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AnFarra German Shepherds

Qualities specific to

Thank you for visiting
"AnFarra" German Shepherds......


Where Majestic, noble appearance, and steadfast of temperment is apparent in our very selective breeding.

UPDATE :.....

Litter Plans***** Our next litters are for the Spring/Summer of 2021 , with our plush pure black female "Sloan" and our plush coated male "Memphis", and our final litter with our sable female "Kandy" and "Memphis". Puppies are expected to be ready for their new homes "about" mid to end of May to July 2021

Puppies will be solid black, and bi black with red and tan colouring like their sire "Memphis", meaning mainly black with just a bit of colouring up the legs, chest and a bit on the face, and sables......

We are Taking reservations for this spring 2021 litter,.....please call 705 939 1999, as we do not accept reservations just over the internet, anyone seriously interested must call us to discuss one of our puppies and suitability for your home.

Puppies are priced at $1800.00 + HST, CKC non breeding registered....Thank you

Sloan and Memphis are seen here...….


**** PLEASE note, our litters are always fully reserved by the time they are actually born.....IF seriously interested in reserving, do so anytime shortly after Christmas.

If interested in a large, straight backed German Shepherd puppy with a calm, family companion character please call us 705 939 1999 , as we do not accept reservations just over the internet.....


"Valor" 16 months, who is a black sable, son of Kandy & Memphis, grandson of Dakota,.....picture taken Feb 14, 2021

If looking for a German Shepherd puppy who will be straight backed, with no sloping rear end, plush coated, and a calm, family companion German Shepherd to have join your home give us a call to discuss......705 939 1999.

Please call 705 939 1999 or email for more information.


We exclusively breed plush and long coated German Shepherds with large squarish heads, breathtaking presence and a steady, calm demeanor.
We have devoted our German Shepherd family to breeding specifically for calm, reliable temperments with larger size, majestic "powerful", bone and substance. Desiring the larger, substanial body and head of the old style German Shepherd, with a straight back and more moderate, sound hindquarter without the severe sloping rear and the over angulated sloping rears of the North American "show" Shepherd typically seen in the North American show ring. This has led us to selectively hand pick our foundation dogs, importing, and researching genetics, and old bloodlines of substance.

We have acquired calm temperments second to none that are a pleasure to live with day in and day out.

Whether for top caliber obedience or as a reliable family companion, we devote our time to our puppies, developing their characters to be sound, calm companions and discerning their individual talents to provide our puppy owners with the unique traits they are looking for to fit into their lifestyle and home enviroment.

Having had years of experience breeding and hands on experience training and successfully competing has given us the ability and background to confidently assess our puppies, to their new owner's satisfaction.

"AnFarra" German Shepherd puppies have a written full health guarantee for any inherited problems.

********Shipping is easily arranged, to anywhere in Canada.*********

Contact us for up to date details for our planned litters and availability, via email or phone.

"AnFarra" bred Callie X Memphis female pictured at nine weeks of age, born Jan 2017

Please note none of our puppies will be placed simply over the internet. Once you have determined you would like a quality, home raised "AnFarra" GSD puppy and wish to reserve a puppy, please do call us as we wish to speak to our prospective owners.

Contact us at which will show up on our smart phone also, for a quicker reply call us at 705 939 1999 or 613 922 9201

....please do not hesitate to contact us to reserve if desiring a specific colour or sex to avoid disappointment.

**** We are under two hours east from Toronto, easily found just 15 minutes north of the 401, and are pretty much equal distance from Ottawa.

Our foundation stud dog "Dakota",...who set the bar with his "Excellent" certified hips and incrediable family, companion, calm temperament.

We tend to have a Spring and sometimes a Fall litter of German Shepherds at "AnFarra".
Our puppies are raised in our home with the utmost attention paid to their physical and mental wellbeing.
All of our dogs have the freedom of our large equine farm's acreage- sized fully fenced yardsite plus additional fenced in dog play area,and enjoy our pastoral farm setting in Ontario


For a gorgeous, well adjusted German Shepherd puppy please do not hesitate to call us.....


*** General "AnFarra" German Shepherd Puppy Information.......

Our puppies are family home raised in our home, not a kennel situation

Puppies leave here wormed several times, full vet health check up, heart, ears, eyes, mouth/teeth, with health records

Owners also receive a Bill of Sale, receipt, full written instructions regarding additional vaccinations required and dates, medical history, feeding suggestions and a written health guarantee for two years,

Puppies receive their first vaccinations at their vet check up

Puppies are micro chipped before leaving us

Puppies are started on Purina Pro Plan PUPPY chicken & rice kibble as shown here...

All puppies are CKC non breeding registered to be altered by ten months of age

We do ship our puppies for those needing to be shipped thru out Canada only, via Westjet at 8 weeks

*** Puppies are priced at $1300.00 to $1500.00 +HST. ****We reserve the final right to cancel any puppy reservation with a refund due to any cirmcumstance, and our comfort level with any home will be the final determining factor.

CKC members since 1987

After 30 years of membership with the CKC, following all ethical practises breeding and showing our dogs, we have now been awarded LIFETIME membership !!

