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Coaster of The Week

Magnum XL-200


location: Cedar Point

Height: 205 feet

Speed: 72 mph

Year Opened: 1989

Built By: Arrow Dynamics




7-31-01- Welcome, please rate Magnum XL-200 and visit the new Guestbook. I had a lot of fun at SFWOA. I forgot my camera though. Everyone thinks the sites design is plain and horrible and I think I may redesign it. E-Mail Me and tell me what I should do. Thrilltalk is a new message board uniting lots of sites and I am part of It. Keep posting in the AM Boards and Thrilltalk and sign the Guestbook. 

Breaking News

Chaos Collapses at Michigan's Adventure- At least twelve were injured tonight on Chaos (a wild spinning type ride) after it collapsed. Riders were stranded and were rescued with cherry pickers. Michigan's Adventure is park in Muskegon, Michigan which Cedar Fair L.P recently purchased. This is breaking news and we will have more information as it comes.

Latest News

7-27-01- Yankee Cannonball Trains Collide At Canobie Lake Park- The 1930 classic wooden coaster "Yankee Cannonball" had it's two trains collide today. the brakes somehow failed and five people were injured. The train in the loading platform was getting ready to leave and the train just finishing the ride came into the brakes and they failed so the two collided. None of the injuries are life-threatening. See the full story and some video coverage from the local New England news affiliate "KOIN". 

7-18-01- Titan Stops At Top Of Lift Hill, Riders walk Down- Here's Something Scary, The Six Flags Over Texas 255 foot Hypercoaster "Titan" stalled at the very top of the lift hill today with 20 riders inside.Titan Stuck After about 45 minutes they could not restart the ride and the riders had to walk 255 feet down to earth. The ride stopped because the computer system that operates the ride detected a glitch in the system and the ride stopped. You can read more at a local news affiliate's website, WFFA.

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Magnum XL-200
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