Encore's Mystery Channel

2006 Month and day listed, all times EST

Past movies have included Westworld and Futureworld, Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Squirm (attack of the killer worms), A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Vincent Price), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey vs. vampire), Flowers In the Attic, Running Man (Schwarzenegger), Night Of The Living Dead, Pulp Fiction, Dr. Who, The Horror Show: House 3, the Mike Myers comedy So I Married An Axe Murderer, Child's Play, Spawn (from Hell), Dick Tracy (Pacino, Madonna), Hitchcock films, Twilight Zone: The Movie, RoboCop 2 (Robo vs. the new, improved, merciless model), James Bond 007 and Matt Helm movies
Sunday, 10򈚐6
7:15a Cellular
8:50a Cowboys And Indians
10:20a Enemy Of The State (1998, Will Smith)
12:35p Twilight Zone: The Movie
2:20p Out Of Sight
4:30p Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead (1995)
6:30p Innocent Lies
8:00p Enemy Of The State
10:15p Out Of Sight
12:20a The French Connection
2:05a RoboCop 2 (Robo vs. the new, improved, merciless model)
4:05a Enemy Of The State
Monday, 102
6:20a The Squeeze
8:05a Hide In Plain Sight
9:40a Encore Cinenews (E40)
10:10a The Return Of Mickey Spillane's...
11:50a The Good Son
1:20p Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
3:00p Dark City
4:45p Best Men
6:20p I Love Trouble
8:30p The Good Son
10:00p Dark City
11:45p Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
1:20a Best Men
3:00a Toolbox Murders
4:40a I Love Trouble
Tuesday, 103
6:45a Witch Hunt
8:20a Cloak & Dagger
10:05a The Verdict
12:15p Hostage
2:15p The Dark Half
4:20p Deep Rising
6:10p Cloak & Dagger
8:00p Hostage
10:00p The Verdict
12:15a Puerto Vallarta Squeeze
2:20a Swimming Pool
4:05a Hostage
Wednesday, 104
6:00a Encore Cinenews (E40)
6:30a The Village
8:20a Out Of The Darkness
10:00a Cursed
11:40a The Rich Man's Wife
1:20p The Village
3:15p Dark Skies
4:50p High Heels And Low Lifes
6:20p Cursed
8:00p The Village
9:50p The Rich Man's Wife
11:30p The Crying Game
1:30a Cursed
3:15a High Heels And Low Lifes
4:50a Hitchcock's Marnie
Thursday, 105
7:10a Cowboys And Indians
8:45a Twilight Zone: The Movie
10:35a Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne (Kathy Bates)
12:50p Desperate Hours
2:40p Blade: Trinity
4:40p Someone To Watch Over Me
6:30p Cowboys And Indians
8:00p Dolores Claiborne (story by Stephen King)
10:15p Blade: Trinity
12:10a Desperate Hours
2:00a French Connection II
4:00a Fluke
5:40a Scream And Scream Again
Friday, 106
7:20a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? (Tori Spelling)
9:00a Stormy Weathers
10:35a Agnes Of God
12:15p Crowned And Dangerous
1:45p Nadine
3:10p Stormy Weathers
4:45p Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
6:20p Agnes Of God
8:00p Nadine
9:30p Crowned And Dangerous
11:00p Stormy Weathers
12:35a The Big Fix
2:30a Nadine
4:00a Cutter's Way
5:50a The Seven Per-Cent Solution
Saturday, 107
7:50a Cloak & Dagger
9:40a The Spanish Prisoner
11:35a The Verdict
1:50p Die Hard "Welcome to the party, pal."
