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Shadowrun : The Excalibur Project

The Excalibur Project

Seattle, January 12, 2054

Greetings chummer, welcome to the streets of Seattle. I don’t know what is happen’n in your area of this rock but down here all Hell is breaking loose, and most of the street rats and wage slaves have no idea about what is go’n on. Aztechnology has been buying up land down in the Puyallup and Redmond like crazy and no meatbodys no why. Both Fuchi and Ares been keep’n their Johnsons on full payroll trying to hire deckers and other Shadowruns out the kazoo! If ya asks me I’d say they alls go’n to war.


I have created this sight in action to allow other players of the Role-playing game Shadowrun to see exactly what other players and game masters are doing. My intention is to try to help others make their version of what is going on in 2054 a little more realistic. In other words, if you see something you like here (characters, story ideas, events, ect.) borrow it, I mean to give others a chance to add real life rounded characters to their games. If you have questions as to how something would be handled by these characters make it up or E-mail me, it doesn’t matter its meant for YOU the player and game master.

WARNING: You may wish to review what I have come up with carefully, I have taken FASA’s starting picture of their world and changed it to my own means, some of which rule mongers may say is too far out there to be allowed. To those people I say “be gone with ya before I wave my private parts in your general direction sir”!

Without further adue please continue with one of the following.

Come see the Player Characters
Come read the story thus far
The people who make the scene (NPC's) A Word in the Shadows (Chat room)

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