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Start Click here for the theme song,"We Wanna Know", I wrote for the radio show "Taos Currents", hosted by Mike Tilley, on KRZA, Alamosa, CO, 8:30am MST, Tuesdays...

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Home of Mark Moody---Song Writer, Singer, Guitarist

Mr. Music

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Here is "Honky Tonkin' Restless Way of Life" (Real Audio), from the "Glimpses" album...

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Start> "Kay, a rocker I wrote in 1975

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"Pull The Cork": a full version of this song from the album "Glimpses"(Real Audio)

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"Tu, Solo Tu": a full version of this famous valseta from the album "Glimpses"(Real Audio)

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"Wrong Woman Blues": a full version of this blues tune from the album "Glimpses"(Real Audio)
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Land of Enchantment

Welcome to Moody Music Media,home of Mark Moody, native New Mexican song writer, singer, guitarist...I have the newest cassette($5.99) & CD($9.99) release "Glimpses", all original material except for one valseta from Mexico..."Tu, Solo Tu". Also, you will find here a couple of early 45's converted to singocassettes ($4.99)..."Albuquerque Mornin'",with "Lost My Love" on the flip side, and my first 45: "My Woman Done Left Me", with an old Curly Putnam song "Green, Green Grass of Home" on the flip side. Also, the single cassette of "The Blues I Thought Were Gone (Done Made a Comeback)", featuring Ruth Shorter, also from Taos, NM, singing, and "Livin' For The Day" on the flip side. Instrumentally Yours is still available, featuring all classical guitar arrangements of some old standards ($5.99 cassette, $9.99 CD). There is a new album in the works. When it is released, you will see it here! Notice that there are 2 pages to this site, so please check them out. A biography is included on page 2. Thanks for dropping by, and, if you are interested in the 45's, or albums, you can order them at: Moody Music Media, 8404 River St. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113-1637,

Thanks for stopping by.(All albums are guaranteed against defects for 30 days, either with replacement, or money back!)

Just in case you have thought about learning to play (any instrument, not just the guitar), I wrote a piece a while back you might like to read...give it a shot...Mark

Glimpses Cassette $8.00 Order by secure credit card...

Instrumentally Yours CD $15.00 Order by secure credit card...

Instrumentally Yours Cassette $8.00 Order by secure credit card...

Livin' For The Day (singocassette) $4.99 Order by secure credit card...

Albuquerque Mornin' (singocassette) $4.99 Order by secure credit card...

Green, Green Grass of Home (singocassette) $4.99 Order by secure credit card...

Click here to use a regular mail order form. Just print it and drop it in the mail with a check or money order. Thanks, Mark

Gig Schedule for Mark Moody

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Other Moody sites...

Mark is still playing and touring from time to time. If you are interested in potential bookings, feel free to contact at the above references.

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