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The Ronny Morris Band


Donovan "The Drummer Boy"
12 year old Child Prodigy

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Limited Supply

To order CDs and Cassettes send U.S. check or International money order to:

Pumpkin Man Records
3603 MLK Blvd
Brunswick, GA 31520

RoMo Productions has just acquired controlling interest in Pumpkin Man Records and can Now offer Cd's For $9.99 down from $16.99
CDs are $9.99
Cassettes are $7.99
Also all international orders will now be shipped by air for the fastest possible delivery time. add $3.00 S&H per item for U.S. and $4 per item for international delivery

Write on a piece of paper the title and quantity requested
Make all checks payable to Pumpkin Man Records
You can send e-mail:

for order confirmation

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