705 939 1999 or 613 922 9201, Email us at

We are very easy to find pretty much mid way between Toronto and Ottawa, just 15 mins straight north off the 401, north Belleville, by the charming village of Stirling.

~~~~ Please view several of the more recent comments/emails we have recieved from very happy, proud owners of "AnFarra" Shepherd puppies, near the very end of this page...... due to download time, l have included only several of the most recent emails received, of MANY positive comments, which cover several different living situations, and are well worth taking the time to read~~~~


THIS is what we breed for, TOP QUALITY FAMILY GSDs to be enjoyed, .....

705 939 1999,

Please call us if interested in reserving a puppy, as we allot selection or choice of puppy in the order deposits/reservations arrive,... call 705 939 1999, as we do not accept reservations or deposits just over the internet, everyone seriously interested in a puppy must call us 705 939 1999

IF you like the Shiloh Shepherd look, do not pass up our magnificent quality CKC registered plush and long coated German Shepherd puppies !!

Outstanding family, companion temperments, NO intense high drive, but pleasureable family companions.

IF you are considering a German Shepherd for your Companion and as a Family pet, with the straighter backs, no severe rear angulation, reliable, social temperments come see these puppies, you will NOT be disappointed.....

Give us a call, 705 939 1999

Our puppies come with a Full written health guarantee, CKC registered non breeding as pets price is $1800.00 + HST..

"AnFarra" German Shepherds has produced simply SPECTACULAR puppies....see owner's pictures and comments below, and the picture shown below is of another previous litter, in 2010.

We are being told by many puppy owners from previous litters, that their puppies/young adults now, constantly have people commenting on their temperments and how gorgeous they are, wherever they go....

~~~~~"Dakota" our foundation sire at six years of age, who had "excellent" certified hips, .... pictures below taken October 2008...... whom we lost in the summer of 2012

In the over ten years he produced puppies for us, not one word came back to us of a dysplastic puppy or any other health issues, a remarkable legacy by a truly wonderful, magnificent male.

***** We are fortunate to have still with us one daughter of "Dakota", and now a sable grandson, which we will be using very selectively to preserve the excellent soundness of our future GSD puppies

We are hoping this legacy of soundness and health will be carried on by his daughter "Kandy" and her 2019 sable son, we have kept in our breeding program........

***IMPORTANT information for our Puppy owners....Please take the time to read....

When you get your 8 week old puppies, please keep this image in mind. Their bones do not even touch yet. They plod around so cutely with big floppy paws and wobbly movement because their joints are entirely made up of muscle, tendons, ligaments with skin covering. Nothing is fitting tightly together or has a true socket yet. When you run them excessively or don't restrict their exercise to stop them from overdoing it during this period you don't give them a chance to grow properly. Every big jump or excited, bouncing run causes impacts between the bones. In reasonable amounts this is not problematic and is the normal wear and tear that every animal will engage in. But when you're letting puppy jump up and down off the lounge or bed, take them for long walks/hikes, you are damaging that forming joint. When you let the puppy scramble on tile with no traction you are damaging the joint. You only get the change to grow them once. A well built body is something that comes from excellent breeding and a great upbringing-BOTH, not just one. Once grown you will have the rest of their life to spend playing and engaging in higher impact exercise. So keep it calm while they're still little baby puppies and give the gift that can only be given once.


Picture gallery of pictures we have recieved from our proud puppy owners............Enjoy !

Dakota sired stunning 2010 female..."Ella" pictured at one year of age, proudly owned by Catherine...
Update, June 2012...proud owner Catherine and "Ella" just short of two years of age, obtaining their obedience championship title, WITH a HIGH IN SCORE IN CLASS !!!!

"Dakota" sired 2009 pups, from "Britta",
"Tiber" living by Sudbury.

"Ben", a long haired black male pup, at just under a year and a half, and "Beau" a solid white long haired pup, shown at under a year of age, living by Ottawa and proudly owned by his owners who purchased first "Ben" from us, and then came back to us again to include "Beau" an "Essa X Dakota " 2010 puppy in their wonderful home.

"Django" living in the Niagara region....see his proud family's comments below on the bottem of this page, in new owner's comments section.

"Dakota" sired female puppy from "Essa's" litter.
"Mika" a sable female 10 week old puppy living in Quebec.

"Dakota" sired male rarer silver/black puppy from "Essa's" 2009 litter.

"Crockett" a silver/black "Essa X Dakota" male 6 month old puppy, and lastly at one year of age maturing into a STUNNING male, living in Ontario, and spoilt by the Hanz's"Tika" a six month old female pup of Jetta X Vacquero, much loved by her family in Ontario.


We are third generation breeders of quality, family companion Canadian Kennel Club registered German Shepherds....
Me circa 1960,...being the second generation involved with German Shepherds,......our daughter in 2005, now being the third generation....


EMAILS/COMMENTS recieved from proud "AnFarra" puppy/dog owners Below,.......Enjoy!


Wed 2020-10-14 12:17 AM

Hi Angie, hope all is well.

Just wanted to give you an update on Bjorn.

