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Hi, and welcome to my first web site. As far as i know, the images used here are public domain, if you know differently.please e-mail me and i'll remove it, or put your banner with a link back to your site, whichever you prefer.

These graphics are not to be used for commercial or for profit-sites. If some of them are used in collections a link MUST be provided back to this site, or my banner must be shown wth a link back to this site, as some images have a copyright, and i have obtained permission from the owner to use them.

The pages i've made have thumbnails at the bottom of each page, which contain every image used on the page, the midis are on a seperate page. Just click on the thumbnails to get a larger image. PLEASE transload these images, do not link to this server. I would hate to lose this site due to people using direct linking instead of transloading.

There are some people i would like to thank for their help while i was building this site. Thanks Mojo, for helping me get started. Thanks Steve for showing me how to make a table. I especially want to thank Clif, whose help was always there, and without his help this site might never have been.

There are three pages that have two or more animated graphics, so they load a litte slowly, to speed up the loading, hold down your CMD key and hit the R key rapidly five or six times. Just hit your back button to return to this page.

I hope you enjoy this site, and come back often, as i will be adding to it.

Webtv'ers reload with Cmd and R so you won't miss anything new.

ADDITION: As of July 13th i have built three more sites, please visit them by clicking on their banners at the bottom of this page.

Woman War Chief

Maiden With Pet


Lady With Black Wolf

Buff Woman

Soul Mates

Wolf God


Couple With Wolves

Dove Woman





Native Night

Native Rose

Native Woman


Spirit Mother


Trails End

Maiden With Dove



Young Love

Native Globe

Maiden And Pups



The Bride

Buffalo Spirit

Wind Maiden

Forever Love

Lady Hawk

Little Two Feathers

Animal Spirit

Love Mountain

Maiden Two Wolves

Little Fawn

Rides Like Wind

Mother Love

Morning Star

Maiden And Gaurdian

Spirit Nations

Nature Spirit

Beautiful Love


Bear Woman



Calling For Great Spirit

Spirit Chief

Sad One

Love Mandella

Maiden Mandella

Maiden And Black Wolves

Sad Spirit

Before Me

Blue Spirit Wolf (NEW)

Maiden In White


Maid With Guardian

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