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"Candlelight Nuptials"
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"Candlelight Nuptials" (exclusive designs which fit Barbie) features a beautiful VICTORIAN-INSPIRED bridal gown with beading lace, satin ribbon woven through eyelets, delicate hand-embroidered motifs, and headpiece and veil. Also included is a fancy shorty nighty with briefs for the honeymoon; "Glitter & Gossamer," a short high-waisted cocktail dress with flowing butterfly sleeves for honeymoon dining and dancing; and "Evening Lounger," a one-piece outfit with long flared pantlegs, scoop neck and poof sleeves. From 1969. Pale pink color cover [image above appears darker, but is a pretty pale pink, a little lighter than the background color] and six pages.



"Victorian Inspired Bridal Gown"


"Fancy Shorty Nighty"


"Glitter & Gossamer"

"Evening Lounger"


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