He is such a happy and curious boy. He always tries to act up tougher than he actually is which is a total huggable bear.

We have recently moved to an area full of greenery and a fenced backyard all to himself as well as enjoy spending time with another german shepherd to try and act tough around. As well as his ears have now gone up permanently and thus have ended the floppy stage.

He also now is our prime suspect for any missing socks, the guy loves stealing them.

Thank you for this handsome and just a truly fitting family member for us we are over the top in love with him.

Nice update email from a Toronto Family who have a 2020 Spring puppy from us

*******************************************Mon 2020-08-31

Hello Angie :)

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for my wonderful Murphy

He is so amazing and smart and handsome of course

I got him house trained within a week and sleeps in his crate at night with no issues
I have 3 cats and an older small dog and he plays with them all the time
People ask me all the time where I got him from so I have passed on your contact information

Thank you for spending time talking with me and helping me make the right personality choice in Murphy for me

He is amazing and I will attach some pictures well as keep you updated as he grows I just love him :)

Thanks Again

Super new owner here in Ontario, new owner of a 2020 puppy.



Hi Angie

He is very smart, very sweet, and now well-known around the neighborhood!
He is confident and calm by nature.
I have enrolled him in socialization classes and I think his friendly temperament might make him a good candidate for obedience and therapy dog training.
I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am that you have entrusted us with this special boy!

Puppy from our spring 2020 litter, fantastic new owner located in Toronto


Sent: August 15, 2020 3:22 PM
Subject: JoJo

Hi Angie

Just want to thank you again for this beautiful pup.
JoJo has doubled his weight since we brought him home, is a happy and bright little guy and is training so well.
He adores the older dog Molly who is slowly warming up to him and just loves to sleep In the tall grasses beside the pond.

From our 2020 litter, lovely owners in the Ottawa area

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sun 2018-11-18, 12:11 PM

 Hi Angie,
I hope you are doing well. I’ve been meaning to write you to give you an update on our sweet Mabel.

Mabel is doing GREAT! She is growing like a weed. Inside and out. She is so smart and so well behaved. She does what puppies do but apart from that I just can’t believe how sweet she is and how smart she is. Her temperament is amazing. She learns very quick. She is very alert and responsive and she loves to please.

She is just so full of love and has already brought us so much happiness as our newest family member. We bring her everywhere and everyone loves her to pieces. She just loves people. We get compliments all the time about how beautiful she is and on her temperament. Cheri is a teacher and even brought Mabel to school last week because she is so well behaved we knew it wouldn’t be an issue.

Anyways, we just want to thank you for our sweet girl. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

We’ll keep in touch. I’ll attach some photos to this email for you. (Some old, some new)

Sending hugs from Hamilton,

Phil, Cheri, and Mabel 🐾

*****once again, we are so blessed to be able to have such loving, wonderful owners for our puppies !!


Dec 22, 2017

Hi Angie

I love that picture of her on the bed, for sure! 
Chloe at about 7 months of age...
Her’s like dealing with a “human” in a fur suit......she is so smart, and you already knew that one. 

She is kind, she tries so hard to please, she is strong willed at times but we remind ourselves she’s still a baby but when we gently correct her she always listens. 

We had family here yesterday and she is excited when folks come to the house and I think she knows from us that they are loved ones because she get excited, as in happy, and then settles in nicely that they are in our home.

  At the same time if she feels a threat (as in garbage guys) she growls and barks a different bark.  I think she is coming into her own that way but she is truly the love of my life!

  I will always miss Brina and I will never compare but Chloe is one of a kind and I thank you for breeding such a fine, fine dog. 

Feel free to post her picture and my comments.

  Take care.  Beth

****This wonderful couple, Beth & Gary live in Nova Scotia

Updated picture of "Chloe" at 10 months sent by her proud owners, you can see by the way she is sitting on the chair, not only is she stunning in appearance but obviously has a fun mischevious character


August 27th, 2017

Hi Angie, I just wanted to give you a little update about Freddy who came from your litter born in January.
He is weighing in at 63lbs and just over 7 months now.

He has been an amazing puppy so far and you wouldn't believe the compliments we get on his temperament and his looks. He truly is a remarkable looking dog.

He loves to spend his days swimming, playing fetch and playing with the kids. He is absolutely amazing outside, at 7 months old he has yet to leave our yard, except of course  to greet our next door neighbours when they arrive at their cottage for the weekend because they are often bringing him treats or new toys.

Everyone that visits us comments on they way he greets them with such a calm temperament.

He does not stay far from the kids when they are outside, whether they are in the water or just playing, he likes to keep a close eye on them.

Freddy just got neutered on Thursday, attached is a copy of the receipt as well as some pictures of Freddy over the last few months. If you need anything else regarding his neuter or if I need to send you a paper copy, please let me know.

Thanks! Nikki

*******Exactly what our breeding program is all about, so greatfull to have our efforts appreciated by wonderful family owners such as this family located in Ontario.  


