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Shamanic Fall Through The World Tree Axis

Weaving Myth Towards An Energetic Intersubjectivity

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Mirror of the Sky….looking up to the Sol shrouded gyre of the Mother….be it the galaxy or the reflection of the earth from the eye of a dream forgotten.

I've always harbored a question concerning Dr. Castanedas tour of the Mexico City Museum of Anthropology with Don Juan, and some interpretations of MesoAmerican/PreColumbian antiquities and artwork that they may have shared...we're familiar with the massive Tula "Atlanteans", and the Chacmools have been accounted for, but there are many stories beckoning consideration and the empirical rationalism of academic archeologists (the laterally thinking impaired....with only a few exceptions, John Major Jenkins among those exceptions) are almost demeaning in the manner of their appraisal of these portals into the past.

This slapped together mosaic of ideological clutter bears attention to the issue of recognizing a "residual consciousness of the ancients" or "the parameters/integrity of our own quasi-mnemonic catalyst" and what either of those factors engender in an evolving galactic myth of our time... and I welcome any informative contribution, commentary, and criticism of my impetuous disclosure :

Plates #36 and #29 of the Borgia Codex illustrate an entity whose appearance and whose role in the events depicted in the "panel", make it a possible early representation of the labyrinth of penumbra (of Carlos Castanedas' "The Art of Dreaming" in the chapter about The Inorganic Beings World):

The old sorcerers portrayed the inorganic beings world as a blob of caverns and pores floating in some dark space. And they portrayed inorganic beings as hollow canes bound together, like the cells of our bodies. The old sorcerers called that immense ~bundle~ the labyrinth of penumbra.

This plate of the Codex Borgia was called "the Opening of the Wind Bundle", no doubt attempting to identify a feature within a realm of the frequented "dreaming positions" of the ancient Oaxacans; don't stare to long you might catch someone twitching in it...the memories leap off the pages like a contagion, a gauge to the massive amounts of "attention energy" they invested in accurately mapping their "dreaming positions".

A Oaxacan image remarkably similar to a description of an Inorganic Beings World in Carlos Castaneda's Art of Dreaming

Sixteen or so tentacle-like projections terminating in a manifestation of some otherworldly beings face in the act of consuming the shadow images of some person or peoples...all of these ?tunnels/tentacles route back to an "enormous blob", and all have in common the many, many eyes that are placed at regular intervals, complementing the formidable image of some enormous complex structure that is intensely aware of everything at once...
A shadowy passage leads from this otherworldly "being/place", a shadowy passage where we find individuals represented that are making their way through with the closed eyes of someone asleep or in dream...

Plate #40 of the Borgia Codex involves the diagram of the energy-centers associated with various areas of the human body. A center found at the calves indicates a possible association with the mnemonic centers mentioned by Dr. Castaneda. An energy center larger than the others is found in the place of the "tan t'ien", or "the place of the will"; a center represented by the common Nahuatl iconography for the heart, even though it is positioned nowhere near the upper thorax, (I fancy the appearance of this "will" center, as depicted here, to most closely resemble an internal sun)...and along with each of the ten energy centers represented in this diagram, is a little tormentor, a little shadow being assigned to it's own energy center where it sets about the stimulation of it's energy center using the iconographical sacrificial xoc what seems parallel with acupuncture.

The Centers of energy in the Celestial human

And finally, Plate #44, especially meaningful for me, however difficult it will be for me to express what it is I know of this panel, I do know it intimately...

I was young (between the age of nine or ten), "staying over" at the home of a close cousin of mine...and while we could both attest to the many unexplained events and feelings which occurred at that receptive age, concentration demands that I steer from the many tangents, lest I never complete one thought...
the day consisted of that normal swirl of discovery and sensate absorption that fills most children, but the night hid a "dreaming", for a good fifteen wasn't until engaging the "not-doing of walking" for a consistent length of time that this memory even surfaced from that sublime lake of silent knowledge that dwells within us all...mind you, it wasn't until four years after that mnemonic surfacing that I even came into contact with the Borgia Codex, and it's replication of scenes(panels) from that "dreaming" reinforced the conviction I presently have in the accuracy of Dr. Castanedas cosmology although most of us are certain he has decidedly left something out.

But on with it ...first of all the setting in which this "dream" occurs is of curious significance: my cousins childhood bedroom was oriented in the neighborhood in such a way that a nearby radio tower would throw it's unobtrusive red pulsating beacon across the field right into my cousins bedroom... so as we lay their passing various life's questions and worries back and forth in the red darkness, our dreams were being ushered in by that relentless red pulsing glow...and so WE descend, for he was certainly there as I was, but he is less inclined to speak of what little he remembers, all though he affirms that something frightening and unimaginable occurred that night...