4:05p Dark City
5:50p The Spanish Prisoner
7:50p Copycat
10:00p Hellraiser: Bloodline
11:30p Monster Man
1:10a The Spanish Prisoner
3:05a Die Hard
5:20a Charlie's Angels
Sunday, 108
6:45a Boogeyman
8:15a Strange Invaders
9:50a Encore Cinenews (E41)
10:20a American Gun
12:00p Cursed
1:45p Boogeyman
3:15p Best Men
4:50p American Gun
6:30p High Heels And Low Lifes
8:00p Cursed
9:40p Boogeyman
11:15p American Gun
12:50a One Of Them
2:30a High Heels And Low Lifes
4:00a The Entity
Monday, 109
6:15a Dark Skies
7:50a Matt Helm in The Silencers
9:40a Raising Cain (John Lithgow vs. his evil twins)
11:20a Blade: Trinity
1:20p Dark Skies
3:00p The Big Easy
4:45p Raising Cain
6:20p Miami Blues
8:00p Blade: Trinity
10:00p The Big Easy
11:45p The Hazing
1:15a Death And The Maiden
3:05a Blade: Trinity
5:05a The Village
Tuesday, 1010
7:00a Marnie (Hitchcock)
9:15a Agnes Of God
11:00a Innocent Lies
12:35p The Village
2:30p Dolores Claiborne
4:45p Medusa's Child 
8:00p The Mighty Quinn
9:40p The Village
11:30p The Stray
1:05a Toolbox Murders
2:45a Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
4:50a The Seven Per-Cent Solution
Wednesday, 1011
6:50a Witch Hunt
8:30a Happy New Year
10:00a Out Of Sight
12:05p Dark City
1:50p Hostage
3:45p French Connection II
5:50p The Dark Half
8:00p Dark City
9:45p Out Of Sight
11:50p Hostage
1:50a Hellraiser: Bloodline
3:20a RoboCop 2
5:20a Twilight Zone: The Movie
Thursday, 1012
7:10a The Big Fix
9:05a Encore Cinenews (E41)
9:35a Boogeyman
11:10a Strange Invaders
12:50p The Rich Man's Wife
2:35p The Big Fix
4:30p Mercury Rising (Bruce Willis vs. government assassins)
6:30p Boogeyman
8:00p The Rich Man's Wife
9:35p Single White Female
11:30p Swimming Pool
1:15a Crowned And Dangerous
2:45a Cover Girls
4:00a Dragnet
5:50a The Return Of Mickey Spillane's...
Friday, 1013
7:35a The Squeeze
9:20a I Love Trouble
11:30a Cowboys And Indians
1:05p Dark Skies
2:40p The Return Of Mickey Spillane's...
4:20p Dragnet
6:15p The Squeeze
8:00p Cowboys And Indians
9:30p I Love Trouble
11:35p Dark Skies
1:10a The Terror
2:35a The Lodger
4:00a Cowboys And Indians
5:35a The Canterville Ghost
Saturday, 1014
7:15a Gremlins 2: The New Batch
9:10a Out Of The Darkness
10:50a Out Of Sight
1:00p Desperate Hours
2:50p The Good Son
4:20p Innocent Lies
6:00p Gremlins 2: The New Batch
7:50p Out Of Sight
10:00p The Good Son
11:30p Dr. Chopper
1:00a Wisdom
2:50a Desperate Hours
4:40a Innocent Lies
Sunday, 1015
6:15a Scream Blacula Scream (Joe Bob says it's better than Blackenstein, much better)
8:00a The Cosby Mysteries
9:35a D.E.B.S.
11:10a Miami Blues
12:50p Hostage
2:50p Deep Rising
4:40p The Mighty Quinn
6:20p D.E.B.S.
8:00p Hostage
10:00p Miami Blues
11:40p Deep Rising
1:30a The Crying Game
3:30a Hostage
5:30a D.E.B.S.
Monday, 1016
7:05a Encore Cinenews (E42)
7:35a Witch Hunt
9:10a Cocaine And Blue Eyes
10:50a Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
12:50p Cursed
2:35p Cloak & Dagger (Dabney Coleman)
4:20p Die Hard
6:40p The Rich Man's Wife
8:20p Cursed
10:00p Things To Do In Denver When...
