles." I have one blue eye and one green eye. Mommy says it's because I'm special."

"I like to help mommy FReep too. When I was 2 weeks old I got sick and mommy had to give me medicine so she held me in her arms all the time, now I'm a little spoiled. When I get sleepy I want mommy to hold me. She's learned how to hold me in her left arm while she FReeps with the right one. She's real good at it too."

"This is our biological mother. Her name is Callie, and she's really big. She scared the german shepard half to death because she wanted to fight with her. Mommy says Callie's a pain in the rear, but she loves her anyway. Mommy was a Foster Parent for the Humane Society. She fell in love with us, so she kept us. See that yellow thing to the left of her? Well, that's a ladder that mommy used to put the curtains back up again."

"Molly and I used to run up and down mommy's curtains. First the sheers came down, and then the curtains lost some hooks and started to sag. We've had our claws removed so we can't do that any more. This is what the curtains looked like before she put them back up."

"I love to help my mommy FReep, but I'm hungry and I want her to feed us now. Maybe if I block the computer screen she will quit FReeping and feed us."

"OK, if you won't pay attention, I will obstruct your view a little more."

"Well, that didn't work, so I'll just use my tail."

"Ms. Callie is going to help us obstruct the screen so she will feed us. Mommy said Ms. Callie would make a good Democrat because she likes to obstruct."

"Well, she's not paying any attention so Ms. Callie and I will try the ole' tail-leg trick to see if we can obstruct the whole screen."

"Hmmmm, that didn't work, so now Mr. Bubbles and Ms. Callie are going to try to obstruct with the double tail block."

"Uh Oh. Mr. Bubbles, mommy stuck me in the trash."

"Oh no. Molly, mommy stuck me in the trash, too."

"Mr. Bubbles, now that mommy has fed us, I'm sleepy. Let's take a nap. OK, Molly, I'm sleepy too. It's been a hard day FReeping."

Mr. Bubbles is all grown up now and he can play the keyboards. I took this picture of him when he was playing them, sent it to the computer and when I downloaded it he jumped up on the desk and laid on the keyboards watching himself for about 10 minutes.

He's a big boy now!

Here's a picture of Molly Maguire, all grown up.

Look what I found "in" my Christmas tree last year.