bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh

By Karahkwa Ross

Codes: TNG W/R

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All things Trek belong to Paramount. The situation is all mine and no copyright infringement is meant.


Note: This story is set some time between the episodes “New Ground” and “First Born.”

Worf strode down the corridor. Anyone in his way quickly stepped out of it. One look at the Klingon said that he was even angrier than normal.

And why shouldn’t he be? His son had set off an explosion in one of the science labs and that had lead to an overload of a power coupling which shut off power to the holodecks, Sick bay, and half the crew quarters. Power had long since been restored and all the necessary reports filed. The entire incident was all taken care of. Except for punishment which Worf was more than willing to dispense.

Oh, was that boy in for it.

Of course that was once Worf found him. Alexander had left his comm badge in their quarters and was now who knew where. And the longer his father had to search the madder he got at the boy.

Of course, no one was going to try to get in the middle of the little family feud. They were liable to get their bodies torn into pieces. That didn’t stop several crewmembers from hiding or warning the boy, however.

Commander William Riker was among those who had helped the boy. He’d gone off duty while Worf was searching and had been using Holodeck Two when Alexander had rushed in. He’d hid the boy in the scenery and told his father he hadn’t seen him. Then they’d talked.

“Alexander, you know your father just getting madder because you’re hiding. It’s not very Klingon.”

Alexander had nodded. “I know. I just don’t want him to do it, that’s all.”

“It?” Will wasn’t sure how Worf would punish the boy but Alexander seemed to have a very clear idea in his mind.

“He’s going to send me away. To that Klingon school. I don’t want to leave the Enterprise.”

Smiling the commander put his arm around the boy. “He might not send you away.”

Alexander shook his head. “He told me if I got into trouble again, he’d put me on the first transport.”

“I’m sure he didn’t mean that, Alex. Worf loves you.”

“Then why does he want to send me away?”

“He doesn’t. He’s just wants you to be raised right and he’s not sure he’s capable of doing that.”

Alexander looked down at his hands. “I think it’s time I faced my punishment.”

He obviously wasn’t looking forward to it. Will couldn’t blame him so he offered, “Want me to go with you?”

The boy just nodded and took his hand as they headed for Worf’s quarters.

Worf was waiting when Will and Alexander walked into the room. There wasn’t a doubt in the commander’s mind that Alexander had been right to dread his punishment but not necessarily for the reasons he had.

“Where was he, Commander?” The man’s tone was even but harsh. If he hadn’t seen serving in Star Fleet for so many years, Will would have winced at that sound.

“He came into the holodeck and hid. He was there when you were only I didn’t know.”

“Thank you for bringing him back. Is there anything else, Commander?”

Alexander tightened his hold on Will’s hand. “Actually, I promised Alexander I’d stay until he asked me to leave.” Worf growled and the hair on the back of his neck stood up.

Will stood his ground. Which was quite a feat actually. He’d decided a long time ago to never let an angry Klingon get that close to him. But he was going to help Alexander.

Worf must have recognized his determination because his next statement was directed at his son. “Alexander. Why did you run from punishment?”

The boy didn’t speak but took a step back and sort of behind Will.

“Running because of fear is not honorable. You knew you would be punished and you ran. Are you really that dishonorable?”

“No, Father.”

“Then why did you run?”

“I- I don’t know.”

Worf’s jaw worked. Will could see he was very angry and trying not to let his anger get out of hand.

“Alexander, would you go into the other room while I talk to your father?” The boy shot through the door and had it shut behind him in seconds.

“Commander, do-“

“Alexander thinks you’re going to send him away and he doesn’t want to leave.”

“He’ll do as I say.”

“Worf, he’s a little boy. So he made a mistake-“

Worf snarled and stepped closer to the commander. Will’s instinct had him backing up as the other man growled, “Do not tell me how to raise my son.”

Will’s back hit the wall and he froze. The Klingon man was right in his face but he refused to show him any more fear. “He’s scared. You can’t fault him for that.”