12:00a Single White Female
1:50a The Rich Man's Wife
3:30a Monster Man
5:10a Scream And Scream Again
Tuesday, 1017
6:45a Nightwing
8:35a The Forgotten
10:10a High Heels And Low Lifes
11:40a Dark Skies
1:15p The French Connection
3:00p The Forgotten
4:35p Mercury Rising
6:30p High Heels And Low Lifes
8:00p The French Connection
9:45p French Connection II
11:45p Mercury Rising
1:40a The Big Sleep
3:20a High Heels And Low Lifes
4:50a Charlie's Angels
Wednesday, 1018
6:05a The Return Of Mickey Spillane's...
7:45a Boogeyman
9:15a The Big Fix
11:05a American Gun
12:45p The Stray
2:20p Boogeyman
3:50p Dolores Claiborne
6:05p Wisdom
8:00p American Gun
9:35p Boogeyman
11:10p Wild Things 3
12:45a Swimming Pool
2:35a Dolores Claiborne
4:50a Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Thursday, 1019
6:45a Encore Cinenews (E42)
7:15a The Lodger
8:45a The Squeeze
10:35a The Mighty Quinn
12:20p Enemy Of The State
2:40p Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
4:15p The Good Son
5:45p The Verdict
8:00p Enemy Of The State
10:20p The Mighty Quinn
12:05a The Good Son
1:40a Death And The Maiden
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E42)
4:00a The Terror
5:20a Cloak & Dagger
Friday, 1020
7:05a Happy New Year
8:35a Witch Hunt
10:10a Hide In Plain Sight
11:45a Twilight Zone: The Movie
1:30p Cloak & Dagger
3:15p Witch Hunt
4:50p Happy New Year
6:20p Hide In Plain Sight
8:00p Cloak & Dagger
9:45p Twilight Zone: The Movie
11:30p Witch Hunt
1:05a Happy New Year
2:35a Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers
4:00a Twilight Zone: The Movie
5:45a Stormy Weathers
Saturday, 1021
7:20a Cursed
9:05a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
10:40a Encore Cinenews (E42)
11:05a Foolproof
12:45p The Dark Half
2:50p Cursed
4:30p High Heels And Low Lifes
6:00p Things To Do In Denver When...
8:00p The Crying Game
10:00p Cursed
11:40p The Dark Half
1:45a Toolbox Murders
3:20a Foolproof
5:00a Austin Powers: International...
Sunday, 1022
6:30a Encore Cinenews (E43)
7:00a Dragnet
8:50a The Man Who Knew Too Little
10:30a Dark City
12:15p Dolores Claiborne
2:30p Dragnet
4:20p Someone To Watch Over Me
6:15p Dark City
8:00p Wild Things 3
9:30p Dolores Claiborne
11:45p Someone To Watch Over Me
1:35a Swimming Pool
3:20a Warning Sign
5:00a Marnie
Monday, 1023
7:15a The Big Fix
9:05a Encore Cinenews (E43)
9:35a Agnes Of God
11:15a Out Of Sight
1:20p D.E.B.S.
3:00p The Mighty Quinn
4:45p American Gun
6:20p Mercury Rising
8:20p D.E.B.S.
10:00p Out Of Sight
12:05a The Mighty Quinn
1:45a Mercury Rising
3:40a The Crying Game
5:35a Cover Girls
Tuesday, 1024
6:50a Twilight Zone: The Movie
8:40a Cowboys And Indians
10:10a The Return Of Mickey Spillane's...