June 28th, 2017

Hi Angie,

I wanted to give you an update with Guinness we've had him now three weeks tomorrow and loving every minute of him.
He has such a gentle nature to him and a really fast learner.
He has grown so much and he is loving the country life.
I want to say you breed fantastic dogs I'm almost certain I will be calling you in a couple years to buy a female.

Hope all is well with you.

Kind regards,

****** one of our more recent happy/proud puppy owners having a male puppy from our spring 2017 litter.


April 19, 2017

Jack S.

Dear Angie

Quick word to let you know "Athena" has been spayed, do you need me to send anything to you for her CKC certificate?

"Athena" has grown into a beautiful dog this past year, l could not be happier

Thank you again for such a great German Shepherd puppy !

******Jack lives on an acreage in south western Ontario and drove quite a distance for his puppy from us, and upon meeting him we were delighted he was giving a home to one of our puppies.


Date: July 4, 2015 at 2:28:20 PM EDT
To: "
Subject: Dakota

Hi Angie,
Here is "Dakota" at 7months. She is an incredible dog and loved very much by our family.

She is everything you said she would be, calm temperament, loyal and very loving.

She gets a lot of attention as she is quite stunning with unique colours and coat for what most people expect for a GSD.

*****email received regarding a rarer silver sable female puppy from a previous "Kandy" (silver sable plush) X "Duke"(red/black plush) breeding, shown here at 7 months


April 07,2015

Hello Angie,

How are you? About a year ago we adopted our dog "Kingston" and I just wanted to tell you that he has such an outstanding temperament.
We were first time dog owners and had many worries but those worries were for nothing!
He is so gentle and so patient.
When we're on walks people always say he is so handsome and so gentle!
He was even allowed to enter our local volkswagen dealership building and so many people came up to pet him.
He is so willing to learn new tricks and be around family and friends.

Thank you so much for breeding these wonderful dogs/family companions.

*****What a heartwarming email received from a young teenage girl and her family, here in Ontario.


Feb 27, 2015

i met one of your puppies (who is now six) and i was speechless!

absolutely stunning.
My Fiancé and I have been looking for the perfect Shepherd breeder and I couldn't be happier that I have found you :)

We would love to get a puppy in Spring 2016 - do we have to put our name on a list now?!!

******* IT is receiving email requests such as this which are so gratifying, and typical of why the puppies from our litters are often near fully reserved/placed by the time they are born.


Update on Bronson
2015 Kandy X Duke litter

Bronson is fittng in well in our home :) He is a happy happy puppy!!!

Typical pup, nosey and sleepless thru the night but that will all pass. He is so much fun and is picking up on housetraining pretty well. He loves the snow.

Thanks again and I will keep you updated


P.s. Bronson is intrigued with my ipad, he plays candy crush

**** Bronson's owners Shelley and Ray lost their GSD male this past fall, and were reluctant to think they could fill the void,......we are so greatfull they travelled over four hours from London to choose "Bronson", one of our "AnFarra" GSD puppies to share their loving home with them,....


November 20, 2014

Hello Angie,

We want to thank you again for breeding these great gsd's!

Beowulf is a wonderful dog, everybody loves him, I take him to work (and those are full workdays in an office!) I take him on errands, into stores where he's allowed, and his behaviour is top-notch!
I have never seen a dog so comfortable in his own skin, and happy to cuddle and be close.
He wants to be a good boy, and he is!
His energy level is perfect for us, just enough to get us walking him for about a kilometre walk every day, or frisbee every once in a while...
What would we do without him...
His fur is super soft and irresistable to pet.
He is super smart and knows many words, but he understands what we mean by context too sometimes.
He is starting to know quite a few words... He is very in tune to us as well...
His guarding instincts are at the right level... We love him to bits and we hope he will have a good long life.
Here are some pics of him...
Thank you again and take care,


****Beowulf is a 2013 puppy from Essa, living in the Sudbury area with his two wonderful owners who enjoy him fully everyday


June 10, 2014

Hi Angie,
thank you for such a great dog.

Just wanted to let you know that Bailie is settling in well.
We go for a long walk through the bush every morning - he runs, I walk. He proudly tries to pick up every stick he sees along the way and carries it for a bit.
He has made friends with my sister's older dog and my daughter's new border collie pup - they play until they are tired out, and the human pups (my 7 and 10 year old grandsons).
He likes my nephew - I think this is because he comes to visit after working at A&W and he smells like hamburger.
He's had a lot of stimulation and has already learned his name, come and sit. We have him enrolled in puppy school starting in July and he's going to meet doctor Mark (his vet) on Tuesday.
The first week there were no accidents in the house, but the second week he poops in the middle of the night - I think maybe he is eating more, so he'll eventually get used to that.
He is taking his role as chicken guard dog very seriously. Every time we walk by he wants to go inside the chicken house. He watches them closely and has prevented at least one of the chicks from escaping by using his nose - never his mouth.
We are so impressed at how smart he is.
He managed the steps to the house up and down the first day. He runs to me when something scares him. He got caught between me and a deer one morning and the deer blew at him. He ran right past her and behind my legs.
He has caught on to our routine easily and he is definitely a ladies dog:-) I just woke him to take this picture and this is the first time we've seen an ear up.
My sister in law tells me he's grown a lot in a week. His eyes are a gorgeous dark brown.
I'm told the pictures don't do him justice - he's much prettier in person.