“He’s Klingon.”

Worf growled again and Will wondered briefly if he’d make it out of these quarters alive. But then he noticed that the other man’s eyes were focused on his mouth and that his stance was less threatening. He didn’t know how to take that so he continued speaking.

“You lost your father when you were very young. You know what it’s like to grow up without one. Do you really want Alexander to know that too?”

Worf made some sort of sound low in his throat. Will couldn’t place it but he stood stock-still just to make sure if it was a warning of some kind.

Nothing could have surprised Will more than the soft, almost delicate kiss Worf gave him. The whispered words that came along with them were just as shocking, “I love it when you get aggressive…”

Will was completely still during the first few kisses. He didn’t know what to do. Worf had never…

All of his thoughts were completely thrown out the window when Worf growled and crushed him in such an intense kiss that Will couldn’t help but kiss him back. He was tentative at first but as Worf gradually got less aggressive, his confidence grew. Soon Will was the one completely in charge of the kiss.

Worf pulled away for a moment and Will nearly whimpered at the lost. He was dragged across the room and rather unceremoniously dropped on the couch.


The young boy came into the room slowly. It took Will a moment to remember that the child was why he was here in the first place.

“Alexander, I’d like you to go visit Counselor Troi. I am still considering your punishment but I need to talk to the Commander in private.”

“Yes, Father.”

The boy was gone in a flash and in the same amount of time, Worf was once again kissing Will. The next few minutes were a blur to both of them, but Will soon found himself on the bed beneath the Klingon.

Any pretense that Will was the aggressive one were thrown out the view port was Worf proceeded to strip the commander while kissing him so deeply he was sure the younger man would take his tonsils out for him.

It wasn’t long before Will was flat on his back with two hundred pounds of growling, aroused, and naked Klingon on top of him. He was barely able to breathe in the short spaces he was given between kisses and startling caress.

Worf may have been wild with desire but he was also the gentlest lover. He didn’t scratch or pinch or bit hard enough to leave marks or draw blood. If he weren’t in such a frenzy, Will would have thought he was getting ready for a night of long slow lovemaking.

Only it wasn’t slow.

After he was sure Will was as turned on as he could get, Worf rolled him onto his stomach. He grabbed an old oil lamp from beside the bed and poured some into Will as he eased his fingers in.

Will gasped at the feel of the two blunt fingers pushing in with a minimal amount of lube. Still, the moment the fingers brushed his prostate, he didn’t care one bit. He was in heaven. He sighed to let his lover know and pushed back onto the fingers.

Worf added another finger for a few moments. He twisted them around to make sure that Will was as stretched out as could be with that quick of prep. The older man groaned and moaned with pleasure from every touch he received. He was absolutely wild by the time Worf removed his fingers and was ready for the next part.

Worf pulled him up to his knees and elbows. After a few seconds of anticipation, Worf pressed into him. One hard stroke had him buried to the root.

“Oh dear God!” Will cried out at the feel of Worf inside of him. He’d never felt anything so…

Before the thought could be finished, Worf started moving and the sensations rolling through the commander forced all thoughts away. All he could do was feel and, oh, was it worth feeling. He’d never in his life be able to describe how it felt to be made love to by Worf.

It wasn’t nearly as rough as he’d expected. If not for the desperation in their movements, it would have been like that of a couple that had been together forever and knew just how to please each other.

As it was, a few minutes later both of them were screaming with pleasure as they climaxed together.

Will collapsed onto the bed with Worf plastered on top of him. It was several moments before either one of them could even feel their extremities, much less move them.

“Mmm,” Will moaned as Worf finally rolled to his side. “Can’t wait until the next time Alexander gets into trouble.”

The End

Author’s Note: The title, bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh, is Klingon for “Surrender or Die.” I sort of felt it fit with Will’s demeanor when he first entered Worf’s quarters with Alexander.

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