11:45a Boogeyman
1:15p Twilight Zone: The Movie
3:00p The Rich Man's Wife
4:40p Cowboys And Indians
6:10p Desperate Hours
8:00p Boogeyman
9:30p The Rich Man's Wife
11:05p The Entity
1:15a Desperate Hours
3:00a Single White Female
4:50a Boogeyman
Wednesday, 1025
6:20a The Terror
7:45a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
9:20a The Man Who Knew Too Little
11:00a The Verdict
1:10p Miami Blues
2:50p Cloak & Dagger
4:40p Deep Rising
6:30p The Good Son
8:00p Miami Blues
9:40p Death And The Maiden
11:30p The Verdict
1:45a Monster Man
3:30a Cutter's Way
5:20a The Seven Per-Cent Solution
Thursday, 1026
7:20a Dragnet
9:10a Encore Cinenews (E43)
9:40a Witch Hunt
11:15a Innocent Lies
12:50p Hostage
2:50p Wisdom
4:45p High Heels And Low Lifes
6:15p The French Connection
8:00p Hostage
10:00p Innocent Lies
11:30p High Heels And Low Lifes
1:00a Best Men
2:30a Dr. Chopper
4:00a The Spanish Prisoner
Friday, 1027
6:00a Out Of The Darkness
7:40a Gremlins 2: The New Batch
9:35a The Canterville Ghost
11:15a The Spanish Prisoner
1:10p The Cosby Mysteries
2:50p Gremlins 2: The New Batch
4:40p Out Of The Darkness
6:20p Strange Invaders
8:00p The Spanish Prisoner
10:00p Gremlins 2: The New Batch
11:50p The Cosby Mysteries
1:30a Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
2:45a Charlie's Angels
4:00a Strange Invaders
5:40a Nightwing
Saturday, 1028
7:30a Crowned And Dangerous
9:00a Boogeyman
10:35a Enemy Of The State
12:50p Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
2:30p The Mighty Quinn
4:10p American Gun
5:45p Enemy Of The State
8:00p Mercury Rising
10:00p Boogeyman
11:40p Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
1:15a Enemy Of The State
2:30a American Gun
4:05a Boogeyman
5:40a I Love Trouble
Sunday, 1029
7:45a Dark Skies
9:20a Nadine
10:50a Encore Cinenews (E44)
11:20a The Good Son
12:50p The Big Easy
2:35p Die Hard
4:50p The Rich Man's Wife
6:30p Nadine
8:00p The Big Easy
9:45p Copycat
11:50p The Rich Man's Wife
1:30a The Good Son
3:00a Die Hard
5:15a Nadine
Monday, 1030
6:45a The Seven Per-Cent Solution
8:45a Stormy Weathers
10:20a The French Connection
12:10p Desperate Hours
2:00p The Verdict
4:10p Hostage
6:05p The Dark Half
8:10p Desperate Hours
10:00p Swimming Pool
11:45p Hostage
1:40a Cowboys And Indians
3:10a Trick Baby
4:50a Swimming Pool
Tuesday, 1031
6:35a The Spanish Prisoner
8:30a Encore Cinenews (E44)
9:00a D.E.B.S.
10:40a Wisdom
12:35p Things To Do In Denver When...
2:40p The Spanish Prisoner
4:40p D.E.B.S.
6:15p Dark City
8:00p Things To Do In Denver When...
10:00p Wisdom
11:50p D.E.B.S.
1:30a Asunder
3:20a Things To Do In Denver When...
5:20a Torn Curtain
Wednesday, 11򈚐6
7:30a Encore Cinenews (E44)
8:00a Hanky Panky
9:50a Silver City
12:05p Rising Sun
2:20p Mercury Rising
4:15p Crackers
5:50p Silver City
8:00p Last Dance
9:50p Mercury Rising
11:45p Rising Sun
2:00a Buddy Boy
3:50a Last Dance
5:40a Matt Helm in The Wrecking Crew
Thursday, 112
7:30a Medusa's Child 
10:35a The Corruptor
12:30p Stephen King's Cujo
2:10p Crimson Tide
4:10p Blade: Trinity
6:10p Damien: Omen, part 2
8:00p The Corruptor