***Yet another "Bailie", this time a male puppy again sired by "Duke" spring of 2014, living by Carp Ontario, on a farm with his great new owners. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

April 10, 2014

Thanks Angie,

You should be very very proud of what you have accomplished with your dogs.
"Bailee" is magnificent and we are constantly told how beautiful she is.

I feel blessed to have found your website!
I hope that in a couple of years, you will still be breeding as I will definitely buy another dog from you!

Thank you,

Sylvie and her family watched our website for several years, knowing they had fallen in love with the appeareance of our coated German Shepherds, before being in the position to own one of our German Shepherd puppies.Thank fully they are very pleased with the female puppy they finally did add to their home from us in the late fall of 2013, and we are greatfull for such wonderful homes as this....


March 11, 2014 Hi Angie,

Steve from Sault Ste. Marie with an update on Gunnar, now six months old.
Gunnar is now larger than my eight year old Golden, I,m guessing his wieght is 60+ pounds.
He is a quick learner and has mastered all the basic comands. He gets two and a half hours of walking and off leash run and play each day depending on the weather, as well as the hours spent wrestling with my other dog each day.
He has met many of the children at the school behind our home as well as many of the dogs where we walk each day and is very friendly.
As a pup he's been great, very busy, healthy and alot of fun. I've sent some pictures to show his progress.


*** Steve and his wife are in the "Sault" and purchased their male puppy from us, sight unseen, to be flown up to them. It would seem we selected and sent them just what they asked for......


Feb 26, 2014

Hello Angie,

How are things? Here things are good!
Beowulf is doing very well! We are very very happy with him, he is a great pup, everybody (including people with dog training experience or german shepherd breeding prior experience, for example,) say he has a wonderful, balanced temperament, and this is very true!

Also, he is quite the cuddler, but he still has the protection/alarm barking instinct, which is great!
He is also doing very well in his puppy training class, he is great to work with!

I included a photo of him where he seems to be using a laptop computer, complete with cup of coffee on the table next to him! This is his usual spot, where he usually sits more towards the end of the chaise longue at my feet.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. Wonderful companions.

We wish you the best!

*****an email from a wonderful couple in the Sudbury area, who travelled all the way down to us, twice, and who previously had a male GSD that was a handful, very intense,....and now have one of our "AnFarra" GSDs, from "Essa"


Jan 13, 2014

Hi Angie,

just thought I would send these pictures of Aly's development. I have been trying to take 1 picture a week to show her growth.
She is an absolutely fantastic dog!
Stable temperament, affectionate and highly intelligent, couldn't ask for more.
Everyone comments on how beautiful she is.


*****email sent from Jamie and Patty in Toronto, a lovely couple enjoying their truly magnificent female puppy from "Essa". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nov 10, 2013

Hi Angie,
Thanks for checking in on us yesterday, sorry I was'nt in. I took my oldest dog out for a run to tire him out, he was a little stressed with the new arrival.
The puppy was very social with everyone here and my seven year old Golden accepted him with no problems at all. We had a broken sleep last night and an early rise this morning.
He didn't eat all his food today but I'm sure that will change as he adjusts to his knew home.
He is a beautiful dog and we've named him Gunnar.
I'd forgotten how much work puppies are and can't imagine how you do it all.
I will get the paper work out to you as soon as possible and if you like I can send some updates as things progress.
Thanks for the great pup and the excellent service.

****new puppy (Essa X Vacquero) owner from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, we arranged shipping and flying in, which included getting up at 2AM to be at leaving the house at 2:30 am to have the puppy at the airport for 5 am for his 8am flight.
ALL worth it for this puppy's great new home.


Feb 22, 2013

We had to let Indigo go today.
We said goodbye to a magnificent, majestic friend. He was so gentle with tiny Dante and would let him get away with just about anything. But occasionally he had teach him some manners too. Which he did quickly and judiciously, and then went back to having fun again.
We're all going to miss him very much.
Thank you for providing us with a dog of great temperament and intelligence (and great sense of humour).
He was everything you advertised and more than we expected.

Fred & Laura


Dec 27th, 2011

Hi Angie,

It has been a while since I've been in touch, so thought I'd send you a note (with a picture attached of Bronx). He is one of the puppies from your spring litter of Dakota and Ava. Bronx is doing amazingly well and we're so happy with him (and proud of him...his intelligence continues to surprise and amaze us every day).
He's in perfect health and is growing up to be a great dog!! I'm hoping he'll continue to grow a bit more as he is 10 months old now.....he's quite a handsome guy. As you mentioned, we get compliments on him all the time. People will slow their cars to admire him as well!

You've probably heard from a friend of mine (her name is Deniz), who is quite interested in one of your puppies now as well. When she saw the kind of dog Bronx was, she wanted your information to hopefully purchase a puppy from you as well. I'm hoping she'll end up with a half brother of Bronx... would be nice to have another Anfarra Shepherd in the city with us!

