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~~~~~~~~ AnFarra Mares

"AnFarra" Morgans home page

Our mares at "AnFarra" have all been hand selected for their easy, kind way of co operative interaction with us, as this affects the foals they raise.
Not to mention, elegance and class, their noteable pedigrees, and various talents in their own natureal movement.
Colour as a consideration, or colour they produce, was taken into account after the above, as much as it is an intregral part of our specific breeding program.



"WCG's Bok Sun"
2000 Palomino, (carrying SILVER, aka silver dapple)

Wow, are pleased to have obtained this rare, rare mare.
At this point, we are the only Morgan breeder in Canada having the good fortune to have BOTH the two rare pedigree lines of the only TWO RARE SILVER carrying lines known to the Morgan breed.
Her pedigree is wonderful, with some proven coloured show Morgans, and includes a grandsire that said to be strongly gaited, so it will remain to be seen if she also reproduces " gait" when bred with our gaited palomino Morgan stallion.



"Zeulner's Linda Lee"
2005 chestnut (carrying SILVER, aka silver dapple) (Zeulner's Marvelous Robert X Zeulner's Marvelous Ruth)

We are so happy to have this rare coloured Morgan mare, upon her purchase she was the only silver carrying Morgan mare in Canada.
Our immediate plans for Linda-Lee is to lightly put her in training next year as a four year old then training steadily to be our daughter Farrah's first Morgan show prospect.
Linda Lee has the most marvellous nature, very people orientated, absolutely a real sweetheart, .....this is one of those occasions where words do not do this lovely mare justice, both for her incrediable BRIGHT rich colouring and her character.
We will be breeding her in the future to homozygous black stallions hoping to pass on her silver gene in a pronounced manner.

*** Linda Lee had a lovely chestnut filly, tested to carry silver in 2010.


"SMS Valhalla", 14.3HH Black, DOB 2001

(FCF Val D'Isere X SMS Almost Heaven)
With such a noteable sire as "FCF Val D'Isere" and grandsires as "FCF Espirit De Lark and "Forevermore", ALL world champions, and not to mention epitomizing elegance, class and quality, we are greatfull to have this sweet mare, whom we also enjoy trail riding.
"Valhalla's world champion sire "FCF Val D'Isere and grandsire "FCF Espirit De Lark shown here.....


**** Gaited Morgan Mares****

"Kelso Dilon's MollyMoon"
2005 black mare, CMHA/AMHA registered. ( Change of Pace Matt Dilon X WAR Moon Dance Bird)
This very cute mare is our first GAITED MORGAN mare meaning she is also "soft" gaited being very smooth to ride, that we brought up from Ilinois.
She is one of the mildest, sweetest mares l have ever had the pleasure of owning, and is very gaited, natureally doing a fox trot and running walk on her own
We will be riding her more frequently as she has really set her gait, and is a fine example of a "Gaited Morgan" for folks to view .


"D BAR J VERMILLION", aka Millie
15.1HH, 2003 liver chestnut mare, CMHA/AMHA registered. ( Rose Hill Von Baron X D Bar J Hadassah)
This taller mare is our smoothest GAITED MORGAN mare at this point in time, being more mature and well set in her soft gaits.
She is also broke to drive having been previously owned by the Amish in Ohio.
This mare is my personal ride of choice when we go out for a pleasure trail ride or hack, as she is incrediably smooth.