154 Classique Evening Extravaganza $5.00


This is one of three Classique patterns designed to fit Barbie and other 11-1/2" fashion dolls and are from my Aileen's Petite Fashions Collection.

This pattern (APF-154) is a glamorous reproduction of Evening Extravaganza. The original Classique collectible was issued in 1993 and is really a fun and exciting design. It was available in two colors, pink of the blonde superstar Barbie, and gold/yellow on the black version Christie. The gowns were made of "sequinned" type fabric, which is described as "mirrored" (the round mirror "sequins" are glued on the fabric, but are not true sequins with a hole for sewing on). The fitted gown was basically strapless, with a pleated wrap in a fan-style attached to one shoulder with a snap and a ribbon strap over the other shoulder. This pleated wrap was a kind of organza and an exact duplicate is very hard to find. Some newer, more crinkly types may be found in some areas. Aileen recommended using a "twinkle" organza, an iridescent organza that will work very well. Aileen's reproduction comes very close to the original. The photos below show the results made with this type of organza.

These designs were originally drafted by Aileen's Petite Fashions (Mini-Fashion Boutique became soul owner of Aileen's Petite Fashions in 1999.) Each pattern is printed on 8˝" x 11" white paper and includes a sketch and typed instructions as originally done by Aileen, with pattern pieces drawn by hand. Pattern is 2 pages. I've added a 6" x 9" white envelope with Aileen's photo featured on the front.

Payment: Paypal, cashier's check, or money order. International buyers must use Paypal in US funds. Canadian buyers may use Postal Money Order or Paypal in US funds.

Note: This is the pattern only. Doll, stand and finished outfit are not included. Thank you for looking! Check out my other patterns and doll-related items.

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