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The Only Station that Really Rocks

I can't really explain my love for AAF...why would anyone love a radio station?...and even more, why would I make a webpage about it...I dunno. But when you think about it AAF is just SO awesome! I mean, what other station plays awesome music (that right there takes out about 95% of all other stations), has awesome DJs, and it's own TV show??!?? Not to mention all the they say, it's the only station that really rocks.

Listen to AAF Listen to WAAF live!
Listen to The Page Radio The Page Radio is the only radio station that
comes close to WAAF's awesomeness...and
that's only because I made it!
Cool Bands Cool bands that AAF plays, and some that they
don't play. Listen to music, buy it, and find out
about the bands.
The Best of WAAF The best songs that WAAF plays and the
awesome songs that they used to play.
Good Times on WAAF Funny stuff that's happened on AAF.
Confession My dirty little secret.
Sponsors Visit AAF's sponsors so they they can stay
on the air.
Contests Find out about the contests that I have on this
site sometimes and see the winners of past contests.
Which station is better? AAF or BCN?
Hey, guess what....
Photo Gallery Pictures of the AAF DJs
WAAF Message Board Chill with other big time AAFers.
WAAF Feedback Tell me about your radio station,
what you think about WAAF, and your
favorite type of music.

Hey- just so you know, I made this page myself and I am in no way affliliated with WAAF or any of their sponsors. If you don't like something I say or some info is incorrect or whatever, don't go crying to the people at AAF because they probably won't even know what you're talking about if you mention this site. And if you're so stuck on getting something fixed just email me and if I care, I'll fix it. Comprende?

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All graphics except the 'The Page' graphic and the 'BeSeen.Com' graphic courtesy of the WAAF website.

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