Getting Worse

Author: Karahkwa


Size: 2k (maybe less)

Date: 20 February 2001

Codes: ?/?

Summary: Iíve had this dialogue floating in my head for a while. But it doesnít fit with any of my fics. I know itís two men, but I couldnít tell you who. WARNING: itís a little depressing.


Scene: A darkened room. Two voices almost whispering but clearly male.

Youíre pushing me away.

I have to.

Why? Whatís wrong?

I donít know.

Say something. Tell me something.

I feel like Iím not me right now. Although, I donít know who me is, either.


I donít care about anything right now. Not my work. Not my friends. Not our relationship. And not even me. IóI donít want to lose you but I canít ask you to stay with me when I canít tell you whoíll youíll be with.


No. It really is better this way.

Is it?

It has to be. It canít get worse.

I think it just did.

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