Bronx is currently in private lessons with a trainer (with myself as well) so we could learn some more advanced training techniques with him and have him stimulated in other ways too. Our trainer is actually so impressed with him that she mentioned she's keeping an eye on your website as well to find out when the next litter may be lined up. So Bronx has impressed many people he's come into contact with!!

It wouldn't surprise me if one day soon I head back out to your farm to see another litter! Hope this email finds you and your family well and you've enjoyed your Christmas and holidays.

Will keep in touch! Thanks again for helping me out in finding my new little family member!

Take care,


Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 15:54:50 -0800
Subject: Jake's neuter

Hi Angie,

Wanted to let you know that Jake was neutered a week ago Thursday and give you a quick update.
Jake has proven to be the perfect complement to Shiloh's exuberant personality -- they adore each other (do you think they sense that they're siblings?).
He loves to wrestle and chase with her but loves equally to cuddle up on the couch with us.
His feelings are hurt quite easily, particularly if he's being reprimanded for being naughty -- gets close enough to lean on me and looks up with those piercing eyes so you can't get mad at him (am I being conned?!).
He's a VERY smart puppy and learned basic obedience quickly.

A new doc at my vet's office says she's never seen a Shepherd so calm and laid back, and I can't tell you how many other people have complimented us on both dogs' looks and behaviour.

Jake is the perfect playmate and companion for Shiloh -- thank you for steering us in the right direction.

I have recommended you to several people and the vet I mentioned asked for your name as well.

I'm trying to get a really good pik of the two of them together -- if I do, I'll send you one.

Bob and I (Shiloh and Jake) wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and puppy-filled new year!


***** Shawn & her husband, now enjoy two of our GSDs, both happen to be from Dakota and Duchess, but from litters a year apart.
We sure do appreciate these wonderful repeat puppy owner homes like Shawn's and Bobs !!!


Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 14:19:25 -0400
Subject: Dakota sired Django at 2 1/2 years
Dakota X Britta, March 21, 2009

Django has become such a valuable member of our family - he travels everywhere with us.
This is on the beach during our stay in PEI.
He always managed to find the biggest stick on the beach, and always figured out how to balance it properly.
I had so many people come running over to us to ask about him, and children seem naturally drawn to him - he makes an impression wherever he goes.

Barb T
St. Catharines, Ontario


Catherine Derasp
August-14-11 1:49:21 PM

Hi Angie

It’s been a while but thought you might like to see Ella at one year old.
Although lighter, she reminds me very much of Dakota – has a great personality, a bit of a clown at times yet very attentive, eager to please.
Like others, we receive many comments on her good looks – she really is very pretty!

We have completed our Advanced Beginner Obedience training and will be entering our first “fun match” in a few weeks to see how we do and take it from there...
Hope all is well with you!
Catherine ....


May 08, 2011
From Tracey Walsh

Hi Angie,
I just wanted to say thank you so much again for personally picking us two absolutley stellar shepherds!
Being a single mum of a little boy and my needs for home safety and family companionship for us, I'm so impressed with how perfectly you matched one of your adult Belgian Tervurens to us... 'Schaperellie' blended into our family so beautifully, it literally feels like we've had her with us ever since she was a puppy. She's so gentle, loving and loyal. We love her to pieces!
From the first day she came into our home, that sense of peace and security has been renewed.
Whenever my son goes outside to play, 'Schaperellie' is always at his side and never leaves him, and I respect her so much for her loving attentiveness. She truly is our best friend!
Our 8wk old adorable German Shepherd, 'Kohsie' has grown into a gorgeous 9 month old and is a crazy joy! Personality A+!
She's such a happy and healthy girl and has bonded so nicely with 'Schaperellie'. She's my son's best playmate!!!
The attention and care you put into your dogs shows and I'm so glad I came to you!
I'm also very impressed with how knowledgable you are about the breeds and your level of integrity and professionalism you run your business; I received the documentations for both the girls in a timely manner and always you are available to answer any questions I might have, whether about paper work or the dogs themselves.
It's so nice to know that the doors are still wide open after all is said and done with the purchase of your animals and how you really do stand behind the well-being of your dogs...

I was heartbroken when circumstances in my life lead to the possibility of having to give the dogs away and you stood behind the dogs, more than willing to take them back to ensure their welfare.
Fortunatley things turned around and I still have my girls!!!
But just knowing that you are always there to help is so reassuring, thank you!
I've told a few people about you and if/when I'm looking to 'expand' our family, I'll be coming back to you!

T. Walsh, Sundridge, Ontario.

***** Tracey and her young son live in northern Ontario, and are a wonderful home for two of our dogs, a retired Belgian Tervuren female, she purchased intially and then a German Shepherd puppy they purchased from us as a companion and playmate for Tracey's son.


Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 21:58:51 -0500
From: marcusb@______
Subject: Testimonial

I recently took my male, Black and Grey Belgian Shepherd to Pet Smart here in Las Vegas when this lady came up to me and raved about how beautiful my dog was and wanted to know where I got him from.
I told her I got it on line from Canada from Angie who I found on the internet.
She thought that was pretty risky but I told her the website just seemed too good to be a fake, she responds to your e-mails within seconds and has no problems talking to you over the phone.

