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A Tribute To Nate

A composition of eleven songs of various musical styles written by Ronny Morris (p) 1999 DoRoMo Music BMI. This album is a tribute to Nathaniel Lee Morris son of Ronny who took his own life after breaking up with his girlfriend shortly after graduating high school at the age of eighteen. Five years and eight months in the making, recorded in Savannah and Brunswick, GA, the film separations and artwork were finalized in Hollywood CA. while the cd’s were being pressed in Minneapolis Minn. and the cassettes duplicated in Toronto, Canada. The Internet was utilized with digital .wav transmissions being exchanged between Ronny and William Day bassist in Stockholm, Sweden making it an international project. The album features eleven-year-old child prodigy Donovan “The Drummer Boy” Morris younger brother of Nate on lead guitar, bass, drums and percussion.

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Program: Genre: Time:
1. Back Home On The Island Rock 3:22
2. Cheatin’ Woman Blues Blues 5:24
3. Big Man, Little Man Pop/Rock 5:17
4. Princess Butterfly Romance 3:52
5. Aching For You Rock 4:14
6. Small Town Brunswick Blues Blues 6:29
7. Cruising On A Saturday Night Pt.I Fusion 3:24
8. Cruising On A Saturday Night Pt.II Fusion 2:30
9. Ester’s Lounge Mama Country 2:58
10. (I Must Be On My Way) Into The Sun Pop 5:02
11. Fort Lauderdale (Ronny's Theme) Instrumental 1:34

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