Untroubled Paradise

by Karahkwa Ross

Codes: ST Voy C/K

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager belongs to Paramount. I claim ownership to only the ideas behind the “Unloved” Series. No copyright infringement is intended.

Summary: Eleventh in the “Unloved” Series. Children often put a damper on parents’ sex-life. How do Harry and Chakotay deal with this very problem?


Chakotay sat on his couch and threw his head back against the cushions. Not even double shifts were as tiring as taking care of twins. Min and Chayton were three months old now and no longer sleeping eighteen hours a day.

Chakotay had also just gone back to active duty. He had been doing crew evaluations but that had been from his quarters.

What was worse was he and Harry were on different shifts. Harry was on alpha shift and Chakotay was commanding delta. This meant they only had beta shift together. Only they were usually too tired to do much more than sleep and take care of the twins.

At least they got to sleep in each other’s arms.

**Bree Bop.**

Chakotay lifted his head and called out softly, “Enter.”

He smiled as B’Elanna and Roberto Torres came through the door. Tuvok and B’Elanna were on the same schedule as he and Harry.

“Hey. Twins asleep?”

“Yep. You can put Roberto down with them. I put them in the same crib.”

“All right.”

B’Elanna disappeared down a short hall and returned a few moments later.

“Still sleeping like angels?”

“How did you and Harry get so lucky? They’re so well behaved.”

“Well, they’re not a quarter Klingon.”

“He’s half-Vulcan, though.”

Chakotay smiled and cocked his head to the side. “Don’t know what to tell you.”

B’Elanna sighed. “You know, I don’t know how you and Harry do it. I mean, Tuvok and I have enough problems with Roberto and our work. But you and Harry have two babies, work, and you still have time for each other.”

Chakotay sighed. “Not enough.”

“Trouble in paradise?”

Shifting, he shook his head. “No. Nothing like that. It’s just we’re so tired at the end of the day that we… um…”

“You mean you haven’t… since the twins were born.”

“Before that. It was terribly uncomfortable the last few months.”

“So it’s been five months?”

“Closer to six.”

“Chakotay! You’re kidding! You couldn’t tell. I mean neither of you seems…”

“We’ve been too tired.”

“Well, I’m shocked. Tuvok didn’t even wait that long.”

Chakotay grimace. “Thanks, B’Elanna.”

B’Elanna sighed. “Sorry. Didn’t mean it that way. When’s your next day off together?”

“Two weeks.”

The engineer shook her head. “That’s too long.”

“I know.” **Sigh.**

“So, Tuvok and I’ll care for the twins for a whole day, so you’ll be able to sleep off shift and have a whole shift to be… romantic.”

Chakotay chewed on his lower lip. “That does sound nice-“

“Then it’s settled!”

“I don’t know. We’ve never been away from the twins that long.”

“Chakotay, you sound like you don’t trust Tuvok and me.”

“I don’t think I’d trust anyone. Have you or Tuvok been away from Roberto that long?”


“Would you be comfortable if we watched him for a whole day?”


“Then you understand.”

B’Elanna smiled. “Well, talk it over with Harry and I’ll talk to Tuvok.”

“All right.”


Harry slid into bed next to Chakotay. He slid his arms around his waist and snuggled close. “How was your day?”

“Mmm, long. How was yours?”


Chakotay sighed and snuggled closer. “B’Elanna made an interesting offer today.”

“Oh yeah?”

“She offered to take the twins for a whole day.”

Harry pulled away. “Why?”

“So we could be romantic. We got to talking and…”

Harry sat up. “You told her?”

“It just… I didn’t mean to. I mean, it just came out and I didn’t…”

Harry stopped Chakotay’s words with a kiss. “That’s okay. So do you really think that we need a romantic evening?”

“Well, we have been a little…”

Harry smiled and leaned over Chakotay’s body. “Well, let’s see what we can do about that.”

