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Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club

Site Map

R/C Aircraft This site contains everything to do with radio controlled aircraft including members airplanes, building and flying reviews, aerobatic manuevers, map to the R/C field, contests( results and upcoming events ), and more

Control Line This page contains informative links to Control Line organizations as well as private pages and clubs. Upcoming events and contest results

Free Flight This page contains many free flight pages, indoor and outdoor. Upcoming events and contest results

Live Weather If you are wondering what the weather might be like at the Control line, Radio Control, or Free Flight fields this is the place to go. Get local, live recordings that are very close to the fields. It tells you the current wind direction / velocity, humidity, barometric pressure, and temperature.

Regional Events This page contains information about contests, auctions, and other events around the southwest and the U.S. If you have any information about a upcoming event please let me know via email

MVMAC Events If you want to know the dates and other information of MVMAC events check here to find out what is going on in the club.

MVMAC Swap Shop This is a bulletin board where you can put items for sale or trade. If you have too many things piling up in you garage or if your looking for something this is the place to go.

Other Clubs If you want to find and know what other clubs are doing this is the place to go. Many of them have great web sites with informative articals, contests, events, and membership info.