Pattern Booklet "BEST OF BARBIE"
Originally published by MFB in 1971

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BEST OF BARBIE is an original pattern booklet from the archives of Mini-Fashion Boutique, a source of independently designed fashions published in separate fashion sheets, booklets, and bi-monthly newsletter.

The original vintage doll patterns in this booklet were designed and published over thirty years ago by Mini-Fashion Boutique and reflect some of the popular styles of that 70s era. This is your chance to obtain some unique patterns not available anywhere else!

BEST OF BARBIE contains patterns that were originally published in the first six issues of "Mini-Fashion Boutique" newsletter from 1970-1971. Eight distinctly unique designs are featured including casual wear, costumes and historical.

The first design is a "Drop Waist Day Wear"--a dress that features a drop-waist blousy top with pleated skirt and jabot at the front neckline. Sketch is below left.

You won't want to miss "Southern Belle" with it's long, full ruffled skirt and lace-trimmed overskirt, complete with wristlets, circle hat and ruffled pantaloons! Sketch is above right.

A neat dress typical of that 70s era is "Wrap Skimmer" which overlaps for a side-front opening, with a side tie, butterfly sleeves and "dog-ear" collar! Does this bring back memories? LOL Sketch from pattern is below left.

Next is a sporty design also very trendy in that time period, in fact, I had something very similar! This "Middy Set" features 6-button Middy Pants with flared legs, worn with a Midriff-Tie Top. Very cool! Sketch is above right.

"Sassy Swinger" is a dress with striped skirt banded with solid, and lace trim, with the bodice carrying the stripes above the waist with solid upper. The horizontal stripes with lace trim give it a unique look. The sketch below left illustrates this design.

Remember when the peasant look was the rage? Well, Barbie had a "Pretty Peasant" outfit, a two piece set with tiered, ruffled peasant skirt (perfect in a tiny patchwork print) and a white raglan peasant blouse with eyelet edging. This sketch is above right.

Gauchos were also a fashion craze back then, and this design "Groovy Goucho" was right with the times. Remember "Gaucho Gear" (1971-1972) and "Groovin' Gauchos" (ditto)? This MFB design reflects the traditional look that can be jazzed up with country or paisley prints! While the original instructions call for felt, the faux suedes available today are perfect! (Neither felt nor faux suede require hemming--it's sooooo easy!) Features flaired gaucho pants/skirt, with vest and hat, trimmed with colorful braid of your choice. Even includes pattern for boots. Sketch below left illustrates this design.

And last, but not least, is a flowing "Christmas Angel" costume with wing pattern (or you can purchase feathered wings today in craft departments). White satin is suggested with gold trim, and even includes a golden halo. Is also suitable for Easter. Sketch is above right.

This is a reprint of the original booklet which was mimeographed on 8-1/2 x 11 paper (one page is 8-1/2 x 14). The cover is lime green. There are eight pages of patterns with clearly drawn sketches of the outfits and instructions on each page.

Other vintage originals from the Mini-Fashion Boutique archives are being made available from time-to-time for such dolls as Barbie, Francie, Skipper, old Ken (skinny), New Ken/Brad, Tutti, Todd, Dawn, Crissy, Velvet, Newborn Thumbelina, 6 Cheerful Tearful, GI Joe, and a few others. These cover a publishing period from 1967 through 1972 This pattern booklet is available exclusively from MFB.

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