10:00p Crimson Tide
12:00a Cujo (story by Stephen King)
1:35a Blade: Trinity
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E44)
4:00a Hitchcock's Vertigo (good to the last drop)
Friday, 113
6:20a Throw Momma From the Train (another silver streak)
7:50a Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor 
10:50a After The Fox
12:40p Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
2:20p Matt Helm in Murderers' Row
4:15p Throw Momma From the Train
5:45p Vertigo
8:00p Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor 
11:05p Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
12:40a Throw Momma From the Train
2:15a After The Fox
4:00a Body Double
Saturday, 114
6:00a On The Beach
8:20a Shadows And Fog
9:50a Cellular
11:30a Dead End
1:00p Hostage
3:00p The Haunted
4:35p Heavenly Creatures
6:20p Cellular
8:00p Hostage
10:00p Dead End
11:30p The Haunted
1:05a Cellular
2:40a Scarecrow Gone Wild
4:10a Hostage
Sunday, 115
6:10a The Harder They Fall
8:00a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
9:40a Johnny Mnemonic
11:20a Hear No Evil
1:00p Playing God
2:40p Gone Dark
4:05p Rising Sun
6:20p Hear No Evil
8:00p Johnny Mnemonic
9:40p Layer Cake
11:30p Playing God
1:10a Rising Sun
3:30a Layer Cake
5:20a Sherlock Holmes In New York
Monday, 116
7:05a Dead By Sunset 
10:15a Nadine
11:45a The Cosby Mysteries
1:20p River's Edge
3:10p Damien: Omen II
5:00p Dead By Sunset 
8:10p Other Voices
10:00p Wild Things 3
11:30p River's Edge
1:10a Nadine
2:35a Damien: Omen II
4:30a Wild Things 3
Tuesday, 117
6:00a To Kill A Cop 
9:15a Crackers
10:50a Crimson Tide
12:50p Silver City
3:00p Birth
4:45p Cujo
6:20p Austin Powers: International...
8:00p Crimson Tide
10:00p Birth
11:45p Silver City
2:00a RoboCop 2
4:50a Hart To Hart: Secrets Of The...
Wednesday, 118
6:30a Spy Hard
8:00a Crimes And Misdemeanors
9:50a Dracula: Dead And Loving It (Mel Brooks, Leslie Nielsen, from a story by Bram Stoker)
11:30a Cellular
1:05p Shattered
2:45p Blade: Trinity
4:40p Loose Cannons
6:20p Child's Play 3
8:00p Shattered
9:45p Cellular
11:30p Blade: Trinity
1:30a The Secret Agent
3:10a Rodentz
4:45a Cellular
Thursday, 119
6:20a Terror By Night
7:30a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
9:10a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
10:45a American Gun
12:20p Rising Sun
2:40p Playing God
4:20p Hear No Evil
6:05p Mary Reilly
8:00p Rising Sun
10:15p American Gun
11:50p Layer Cake
1:40a Justice
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E45)
4:00a Hitchcock's Topaz
Friday, 1110
6:10a Still Crazy Like A Fox
7:45a Hanky Panky
9:40a Terminal Velocity
11:30a Flowers In the Attic
1:10p The Advocate's Devil
2:50p Still Crazy Like A Fox
4:30p Stormy Weathers
6:05p Hanky Panky
8:00p Flowers In the Attic
9:35p Terminal Velocity
11:20p The Advocate's Devil
1:00a Stormy Weathers
2:40a Cover Girls
4:00a Last Dance
5:50a Flowers In the Attic (grandma's got kids locked in the attic)
Saturday, 1111
7:30a Hitchcock's Torn Curtain (1966)
9:40a Encore Cinenews (E45)
10:05a The Corruptor
12:00p Nadine
1:30p Austin Powers: International...