Chakotay raised his head to meet Harry half way for a kiss. He moaned as his husband’s tongue slid against his lips. He opened his lips and caught the offending member. He bit down softly and then sucked gently.

Harry moaned and slid his hands down the front of his chest. He tweaked each nipple gently before lightly tickling Chakotay’s mid-section to get him to release his tongue.

“In a hurry, are we?”

“Been too long, Harry. Too long.”

Harry smiled and kissed him softly. “I know, Cha.”

They kissed for several moments before Harry’s hands went back to work. They slid to his shoulders. Gently, he began relearning all of Chakotay’s hot spots.

Harry caressed the curves of his collarbones. Then those magical hands slid down to circle his nipples before pinching slightly.

Chakotay moaned and arched his back into the touch. He broke the kiss to take several deep breaths.

Harry grinned at his lover. One of the things he most loved about Chakotay was how intensely he felt things. He slid his hand down to rub the silk clad skin of Chakotay’s flank.

He moved his mouth to lick along the tendons in the beautiful throat. Harry drug his tongue nearer to that little hot spot on the back of his neck. He teased along the edge but never quite touched just *there*.

“Har… don’t tease.”

He chuckled against his ear. “I thought you liked it… playful?”

What he got in response was a suddenly fierce kiss. It was rare for Chakotay to take the initiative like that, only when he was extremely into the moment. They broke apart panting for breath.

“Not now. Miss you. *Need* you.”

Harry pulled back and looked at Chakotay’s face. “You’ve been thinking about this as much as I have.”

Chakotay smiled. “I’ve wanted you everyday for six months. What do you think?” He punctuated the question with a roll of his hips that answered the questions all on it’s own.

“I think I’d better not keep you waiting much longer.” Harry leaned down to kiss him.

Chakotay’s breath caught. Harry’s lips were only centimeters… millimeters away. He could all but taste that sweet tongue-

**Bree Bop.**

Harry groaned and rested his forehead against Chakotay’s. “Just ignore them. They’ll go away if we just ignore them.”

**Bree Bop.**
**Bree Bop.**

Chakotay sighed and started to pull away. He really didn’t want to leave the bed but obviously it was important if they were interrupting his sleeping time.

“Cha, don’t go. They’ll leave.”

**Bree Bop.**
**Bree Bop.**
**Bree Bop.**
**Bree Bop.**

“Harry, if we don’t get it the kids will wake up.”

Sighing, the younger man rolled to the side. Chakotay hurried from the bed and grabbed his robe. He donned the garment as he crossed to the door.

**Bree Bop.**

Chakotay keyed the door opened before their visitor could hit the chime again. He smiled at the sight of Greg Ayala. “Hi, Greg.”

“Hey, Chakotay. I hate to wake you but Gerron’s been driving me insane.”

Chakotay frowned. “Is something wrong?”

“No. He just wants me to return all the stuff we’ve borrowed from you.” Greg pointed to a small chest. “This is the smallest load Ger would let me bring.”

“Oh. Well, sure. Set it right by the door here. Could you wait until gamma shift to bring more?”

Greg slid the chest into the space by the door Chakotay had indicated. “Sure. Sleep well.”

Shaking his head at his friends’ craziness, Chakotay turned back toward the bedroom. But before he got very far across the room, he stopped. He was up; he might as well check on the kids so that way they wouldn’t interrupt them later.

He turned and silently slid into the babies’ room. He smiled as he saw that Min was curled around the little teddy bear Harry had bought for her. Chayton was uncovered and his eyes were wide open.

“Hey, babe,” Chakotay whispered. He moved the blankets over his little body. “You gonna go back to sleep for me?” He rubbed the little belly for a few minutes as the little boy’s eyes began to droop. After a few minutes he stopped and the eyes stayed closed. “Sleep well, angels,” he whispered as he headed back out of the room.

Chakotay smiled as he walked slowly across the living room. While he really hated to be interrupted, he wouldn’t give up these midnight trips for anything.