The dog was sent by plane and had to go through customs, but everything is layed out for you to make it easy per Angie. She even sends you the Canadian form of AKC papers.

The dog is beautiful, smart, quick, friendly and a joy.
He has the softest hair and doesn't smell after it gets wet.
He loves water.

I have had 9 dogs now and I thought my 2 pure German Shepherds were the greatest (and most expensive) dogs I ever had..but this dog is Magical, and that is why he is named Magic
(birth date 10/31/11).

** We very much appreciate Marcus, who lives in Las Vegas with his wife and two other dogs, being GSDs, sending us this email out of the blue.

Being such straight arrows ourselves, it never even occured to me that of course people might be wary of obtaining a puppy from us from a long distance, as we have been shipping our puppies to great families for decades now,...but times have changed and people should be cautious.
l myself lost $3000.00 that l sent for a horse to Nevada USA, which l never did recieve or my money returned just over a year ago,......something which in near 30 years of having our horses, buying and selling thruout North America NEVER happended before.

*** ALSO NOTE....l sent Marcus the link to this website our German Shepherd site, so that he could also see the magnificent, FAR above average GSDs we have also, LOL.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ February 03, 2011
Hi Angie
Inigo is doing fantastic. He is a wonderful dog and continues to amaze us.
Thought you would enjoy some current pictures Fred took yesterday during one of our wilderness walks. Inigo absolutely loves the snow and hates to come inside.
He now stands just over 27" tall already, and is almost 7 months old.
(Duchess X Dakota 2010 litter)
Take care

Subject: MoJo Update
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 11:52:04 -0500
Hi Angie,
Hope all is well with you and your family!!!
Wanted to share some pictures of MoJo from the time he left your home until recent.
Mojo just finished getting his shots, the vet pronounced him "horse-like healthy" and he currently weighs 34 lbs.
Do you have any guess as to how big MoJo might get?
Hopefully the pictures show how much we "love" and treasure Mr. Jo as a member of our family!!!
Thank-you for MoJo, not to mention all your support,
Bill, Mahesh, Siera and MoJo.

The wonderful "Mohun" fmaily near Uxbridge, Ontario where "AnFarra MoJo" a black plush GSD male puppy has his personal playperson, the adorable Siera.

*********************************************************** August 30,2010

Hi Angie
I thought you would be interesting in knowing how Inigio is making out in his new home.
He is an absolute joy! He managed the stairs to our back deck the first try yesterday (3 steps) and now he almost flies up them. He is endearing himself to our other two dogs Lucy and Maggie. Lucy is the Alpha dog. Inigio figured that one out real quick and continues to approach her every chance he gets to get close. Amazingly Lucy is warming up to him. It is so funny and charming to watch how Inigio wants to be close to her. Maggie watches from a distance but is tolerant.
Inigio is so beautiful. He is very playful, loving and has taken to both Fred and I really well.
He is very smart too. He was fetching the ball today!! He is so much fun to watch and loves the praise he gets.
He is eating well and we give him lots of praise when he pees and poos outside. He loves the attention. He is always wagging his tail.
He has a couple stuffed toys he loves to chew on and carry around with him. It's so funny to watch him. One of the toys is half his size.
I've attached some pictures we took today. He is a very handsome boy.

Inigio is obviously well socialized with other dogs and with people. He is the perfect temperament.
Thank you Angie for being such a wonderful breeder. We are thrilled with our little boy.
We will keep you posted on Ingio's growth over the next several months.
Take care. Laura

**Laura and Fred commenting on their Duchess/Dakota male puppy, from the summer 2010 litter, ...they live in Ontario, and have two older dogs in their home..

Crockett grows up!!
From: judith hanz
Sent: April 16, 2010 8:52:56 AM

Hi Angie,
Crockett wanted to say hey and let you know what a beautiful happy puppy he is! He is just a treasure!!
Everybody loves him...people drive by when we are walking him and say, "oh my is that a German Shepherd puppy? He's gorgeous" or now they say "hi Crockett!"
too funny...everybody knows him!
He is and has been completely house-trained for at least a month..he comes to one of us and barks! or goes to door and barks!
Plays ball, frisbee...fetches endlessly! So can tell we love this little guy!
Just wanted to share with you and perhaps we can bring him by the farm sometime in the summer on our way to the cottage!
Hope you and your family are well.
judith >

Hello! From: Skyla Rogers
Sent: January 14, 2010 1:23:11 PM
Hey Angie!
How have you been? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 treats you well!
Benjamin has been great!
His agility school is on a break so that gives us alot of time to goof around at the park!
He loves to chase the other dogs at the park to the point that they are soo tired that they lie down and then he'll bark at them to get them to run again!
We've been having so much fun with him.
Sometime this spring or summer we are going to take him to get his HIC (herding instinct cert.) we have to look further into it though; when, where, etc...
He still manages to catch people's eye's when we are in public and we get routine questions/comments:
"What breed is he?" : "Wow he's beautiful!" : "He's going to be big if he's only that age!" : "I love his temperament!"
I attached some pictures of Benjamin for you!
We would love to come visit again sometime this spring!
Best Regards,
Skyla Rogers