3:05p Cujo (Stephen King's rabid family dog story) 
4:45p River's Edge
6:30p Nadine
8:00p The Corruptor
10:00p Cujo
11:35p Night Of The Living Dead (original 1968 version)
1:15a Wild Things 3
2:45a The Corruptor
4:40a The Last Obsession
Sunday, 1112
6:20a Encore Cinenews (E46)
6:45a The Visitation
8:30a Scorpio
10:30a Silver City
12:40p Mercury Rising (Bruce Willis vs. government assassins)
2:35p Blade: Trinity
4:30p The King Of New York
6:15p The Visitation
8:00p Silver City
10:15p Blade: Trinity
12:15a Mercury Rising
2:10a Other Voices
4:00a Blade: Trinity
Monday, 1113
6:00a Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (stay out of the crazy lady's dark old house)
7:40a Encore Cinenews (E46)
8:10a Medusa's Child 
11:20a Shadows And Fog
12:50p Heavenly Creatures
2:35p Crimson Tide
4:35p Mary Reilly (1996, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde's maid thinks something strange is going on)
6:30p Leviathan (don't go in the mysterious sunken ship)
8:15p Heavenly Creatures
10:00p Body Double
12:00a Crimson Tide
2:00a Buddy Boy
3:50a Boxcar Bertha
5:20a Shadows And Fog
Tuesday, 1114
6:50a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All (1989)
8:30a Cellular
10:05a American Gun
11:40a Playing God
1:20p Gone Dark
2:50p Cellular
4:30p Damien: Omen, part II
6:20p American Gun
8:00p The Hole (stay out of the old WW2 bunker)
9:45p Playing God
11:30p Cellular
1:10a Walk On Water
3:00a The Hole
4:50a Hitchcock's Topaz
Wednesday, 1115
7:00a Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (Mike Myers comedy)
8:35a Darkness
10:05a Hear No Evil
11:45a Birth
1:30p River's Edge
3:15p Darkness
4:45p Austin Powers: International...
6:20p The Haunted (1991, demons in the house)
8:00p River's Edge
9:45p Birth
11:30p Hear No Evil
1:10a Darkness
2:40a The Haunted
4:15a The Art Of Dying
Thursday, 1116
6:00a Detour To Terror
7:45a Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor (2000)
10:50a Throw Momma From the Train (another Silver Streak)
12:20p Johnny Mnemonic
2:00p Flowers In the Attic
3:35p Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor 
6:35p Dead End
8:00p Johnny Mnemonic
9:40p Last Dance
11:30p Wild Things 3
1:00a Dead End
2:30a Scarecrow Gone Wild
4:00a Menendez: A Killing In Beverly Hills (1994)
Friday, 1117
7:10a Shadows And Fog
8:40a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Me Murder You (1983)
10:20a Crimes And Misdemeanors
12:05p Hart To Hart: Secrets Of The Hart (1995)
1:35p Crackers
3:10p Menendez: A Killing In Beverly...
6:20p Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
8:00p Shadows And Fog
9:30p Crimes And Misdemeanors
11:20p Crackers
1:00a Crowned And Dangerous
2:30a Shadows And Fog
4:00a The Secret Agent (1996) by Joseph Conrad
5:35a Terror By Night (1946, Sherlock Holmes)
Saturday, 1118
6:40a Crackers
8:15a Dead By Sunset 
11:30a Shattered
1:15p Ghost In The Machine
3:00p Damien: Omen, part II
4:50p Playing God
6:30p Shattered
8:10p Layer Cake
10:00p Damien: Omen, part II
11:50p Ghost In The Machine
1:30a The Hole
3:15a Layer Cake
5:05a The Paradine Case
Sunday, 1119
7:05a Hitchcock's Vertigo
9:20a The Haunted
11:00a Crimson Tide
1:00p Cellular
2:40p Heavenly Creatures
4:30p The Haunted
6:05p Single White Female (Bridget Fonda vs. psycho roommate)
8:00p Cellular
9:40p Crimson Tide
11:40p Heavenly Creatures
1:30a Single White Female
3:20a The Last Obsession
5:05a Cellular
Monday, 1120
6:45a Encore Cinenews (E47)
7:15a Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor 
10:20a Spy Hard
11:50a Birth
1:35p The Corruptor
3:30p Hear No Evil
5:10p Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor 
8:15p Birth
10:00p The King Of New York
11:50p The Corruptor
1:45a Justice
3:35a Spy Hard
5:05a The Harder They Fall
Tuesday, 1121
7:00a Crimes And Misdemeanors
8:50a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Me Murder You (1983)
10:35a Blade: Trinity
12:35p River's Edge
2:20p Rising Sun (Sean Connery vs. Japanese killers)
4:35p Darkness
6:10p Crimes And Misdemeanors
8:00p Blade: Trinity
10:00p Rising Sun
12:15a The Secret Agent
2:00a Wild Things 3
3:30a Blade: Trinity
5:30a Terror By Night
Wednesday, 1122
6:35a The Squeeze
8:20a Shamus
10:05a Gone Dark
11:30a Playing God
1:10p Cujo (Stephen King)
2:50p Terminal Velocity
4:40p Mary Reilly
6:35p Gone Dark
8:00p Cujo
9:40p Playing God
11:20p Terminal Velocity
1:05a Heavenly Creatures
2:50a The Big Heat
4:30a Cujo
Thursday, 1123
6:10a The Visitation
8:00a The Haunted
9:35a Nadine
11:05a Silver City
1:20p The Visitation
3:05p Cellular
4:40p Shattered
6:20p Loose Cannons
8:00p Silver City
10:15p Cellular
11:50p The Visitation
1:35a Body Double
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E47)
4:00a Nadine
5:30a Sudden Terror: The Hijacking Of School Bus 17 (1996)
Friday, 1124
7:10a Medusa's Child 
10:20a Dracula: Dead And Loving It
12:00p Austin Powers: International...
