"DATE MATES" Steady Sets for Barbie & Ken
Originally published by MFB in 1971

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DATE MATES is an original pattern booklet from the archives of Mini-Fashion Boutique, a source of independently designed fashions published over thirty years ago in separate fashion sheets, booklets, and bi-monthly newsletter.

Back in the “good old days” when Barbie & Ken were together, I designed several matching pairs of outfits with themes for them doing things together, and which reflect some of the popular styles of that era. They were published in various issues of my newsletter Mini-Fashion Boutique in 1970-1971. Those patterns were then collected together and reprinted in a specialty booklet, “Date Mates,” released in 1971. Patterns for Ken in this booklet fit the new “Good Looking Ken,” “Talking Ken,” or “Brad” and will not fit the old Ken or Allen. The new Ken body came out in 1968 so none of the earlier patterns for the original vintage Ken would fit. This is your chance to obtain some unique patterns not available anywhere else!

"Steady Set" features casual fun outfits--imagine bike riding or a picnic, volley ball? Barbie is dyn-o-mite in the latest Skooter Skirt with an added patch pocket and button accents on the overlap, worn with a striped tank top. Ken wears a matching tank top with cool fringed Bermudas:

Besides fun times, they get serious on volunteer days at the local hospital: Barbie wears "Medical Midi" nurse uniform with long coat-dress and optional pants, and nurse cap. "Dr." Ken is handsome is medical shirt and pants:

Also included are matching "Masquerade Ball" costumes for New Year's Eve. Shown below is the sketch for Barbie's costume. The pic shows two color combinations for this neat costume!

This is a reprint of the original booklet which was mimeographed on 8-1/2 x 11 paper. The cover is bright blue. There are 7 pages of patterns featuring clearly drawn sketches of the outfits and instructions on each page. For other Barbie & Ken pattern sets, check out my archive specialty booklet, "Campus Coeds." I also have a specialty booklet of just Ken patterns in "Ken's Kasuals."

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