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Elegance with Smooth Pleasure Riding

Gaited Pleasure............

Thank you for visiting our "GAITED" horse program,.....

Below are the Gaited Horses we have and ride a gaited horse makes you wonder why you would ever ride any other, as it is smooth, smooth, like riding on a cloud, and so easy on the back, and you won`t be able to keep the smile off your face....

Located in Ontario, Canada, contact us at 705 939 1999,

We are creating a new website just for our gaited horses, as we have several gaited Morgans now, and imported some very smooth gaited Peruvian Pasos also to see ALL of our gaited Morgans please go to our NEW Gaited Morgan website and bookmark it, as we will continue to update the new site, eventually dismantling this present one.


******* Gaited Curly Hypo-Allergenic Stallion ******

"Sharp" at 3 years, May 2008

Shown below in winter coat coming 2 years old.......
"Sharp" at 2 yrs

"RCR Sharp Dressed Man" (Kreskin X Honey Babe)...GAITED, medicine-hat marked, spotted palomino/maximum sabino, HOMOZYGOUS for Curls????, 14.1HH
DOB May 2004, ABCR #3370, ICHO#742-D

Are we proud or what to have this rare, rare foxtrotting Curly stallion in Canada.
Brought up from the Richardson's, known for their quality, micro-curly Curlies, we are enchanted with this wonderful, sweet stallion.
"Sharp" will not be at public stud except to foxtrotting mares, but we will have his Curly foals for sale.
Watch for him as he matures.

"Sharp" as a foal



yearling, day he arrived from the States

"Coachman's Adagio"
DOB March, 2007

(Aquila's Top Command X Coachman's Castamarah)

WOW...........we found ourselves a stongly Gaited palomino Morgan colt, with an incrediable pedigree !!
The last son of the stunning, now deseased "Aquila's Top Command", with "Quietude" and "Lippitt" on his maternal side.
This colt is a gorgeous deep gold palomino, has a breathtaking head and we are thrilled to say, the sweetest temperment ever, doubt about it, we hit the jackpot with this imported boy.


**** Gaited Morgan Mares****

"Molly" gaiting, being ridden just one month under saddle...Dec '09

"Kelso Dilon's MollyMoon"
2005 black mare, CMHA/AMHA registered. ( Change of Pace Matt Dilon X WAR Moon Dance Bird)
This very cute mare is our first GAITED MORGAN mare meaning she is also "soft" gaited being very smooth to ride, that we brought up from Ilinois.
She is one of the mildest, sweetest mares l have ever had the pleasure of owning, and is VERY gaited, natureally doing a fox trot and running walk on her own
We have started "Molly" under saddle and she readily does a running walk and a rack, and will also foxtrott on occasion....we will continue her saddle training working on setting her gait..

2010 Plans MAY include breeding her, although l had'nt planned on breeding Molly anytime soon, we have found a very aged gaited Morgan stallion in Ontario, and do not want to miss an opportunity to breed to him becuase of his age.
We have a slim chance of success, considering his age of 27 years, so will keep our fingers crossed!


"Elsnorsh Hills of Delight"
June 2007 chestnut sabino mare,
CMHA 15711

''Dee'' is a lovely, very feminine gaited Morgan mare.
She has a very lively, cute manner about her, and we are looking forward to starting her under saddle in the fall of 2010, as she matures a bit.
She is not very tall as yet, so l suspect she may top out at just 14HHs, and we are waiting to see just what ''soft'' gaits she will do under saddle.



Spotted Gaited Mammoth Jenny, DOB 2008

Our adorable strongly gaited Mammoth jenny, that we are looking forward to saddle training upon maturiety.
We imported her registered gaited Mammoth dam, originally from Texas, and were overjoyed to have her produce this gaited jenny whom we kept for ourselves.


******* *******