1:35p Sudden Terror: The Hijacking Of...
3:10p The Cosby Mysteries (1994)
4:45p Medusa's Child 
8:00p Austin Powers: International...
9:35p Spy Hard
11:05p Dracula: Dead And Loving It
12:40a The Cosby Mysteries
2:20a Austin Powers: International...
4:00a Buddy Boy
5:50a Spy Hard
Saturday, 1125
7:15a Hart To Hart: Secrets Of The...
8:45a Encore Cinenews (E47)
9:15a Flowers In the Attic
10:50a Rising Sun
1:05p Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead (1995 cult classic)
3:05p Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor 
6:05p Johnny Mnemonic
7:45p Rising Sun
10:00p Child's Play 3
11:30p Rodentz
1:10a Things To Do In Denver When...
3:15a Johnny Mnemonic
5:00a Family Plot
Sunday, 1126
7:10a Matt Helm in Murderers' Row
9:05a Terminal Velocity
10:50a The Corruptor
12:50p Birth
2:35p River's Edge
4:20p Terminal Velocity
6:05p Mary Reilly
8:00p Birth
9:45p The Corruptor
11:40p River's Edge
1:20a The Hole
3:05a Birth
4:50a Squirm (Mystery Science Theater 3000's attack of the killer worms)
Monday, 1127
6:30a Cover Girls
7:50a Crackers
9:30a Darkness
11:00a Cujo
12:35p The Return Of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1986, Stacy Keach)
2:10p Cellular
3:45p Gone Dark
5:10p Darkness
6:45p Cujo
8:20p Cellular
10:00p Layer Cake
11:50p The Secret Agent
1:30a Last Dance
3:20a Layer Cake
5:10a Matt Helm in The Wrecking Crew
Tuesday, 1128
7:00a Shadows And Fog
8:35a Dracula: Dead And Loving It
10:10a Hear No Evil
11:50a The Haunted
1:30p Shattered
3:15p Dead By Sunset 
6:30p Shadows And Fog
8:00p Hear No Evil
9:40p Shattered
11:20p The Haunted
1:00a Body Double
3:00a Other Voices
4:50a A Killing Affair
Wednesday, 1129
6:30a The Advocate's Devil
8:00a The Visitation
9:45a Dead End
11:10a Johnny Mnemonic
12:50p Crimson Tide
2:50p Damien: Omen, part II
4:45p Menendez: A Killing In Beverly Hills
8:00p Dead End
9:30p The Visitation
11:15p Johnny Mnemonic
1:00a Wild Things 3
2:30a Walk On Water
4:15a Hart To Hart: Secrets Of The...
5:50a Madigan
Thursday, 1130
7:40a Austin Powers: International...
9:10a Hitchcock's Vertigo
11:20a Crimes And Misdemeanors
1:10p Heavenly Creatures
2:50p Leviathan
4:35p Birth
6:20p Ghost In The Machine
8:00p Heavenly Creatures
9:45p The King Of New York
11:30p Birth
1:15a The Falcon And The Snowman
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E48)
4:00a Detour To Terror
5:45a The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case
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