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Welcome to my online photo album. I will be posting photos from time to time of special dolls and fashions from my collection, or that I have made for others. This is just the beginning of lots of photos I'll be posting, so hope you'll check back again soon to see what's new!

My latest creation is a bridal gown for a Christmas wedding, replicating my friend Julie's for her special day! Visit Julie's Bridal Gown which I designed for a Silkstone Barbie.

A special creation for Gene was commissioned to complement a wonderful hat by Bill Jones. Go to my special Gene Custom Design page for pictures and details!

I have also added a gallery section for photos by those of you who have used MFB & APF patterns [cick here to visit Your Photo Gallery].

Jessica's Prom Dress (new "belly button doll")

Note: Jessica is the daughter of a friend of mine in the doll club I belong to. Her prom gown, shoes, and all her accessories were stolen when her car was broken into shortly before the prom last year. With little time to replace them, she found a pale green gown that was perfect with her dark red hair. On her feet she wore tennis shoes! Her mom asked me to recreate the gown as a surprise for Jessica. Using a garage sale doll (the belly button type with smaller bust), I styled the hair to match Jessica's upsweep "do" and even added a pair of tennis shoes! Below are the "before" and "after" pictures and then the sweetest thank you note from Jessica that absolutely made my day! (week!) (month!) (etc., etc.!) For those interested in patterns for this size, "Jessica's Prom Dress" will be available this spring from MFB.



Note from Jessica (who is now a freshman in college), 12/25/03:

"Dear Shirley, Thank you so much for my prom doll. She's abosultely beautiful. The tennis shoes are perfect with it. I think she's the best present I've gotten in a long while. I know you put a lot of work into her, I can tell by the way she looks. I love her so much. I don't even know what else to say other than thank you. She's wonderful!" Truly, Jessica"

Below is the white rabbit vintage repro fur stole. This is in the collection of Mike Schulz, Okla, displayed with the vintage Gay Parisienne outfit on his vintage Barbie as a replacement for the missing vintage stole! I was honored to help complete this gorgeous outfit! And in the middle is Mike's Jr. Prom on his "sweet platinum American Girl from 1965" wearing another MFB repro fur stole! The doll is stunning! And last but not least, is an American Girl wearing the vintage Debutante Ball with an MFB replacement stole:

"Silver Billows" was designed especially for our local doll club Christmas raffle. It is in the collection of Lynette L. who was the prez at the time:

Matinee Fashion is the first vintage design that I made a pattern for. I love to interpret them in a variety of colors, hence, "Vintage Varieties." The photos below represent each color now in private collections:

  • Vintage Red, in the collection of Barbara Fowler, Missouri
  • Ebony, in the collection of Pam P, Missouri
  • Rhapsody Blue and Tangerine Dream, in the collection of Bev R., Las Vegas, NV

  • Lemon Chiffon Matinee Fashion and Turquoise Fashion Luncheon on Silkstone Barbie, shown along side vintage outfits in the collection of Russell Thurgood, Kansas

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