Pattern Booklet “DAWN DARLINGS” for tiny 6" Dawn from 1970 Mini-Fashion Boutique

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This pattern booklet is for TINY 6" Dawn from Topper. Featured are original designs from the 1970-1971 season published by Mini-Fashion Boutique. These are some of the first doll designs and sewing I did back in the late 60s and early 70s. There are six designs (plus several variations) which reflect the popular styles of that era.

1. "Bitty Bridal" is a sweet gown of bonded lace (or can use other suggested fabrics) with lace trim around neckline, edges of flowing sleeves and floor length gown. A ribbon accent under the bodice, a detachable train and circular veil complete the ensemble.

2. Dawn is ready to be the perfect hostess in "Hostess Culottes." The full, flare leg culottes with a sleek halter bodice are worn with an overskirt (of netting, organdy or chiffon) tied around the waist.

3. Two views are made from one pattern: First, "Leg-O-Mutton Dress" with lace trim on edges of the flared sleeves and hem of skirt results from elastic at the waist and upper sleeves. Second, "Circle Dress" is from the same basic pattern (with no elastic), and is trimmed at neck, sleeves and hem.

4) "Nightgown and Robe" in three lengths. Cute, simple nightgown in mini, midi and maxi length, has a matching robe. Both are trimmed with lace. Robe is shown below left.

5.“Midi Magic” is a design typical of the early '70s with full sleeves gathered at wrist to form a ruffle. The midi-length skirt is trimmed with a ruffle along the lower edge, and a ribbon is tied just under the bodice. This same pattern is also used for a shorter version, without the gathered sleeves for free flowing, butterfly-type sleeves. The skirt portion is a mini length without the ruffle at the hem, for a completely different look. Sketch above middle and right.

6. "Fringe Binge" is also several styles in one: First is the hooded, circular cape with hand openings and fringe along lower edge. It can be made of felt, plain vinyl or snakeskin vinyl. The top of the hood is trimmed either with a tiny bell or pompom. It is worn over long flared slacks. The slack pattern has two additional options: short "hot pants" and "knickers." Sketch is below.

The sketches and instructions are on the pages with the pattern pieces. This booklet is reprinted from my original mimeographed copy on 8-1/2" x 11" paper from 1971. It has a buttercup yellow cover (color in pic isn't exact but is really a pretty buttery yellow) and there are 5 pages of patterns.

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