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A&A Industries     Dealer of aircraft, accessories and online auction 

Acadian RC Products     Acadian manufactures radio controlled products; 1/7th to 1/8th pilot figures, boats, and accessories.

Aero Craft     Manufacturer of the 30% and 35% Staudacher 300GS

Aero Design     Persuasion pattern planes and 35% scale Staudacher

Aero Dynamics     Competitive aerobatic aircraft model including a Award winning raven

Aerofoam R/C      Maker of many different types of foam models 

AeroKrafters      Makers of Aerobatic ARC kits

Aerolite Productions     Makes many R/C pattern aircraft

Aero Model Design     Fiberglass fuselage sailplanes with pre-sheeted wings. Many jet-like designs.

Aero Tech      Radio Control Model airplane gliders 

Aerotrend     Makers of many airplane accessories- great web site

Aeroworks     Makers of mainly large scale high quality aircraft that are well build and designed

AGR Models     Makers of foam gliders and more

Aircraft International Home Page     Distributor of 3W Modellmotoren engines for the US, Canada, and Latin America.  These engines are for large scale aircraft.

Air Hobbies     Complete giant scale engines composites & services

Airtronics     High quality radios for what ever your needs are

Altech R/C Airplanes     Manufacture of great (ready to cover) airplanes

America's Hobby Center      Engines, aircraft, radio, accessory and more

A.R.D Enterprises     Kits, building services graphics and more

Arts Hobby     High strength fabric and supplies

Aveox Electric     Makers of D/C brushless model airplane motors 

Balsa U.S.A.     High quality scale model airplanes, wood and building supplies

Bowman Hobbies     Makers of the only EPP gliders

Bristol Aircraft Engines     Manufactures of large gas engines

Byron Fuels     Great high quality fuels

Cactus Aviation     Makers of hand-crafted aerobatic kits

Carden Aircraft     Scale aerobatic aircraft Extra/Zlin and more     

Central Hobbies     World Largest supplier of patter & R/C products

Combat Scale R/C Jets     High performance combat jets

Composite Structure Technology Page     stocks a full inventory of light weight materials including Carbon Fiber, Aramid and Fiberglass in Fabric and Tape, as well as Core Materials, Vacuum Bagging Equipment and Supplies, Carbon Rods, Tubes, Plates and Panels.  

Coverite     Film and fabric covering paints and other accessories 

Dans R/C Hanger  specializing in construction of 1/12th scale WWII, combat aircraft kits and arf assembly 

Dave Brown Productions     Makers of R/C flight simulator and other important accessories.

Desert Sky Aviation      This site has really good prices on engines, aircraft, and accessories

Doug's Hobby Shop     The Original mail order specialist

Dynaflite     All wood kits from trainers to IMAA legal aircraft

East Coast Modeling Center       Many different model supplies, large dealer!!

Electro Dynamic     This company makes many thing to do with batters receivers chargers ect. 

Exotic Hobbies      They are the premier source for all of your R/C Canadian hobby needs.

Falcon Hobbies     Your Canadian pattern aerobatic store

Fiber Classics     offers a wide spectrum of scale aircraft. Each brings a piece of aviation history back to life.  Handcrafted fibre glass work, reinforced with carbon and kevlar, is based on state of the art technology and CNC-engineering. 

Flying High     No description available at the moment 

FMA Direct     Radio gear at bargain prices and more

Folding Flyer     Designed for electric power with a Speed 400 size motor and the Olympus Gear Drive (available from New Creations R/C), this aerobatic parking lot flyer assembles fast (this prototype unit assembled as you see it in 2.5 hours).

