The Father's table is in the spirit. He gathers us together.

He prepares a table for us

The Holy Spirit says that unless you hear the Father's voice, and come to know Him well, your lamp is not full and you will be out of oil when Jesus returns for His bride. The Holy Spirit is already moving on the earth. He has an army following Him, as He confronts the god of this world, Satan. The Holy Spirit is coming against all the strongholds and the the works of that blasphemer. The Holy Spirit's purpose is to prepare the earth for the return of Jesus, which is coming soon. We are all called to join the Holy Spirit, and be led by Him. .

For this reason, the Father has a table set in the heavenlies. It is His table, and it is set with food; prophecies, teachings, an understanding of His will. Come and join His Holy Spirit at this table.

Before you read any further, you must be told that the Father says to all who come to this site, "You do not know Me. As Abraham knew Me, you do not know Me. As you know your father and mother, you do not know Me. You may have gone to church all your life. You may have read the Bible through many times, yet you do not know Me. Come and seek Me and you will find Me. Come and know Me, and do My will in this age, the Age of the Return of My Son, Jesus." The Father says there has been a deep silence between Him and us. Here is a link to the prophecy, A DEEP SILENCE, which came through the prophet of the Father, Silvana Lupetti. The silence is going to end. To those who trust Him, and who seek Him in response, He will speak. If you talk to Him, He will talk to you. The Father does not mean that no one alive has ever heard His voice, nor knows Him at all. He is saying that we do not know Him as Abraham knew Him. This can and will change for many, as they seek Him today.

There is an apostle and a prophet from the Father at the Table. The apostle teaches, and the prophet speaks directly from the Father concerning everything He shows. The Father wants you to know that His servants speak for Him, and therefore can be trusted to bring across the truth from Him, but in particular He desires you to come to know Him. We speak boldly in His name, because He tells us to do so, and He has given His Holy Spirit for this day and hour.

The website is divided into five sections. Everything we have written on this site will be backed up by the Father Himself. Go to the throne room and ask Him. He is there waiting for you. Once He has assured you, then come and stand with His Holy Spirit. God bless you as you read here, and as you link together with us in the Spirit, at His table, the Table of the Remnant.

One Nation Under God at War describes the Holy Spirit's actions and purposes in the war against evil, which is being waged on the earth. This war will end with the return of Jesus to the earth. There will be constant updates to this page, as we post on the site, daily at times, what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing, and what He wants His army to do.

The Table of the Remnant describes the origins of the Table of the Remnant, which is a fellowship in the Spirit, and a gathering of His servants. There is a link to the testimony of the apostle Char Tierney. There is a link to a page about the Father's prophet, Silvana Lupetti, and the miraculous evidence of His presence with her. She speaks continually of all the Holy Spirit shows her of the world, and the war which is raging in the heavenlies today, and she has given many powerful prophecies about the disobedient church of this day. The Table is set. The Father says to you, "Come and dine. Come and hear Me and know Me, while it is still day. Come and get enough oil in your lamps".

Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name is the message from the Holy Spirit to the whole earth: You can know Jesus. When He made you, His intention was that you and He would know each other, and that you and He would talk about everything. Everything that is beautiful and kind and compassionate, hopeful and loving, you will find in Jesus. You need Him. We live in unprecedented times, fearful times. This writing speaks of who Jesus is and once you start this journey with Him, He will never leave you.

The Obedient Remnant truly love Jesus and will obey Him. Here in this section are pages for the remnant, who are the few who really do know the Father, and hear His voice. In this section there is teaching for His people. His remnant are His beloved Bride. How greatly He loves you.

The Fallen Church is what the Holy Spirit calls the disobedient church of this day. They grieve His heart, because they are shallow and religious and lacking in love, and they are unprepared in this hour of warfare. In 1990, the Father gave a powerful warning to them through His prophet, Silvana Lupetti. In 2000, the Father said He will, "Take the crosses down from the church which is without love". Since then, the Holy Spirit has been going around the fallen church, and coming to the people directly, and through other means, including through this site. The people of earth are turning to Him more in this time of great peril and war. May the church open their eyes, and repent.

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