Django - from Britta/Dakota
From: Barb Talbot
Sent: December 19, 2009 7:50:17 AM
To: ''Angie' Angelika' (
Hi Angie,
just a line to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season.
Django is doing well,....
We got the papers you mailed out quite a while ago, I meant to drop you a line then to confirm they had arrived.
Django goes in on Monday to get neutered, and I will then forward you a copy of that confirmation after the New Year.
Attached is a picture of Django with his �brother� Graham and another of Django just looking good.
I get more comments on what a beautiful dog he is, and what a great temperament he has, considering he is still so young. He is a wonderful addition to our family, and we love him very much.
Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Barb Talbot

** Barb and her husband and son "Graham" live in the Niagara area, have a "Dakota" sired puppy, whose picture is shown above, as we too are very proud of this exceptionally handsome male puppy, pictured at about 7 months of age.


Sent: November 19, 2009 8:46:03 PM

*NOTE:....Jennifer is a nurse in the Belleville area, and very familiar with GSDs, as her parents also have always had GSDs, and still do presently.


Steven Serruya
Sent: November 2, 2009 9:44:04 PM
Hi,i bought an awesome gsd puppy from you last year.
He is the son of Dakota and a full black female you had last year.
My name is Steven Serruya and my dogs name is Koda.
The dog is doing awesome. Appart from his obvious good looks, he he an excellent obediance dog and protection dog. He has been trained by professionals around the world. His desire to work and please are remarkable as noted by all the trainers hes been with.
We have started Shuthund training 4 months ago and hes is just awesome
I now live in Peru (south america) with him.
I am really glad to have chosen my puppy at your place.
He is healthy as a horse, his hips are great and hes by far the best dog ive had.
Thank you very much, Steven Serruya

*NOTE: Steven is a professional photojournalist, who was living in Montreal at the time he purchased his GSD puppy from us, ....This same Shepherd lives in harmony in the same household as a toy dog as his companion.


Maureen Raby
Sent: September 14, 2009 7:33:27 PM
Hi Angie,
I bought a female pup from your March 21st litter by Dakota & Britta ( I named her Tess) and I thought you might be interested in seeing some photos of her at various ages.
I don't know if you receive many photos of your beautiful dogs after they leave your home but I am so proud of her that I wanted to share them with you.
She has a wonderful temperment as you said at the time, and she just loves my older dog who is 10 now.
Tess is constantly at her to play and her perseverence has helped limber up my older dog's hips a bit so they are both benefitting from their friendship.
I hope you enjoy these photos.
Take care, Maureen Raby

NOTE: Maureen is a nurse, head of the cardiac unit in the hospital where she works.
Please take notice of what an asset this puppy has been to her aged GSD female.....


Becky Styles
Sent: August 29, 2009 11:36:39 AM
Hi Angie
I wanted to give you a bit of an update on Sable she is doing great i could not of asked for a more perfect dog she is almost 2 now her b-day is Aug.29.
She weighs in at 88 pounds we feed her a 0 grain diet which has her coat glistening and her build very sleek and muscular.
She hikes with us, boats,skiis, anything outdoors she is our third child.
|Her temperment is fantastic she is highly socialized with every kind of dog there has been only two occasions when she got her hair up sort of speak and they involved big dogs approaching my kids too quickly because of her size she can be quite intimidating for any dog or person for that matter.
People are always in awe of her when they see her and come to pet her and ask many questions they fall for her immediately once they see her personality and her confidence in any situation.
We make it a point to take her to Canada day festivities, walks downtown, areas with alot of stimulation and it really has added to her confidence no matter where she goes she is not uneasy.
Friends of ours just inherited an 8mnth old male shephard and they were having alot of issues with him so we took Sable out to there cottage where they had lots of room to run and Sable jumped from the truck and they began there usual song and dance of leadership with no aggression lots of noise mind you but mutual respect came quick.
Mitchell and Payton adore her Payton dresses her up in her dress-up clothes and they spend alot of time together, Mitchell and her toss balls frisbee's and go for 4-wheeler rides through our property.
Her undying love and devotion to us is special. Sable and I spend alot of time together as well she is definately my dog but saying that she has a special knack for making us all feel like we are her favorite.
I thank you for hand picking her for my family you made a special match that fit perfectly for us.
Respectfully Becky Styles

NOTE: Becky and her family live in Ontario, and Becky works in the medical feild,...Please note her remarks regarding her "AnFarra" GSD puppy and her children/family.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Koda‏
From: Steven Serruya
Sent: October 30, 2008 2:59:04 PM
To: AnFarra Farms Angie Nadon (

Hey Angie,
I am getting soooooo many compliments for my German Shepherd dog.
Everybody wants to know where I got him from.
Here is a picture of us today that I took with my web cam....
He is 4 month today and he weight 50,6 lbs.!!!!!!...he is HUGE and very very healthy.

Thanks ALOT