I should emphasize that I didn't recognize my cousins presence until the end of the dream and later after we awoke...where we sat in stunned silence for what seemed an hour (so it wasn't quite "dreaming together" ...but nevertheless, I was not alone. It seems, I was accompanied by two otherworldly characters : one being was a massive Tetabiate Thunderbeing, forcing your head with his hands that your gaze inevitably falls on the stark expanse of infinity and that which is hanging there...I now call him Tezcatlipoca because of that dark, fierce gravity he carried (any browsing on the myths of Tezcatlipoca will impart the feeling I am trying to convey) a force to which, if the facility were available in dreaming, I would certainly have shit my pants in response to. Another particular about this first individual was his voice: a voice that could grind stone into powder, a voice whose glass-razored edge left embedded slivers in my mind to this day (and by that I refer to the impression that my experience of that voice shows evidence in my own subliminal syntactic development- I presently think and often speak with the same biting enunciation and articulate expression conveyed from this "dreaming" experience... but it is also noteworthy that the word for the Aztec/Toltec mother tongue, Nahuatl, is itself defined as "strong and clear" a definition that obviously did not suprise me...)
To continue ...the other individual was somewhat whimsical, a doting and pacifying clown-warrior whose task, it seemed, was to shield my terrified cohesion from total dispersal under the stress and relentlessness of Tetabiates/Tezcatlipocas' otherworldly exhibition...which brings us to the bare bones, the apparent reason for all of this...

The View Towards the Centers Source in a Childhood Shamanistic Vision

What it is I cannot say for sure, but I intuitively/sensor-mnemonically characterize it as the skeleton of the world, the Underground, neural matrix of that universal mind, I don't know...obviously though, I associate it with that place from which the facets of the Rule of the Nagual (should I say "Vajradatu Dharmic Realm) are determined, and if it was not a confrontation with the dynamic source then it could only have been a glimpse of my own "totality of being" seen from the inside-out, whatever complex order we essentially are...a tone held together only momentarily by the synergy of two opposing yet complementary forces because in that, is the very reason for my appointment with these two: the heavy one was involved in a forceful and hurried didactic indoctrination/induction and the light one was holding my ?sanity together against that smothering unyielding tour-guide...panel after consuming panel, facet upon facet on this quasi-polyhedron of holonomic information units, detailing aspects of our essential conservation/ efficiency of energy use to the proper tonal (I'm convinced that earlier in life all of us, in one way or another, have felt the beckoning of the warriors way as an energetic option.
At first sounds/feelings/shadows and light. Codes and patterns...and was that history, too...that flashed in this stream of vision I remember. Then I found my self at its core, or a terminus of some sort where I am witnessing a great machine made of fluid force, dividing from it self, creating channels for itself and transporting pieces of itself. With in this, great piston like structures, moving matter (energy manifestations) to completion. By completion of the cycle, change has rapidly occurred sending a shock wave backwards which is the force of the next drive in opposition. So much like the ruthless churning of an engine... the paradoxical force it exerts is yet another physical expression of universal/hyperdimensional principles. The contractive force meets the expansive force their interaction creating a semi-stable wall, but not a static wall...mild fluctuations affected by the shifting equilibrium of these opposing yet complementary forces give a dynamic volatility to this churning threshold. At one point the syncretism can be expressed as the simultaneous compressive-yet-radiative force of a star...radiating in response to the nuclear fusion as a solar flare or solar wind. But seemingly antithetical to the expansive movement is a subtle inward movement. This vision is somehow suggesting to me that some force at the root of this compression either creates the nuclear fusion effect in its passing, like some dross in its collapsing wake, or nuclear fusion itself creates a wormhole moving into hyperdimension through some yet unrecognized vehicle of the "compressive force" (like a collapsing in on itself that unfolds into other layers of the universal plenum.
So in this quasi-mnemonic the 1.expansive force manifests from that singular unit (entity) composed of the physical threshold of the two tidal forces...while the 2.compressive force stabilizes into some kind of inwardly moving (multi-level)dimension vehicle/bubble Cloud of life, vast dense cloud rippling with a living force. Moving on... endlessly curling in on itself in massive cyclones of irresistible weight. Within the ripples formed the shadow of every living creature from people to single cell creatures, forming evolving endlessly from within and without. Nothing is ever stationary, no matter what appearances suggest. Its moving towards an inward paradoxical journey.

The Obfuscated Source- images of a singularity (black hole) at our galaxy's core

on the force that binds and our precessional freedom as gravitational entities

Along with Bucky Fuller and modern astrophysics discoveries... corroboration of much of what is being suggested through the investigations of Castaneda and his cohorts is tantalizingly close. The beauty of it all is that it provides scientific principled analysis and food for mythological statements to be continually pursued into the modern age.
I'll start with Bucky and his use of the qualities of gravitational and precessional forces directly related to the terms: "tension" and "compression". But in this case we are moving from a predominately corporeal statement into something more of what has been described in the Eagles Gift and in the Sorcerers' Crossing as the Art Of Freedom.
Compression members (tonal beads of experience)hanging in a sea of tension (awareness) multi-interpretive elements introduced through Buckminster Fullers tensegrity models . "Bucky allowed that the force of compression was represented by struts, long members that did not have to touch in order to provide stability in conjunction with the force of tension provided by the tensional network of elastic cords that also make up the structure. Their mutual dependence assures their mutual co-existence. The elastic is not in a state of tension until its pull is resisted."

( this paper is incomplete, more will be added regularly until I feel I've taken stock of this...but I think one can start to see why I didn't wait- 9/7/98)

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