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What are pecan shell fire logs and why use them?

Environmental awareness and sustainability are the driving forces behind the concept of Alberto S. Perea’s pecan shell fire logs.

Mr Perea is the founder of Perea Farms, a company which offers a firelog made up of recycled pecan by-products and recycled newspapers.

The pecan shell firelogs are 99% recycled material.

The use of pecan shells offers a replenishable by-product source which saves trees.

The logs burn with less ash,creosote & smoke, making them an aesthetically pleasing & environmentally sane alternative to firewood.

A number of tests have been conducted on pecan shell firelogs: This type of log were tested by Shelton Research Inc. of Sante Fe, who measured particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions in a “typical open factory-built fireplace with a standard grate.” When compared to “green oak and dry oak logs over a comparable cold-to-cold test cycle, the pecan fuel was cleaner both with respects to PM and CO emissions.”

Stated Conclusions of Shelton Research Inc:

“The emissions from the pecan fuel burned in an open fireplace were significantly lower than the emissions from ordinary wood burned in an open fireplace at a typical high burn rate. The emissions from the pecan fuel were slightly lower than that from both green and dry oak logs burned at a relatively low rate.”

“When burned in the open fireplaces, the PM and OC emissions were over 90% less than in the average emissions obtained for the baseline fireplace in our recently completed fireplace research project for Colorado.”

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