Fox Engines       Fox Manufacturing Company has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of model airplane engines, glow plugs, and accessories for over 50 years

Futaba     Web site offering information about this company's wide selection of radio systems and accessories. Presented by Hobbies on the Net.                                                 

Great Planes     With many airplanes, building supplies and innovative products 

HangTimes     Aircraft Sales On line Flight Sims FREE R/C Brokerage & Classifies Service 

Herr Engineering Corporation     some of the most innovative model airplane kits ever produced                      

Hitec Radio Controlled    Sellers of radio gear cheap prices

Hobbico     High Quality Competitively priced aircraft and accessories

Hobby Club     This is a new site that has many Free Flight, R/C airplanes.

Hobby Horse     Full Service Internet Hobby Store 

Hobby Shack     Over 23,000 products for ,moderlers you can search by manufactures

Horizon Hobby     Large distributor of R/C Airplanes radios ect.   

Innoventive Technologies Inc.     Want to increase your model power, fuel economy, high end -  Low end - Mid Range, reliability and decrease noise.  This is an easy add on to your muffler called CVEC ( Constant Velocity Expansion Chamber) 

JK Aerotech     Dedicated to the great sport of Model aviation

Just Engines     Engines, Spares, Accessories; Manifolds, Pipes, Silencers, Plugs; R/C C/L & F/F aeromodelling

Kerr Aircraft     Is out of business and there is only a e-mail address

King R/C      Online hobby shop in King, NC

Kress Jets Inc.     Gas And Electric Model Plane Kits - Ducted Fan Engines - Flight Performance Software - Parts - Batteries - Propellers - Everything For The Aviation Hobbyist

Kyosho     Makers of many R/C aircraft gliders and electric products 

K&B Engines     K&B has many different engines for many different engine in many different sizes and uses

Lanier R/C     Makers of arf's and kits 

Mecoa Engines     Makers of quality engines 2.5cc and up 

Megatech     Electric trainer Air Strike

Richsbrew     Makers of R/C glow fuel 

Micro Fasteners     Looking for all of thoes little parts that come in handy while your in the pits here is the place to go

Model Flight     Australian hobby store   

Morris Hobbies     High performance profile aircraft and engines

Multiplex R/C      Planes, sailplanes accessories and more     

Northeast Sailplanes Products     A good place to buy sailplanes, products, and accessories

Pacific Aeromodel     Makes of arf kits

Pat's Custom Models     Many scale plans that are cad designed   

RCV Engines     RCV 4 stroke engines- behind the prop starting, reliability, low maintenance, 2:1 Output gearing, and a new revolutionary shape

R/C Direct     Large number of electric products

R/C Scale Model Airplane Wing Manufacturer     This company make wing core for scale aircraft

Red Max Fuel     Racing oils and fuels with distributor list

R.M.T Composites LMT      RMT Manufacturing is a South African based company that produces high-quality model gliders using the latest aviation techniques.  

Robart     Makers of retractable landing gear and other supplies 

Sail Planes Unlimited     Makers of beautiful 1/3 scale gliders

Shelton's Hobbies     A great hobby site--with a good web page

Sig Manufacturers     Serving the model airplane enthusiast 

SKS Video     Many good aviation videos 

SkyBench Aerotech     They offer a full line of kits from educational hand launched Free Flight gliders to radio controlled models.   

Stits Lite     Covering for scale planes and R/C comes in 100+different colors

Superior Model     Large supplier of high quality wood and building supplies

Super Tigre     Italian Quality Engines home base in Champaign, IL 

Technopower II     Hand crafted radial aircraft engines

Tech-Toys      A large selection of all types of models  

Thunder Tiger     engines that come in many sizes and prices 

TNC Electronics     High quality accurate digital optical tachometer

TNT Landing Gear Products     They have supplied literally hundreds and hundreds of gears for use both domestically and internationally and have never turned down a request for a specialty landing gear.         

Topflight     Makers of monocote and is a part of great planes

Tower Hobbies      Thousands of products for the R/C airplane, helicopter, free flight U-control and gliders one of the largest hobby supplies stores                      

U.S. AirCore     Makers of many different "nearly indestructible planes" 

Winner RC     Features ARFs and other model equipment 

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