He stepped into the bedroom and froze. Harry wasn’t in the bed. His psuedo-satin pajama pants lay on the floor near the bathroom door. Cocking his head, he caught the sound of the shower running.

Chakotay sighed. He was somewhat disappointed that their fun was over, but he did have a shift coming up. Starting for the bed, the thought of having clothes on the floor stopped him.

He snatched the pants of the floor, and sighed again, thinking about the feel of the clothe on his legs. He squirmed slightly. Harry probably wasn’t in the mood anymore, anyway.

He stepped into the bathroom, surprised there was no steam. He looked up as he draped the pants over the towel rack. Harry was just emerging. Water beaded over his body.

Chakotay gulped, noticing that Harry definitely was still in the mood. A moment later, a cold wet body pushed his own against the wall, firmly but gently. Hands touched him like a starving man would a side of beef.

“Whoever said a cold shower works is a liar.”

It didn’t take long before they were both panting and desperately aroused. Every touch seemed to burn on Chakotay’s skin. All thoughts of just going to bed had been burned away under the heat of Harry’s mouth and hands.

Chakotay’s hand fell from Harry’s back to the sink. His finger’s fumbled until they happened upon a tube of “Desitin” teetering on the end.

He shoved it into Harry’s hand, moaning, “Now. Now. No more waiting.”

“Cha, the bed would b-” Harry’s words fell away as the synthetic silk boxers he’s given Chakotay for their anniversary fell to reveal two things: an aching arousal and a __fine__ ass.

Harry’s hand reached out and caressed the curve of that ass as Chakotay moved to stand with his feet spread and his hands bracing him against the wall. The way the older man pushed back against the caress told him this wouldn’t be a long bout of lovemaking.

He opened the baby ointment and slicked two fingers. Slowly he slid the two fingers along the crease between those beautiful cheeks. His fingers soon settled on his opening and began spreading the lube.

After a few moments, Harry slicked his fingers again and this time slid them both into Chakotay. His lover hissed and he froze. “Too much.”

“It’s been so long…”

Harry looked over Chakotay’s shoulder to see he was now throbbing in time with his rapid heartbeat. There was also the fine glistening of the pre-cum oozing from the end of that magnificent cock.

Harry hurriedly finished preparing his husband. He knew Chakotay was much too responsive to take much teasing at this point. Finally, he slid his fingers from Cha’s body and slicked up his own arousal.

Gently, he pressed into his love. However, Chakotay thrust back hard impaling himself. He cried out. Harry tried to pull back, thinking it was too much too soon.

Chakotay hands left the wall and grabbed Harry’s butt. “Don’t leave me. You feel so good.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

Chakotay moaned. “Feels good.” Without moving his hands, he began slowly rocking his hips. Harry moaned and began moving counter to Chakotay’s movements, making each thrust deeper and more intense for the both of them.

Despite their long bout of celibacy, neither seemed to be in a hurry. How long they simply rocked together, they couldn’t say. All they could say was that eventually, Harry began moving a little differently, changing both the pace and the angle of his thrusts. Chakotay moaned and returned his hands to the wall. He used them for leverage so he could push back into Harry’s movements.

Soon they were pounding against one another. Their movements were erratic, crazed, but nonetheless filled with love. In fact, as pleasure ceased them both it was “I love you” that they each cried out.

After a few moments, Harry recovered enough to pull away. He cleaned up his obviously drained husband. Moments later, they were both back in their pajamas and their bed.

Chakotay opened his eyes to see Harry smiling down at him. He smiled back and stretched up to steal a kiss.

“Mmm. I can’t believe we waited so long.”

“Yeah.” Harry ducked his head almost shyly.


Harry looked up and blushed. “You were amazing, Cha. I love you.”

“Love you, too.” Chakotay smiled and snuggled closer. As Harry wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer, he knew. This was a paradise, an untroubled paradise.

The End

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