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With between 750 and 1,000 patterns in the Mini-Fashion Boutique "archives"—maybe more—you can see it would be impossible to re-master them all! Some of these patterns published over 30+ years ago are being made available as "Vintage Reprints." Original patterns were hand-drawn on mimeo stencils, labeling and instructions were typed (sometimes on the pages with the pattern pieces, other times as a separate sheet) and then hand-mimeographed on both sides, some on colored paper. Though the originals became faded, all reprints are clear and sharp. Some of my favorites reflect diverse popular styles of that early era.

Patterns were made for such dolls as: Barbie, Ken (old and "new"), Francie, Skipper, Tutti, Todd, Dawn, GI Joe, Crissy, Velvet, Kiddles, 6" Cheerful Tearful, Newborn Thumbelina, and others. Includes booklets, individual pattern sheets and a few knit and crochet pattern sheets, all featuring sketches of the outfits with instructions.


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