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Submitting Your Site To Search Engines 2

In the first lesson you learned about META tag's, although META tag's do a great deal in getting your site ranked high in search engines, there not the only thing that can improve your site's ranking.

As you learned in the first lesson, when you submit your site to a search engine, they send a spider to your site to get information from it so they can place you in the correct category in there engine. So let's give them something to read.

Most spiders examine only the text. Which means if your site is mainly graphics, or audio files etc... the spider has nothing to index, and wont be able to place your site in there engine.

How to fix this

Try to avoid using frames. Spiders usually ignore all content in frames.

Express all your important site content in text, and at the very beginning of your web page. Some spider's only use the very first bit of text on your page to index it.

If your using a lot of images on your web site, make sure they all have alt tags. Spiders not only read the text on your page, but also the text in your images alt tags because of the fact they can not read images. For example, this following image code will not help your website at all:

<img src="yourimage.gif">

The spider has nothing to go on here.

But if you add a simple alt tag to this image:

<img src="yourimage.gif" alt="Photo of family trip to Grand Canyon 2001">

Here the spider will have something to go on, it will know exactly what the image is about and can index the page better.

Congratulation's, your site is ready to be indexed

Now that your site is prepped, it's ready to be indexed. There is not one particular search engine that everyone uses. In fact most search engines, like uses multiple search engines to display there results. So when you search for something, the results you get are not just from, but from multiple search engines. Now what if you had your website submitted to all of those search engines, your web site would not show up just once, but multiple times, increasing the risk of someone clicking it and visiting your page

What Iím getting at is, you want your website on as many search engines as possible. Now this doesn't mean go bugging search engines by submitting your website over and over again. DO NOT DO THIS, Why? because if you submit your site to many times to a search engine in a short amount of time, they will reject you completely.

Instead space out your submits. Submit your website to multiple search engines one night. Then maybe a week or so later you can submit it again in case they didn't except you.

Most search engines take a long time, and in some cases a VERY VERY long time to submit your site to there search engine. For example can take several months before they even send a spider to your site. Some search engines submit your site to there search engines immediately after you submit it. It's just a matter of time.

Make sure you also submit your site to the right categories. For example, if your web site is about music, go under the music category in that site, and submit your site there.

Don't just submit your main web page, break your page into section's. For example if you have a music site that has rap rock and country on it. Submit the rap section, submit the rock section, and submit the country section each to a search engine. This will increase the rate of your web site being shown on a search engine.

Auto Submit

Instead of going to each search engine individually, why not let one page do it for you.


If you go to, they will automatically submit your site to 20 search engines, by filling out 1 form, for absolutely nothing. Now don't take advantage of this, like I said above, submitting your site to a search engine to much will cause rejection, so space your submits out.

Don't just use the auto submits, you should also go to all the main search engines ( , , , and submit your site manually, guaranteeing your site was submitted.

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