Paper Doll “DAWN”
in Frederick's of Hollywood Fashions
by Pat Stall
from 1972 Mini-Fashion Boutique

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I’m so excited to bring this set of paper dolls by Pat Stall! Going through my storage material, I found a box of paper dolls that I had printed, ready to publish in my next issue of Mini-Fashion Boutique in 1972. Instead, I was forced to end my newsletter due to personal reasons, and those paper dolls were packed away. The first of two sheets is shown above.

The designs are for Dawn by Pat Stall—taken from a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog! These are some of the earliest paper dolls by Pat when they were line drawings before she did the full color ones. She was a subscriber of my newsletter, as well as an advertiser, and had submitted these sheets to be included in my next issue. They were mastered and mimeographed and all ready to send out. But that issue was never completed and these paper dolls have been stored ever since! I had totally forgotten I even had them! I also have some other patterns that were prepared for that issue that I will get ready at a later date.

The paper doll designs feature Dawn at about 6˝” tall with ten outfits. Each outfit is taken from Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog, Vol. No. 25, Issue 122, 1971. The item number and page is given for each design. Also has Pat Stall’s signature (signature is on the original from which the printed copies were made). There are two sheets, 8˝ x 11, printed on one side. Keep them as collector item, or color them in yourself for an even more dynamic display! Sheet Two is shown below:

You're in for a treat if you like Dawn, because you won't find anything else like this!!! And if you collect Pat Stall paper dolls, these will be a very special addition to your collection.

Thank you for looking!

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