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Hypo-allergenic Elegance with Performance .... in Curls

Thank you for viewing our wonderful "North American Curly" horses and ponies.

This intriguing breed of horse has a very interesting Native American history, swirling with bits and pieces of documented facts and mystical shrouded "Spirit" type of beliefs.
Amongst the documented facts are Curly Horses, dipicted in early Native pictographs, interestingly alluding to the Curly horse being in North America BEFORE the Spanish horses appeared with the first Spanish explorers.
Plus stories told of the Sioux and Crow stealing the highly valued "Curly" horses from each other.
In the written documentation of the Army and newspaper reports regarding the tragic "Wounded Knee" episode, there was mention of Curly Horses being there for that dark historical event.

*** Interestingly Canada has two very old lines of Curly horses "Cypress" and "Skjonsberg", AND is the location of the first documented "white" man breeding Curly horses at the turn of the 1900's,.....decades before the "Demeles" in the USA.

A gentlemen in Alberta by the last name of Skjonsberg caught a feral Curly horse at a watering hole in 1900 and his family bred them into the next century!
Curlies were also seen in the wild herds of the Alberta foothills as far back as the 1920's. Curlies are also known to have been in Manitoba in the 1920's

~~~~~~~~ With diverse talents and attributes, movement and colour, to try to provide an array of selection for your particular interests.
Our "sport horse" types for "cutting edge" competitive performance, to family pleasure attitudes, all raised, and handled with responsiable, top quality care.

Along with our gaited Curlies which foxtrot, running walk, and with some even racking, amongst our "gaited" Curly program.

Please contact us for further information on any of our horses, and we will promptly reply.....transportation is easily arranged world-wide.




**** FOR SALE *****Gaited and Hypo-Allergenic, Started under Saddle

"Sharp" two months of saddle/gaited training at four years of age, July 2009
"Sharp" at 3 years, May 2008

Shown below in winter coat coming 2 years old.......
"Sharp" at 2 yrs

"RCR Sharp Dressed Man" (Kreskin X Honey Babe)...GAITED, medicine-hat marked, spotted palomino,HOMOZYGUS????, 14.2HH
DOB May 2004, ABCR #3370, ICHO#742-D

Are we proud or what to have this rare, rare foxtrotting Curly stallion in Canada.
Brought up from the Richardson's, known for their quality, micro-curly Curlies, we are enchanted with this wonderful, sweet stallion.
"Sharp" will not be at public stud except to foxtrotting mares, but we will have his Curly foals for sale.
Watch for him as he matures.

"Sharp" as a foal