Unquestioning Acceptance

By Karahkwa Ross

Codes: ST VOY C/K

Disclaimer: All things Trek belong to Paramount. This situation is purely my own. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: Sequel to “Uninterrupted Sleep,” “Unwanted Memories,” “Unrealistic Dreams,” “Unanswered Wishes,” and “Unforgettable Lessons.” Janeway’s birthday party plus a little time alone for Harry and Chakotay.


Harry Kim sighed. He and Chakotay were supposed to go to Captain Janeway’s birthday party in a few minutes. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get his collar to lay right. It was frustrating.

“Hey, Harry, what’s taking so long?” Chakotay stuck his head around the corner.

“I can’t get this to look right.”

Chakotay shook his head and walked over in front of Harry. With three tugs, he had the collar looking perfect.

“Thanks, Cha.” He ran his eyes up and down his lover. “You look good tonight. Are you sure we have to go?” He ran his hand up and down Chakotay’s shirtfront.

Chakotay smiled and caught Harry’s hand. “We have to go. Besides, everyone heard about our little black-tie excursion. They want to see if we look as good as Tom and B’Elanna said.”

Harry smiled. “I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get you all to myself.”

Chakotay’s dimples flash. “How about we come home early?”

“Sound good, Cha.”


Kathryn smiled. It may be her party but she definitely wasn’t the center of attention.

It was okay, though. Who really wanted everyone reminding them of their old age? And besides, Harry and Chakotay were a handsome couple.

Their white-white shirts and their green vests sharpened their dark coloring. They were smiling and it brightened both of them up. Happy could be very sexy on men.

And it was obvious that Chakotay and Harry were happy together.

“They look good together.”

She looked over at the speaker. Tom Paris had the oddest look on his face. Almost as if he couldn’t really believe what he was seeing.

“They do.”

“Harry has never looked so happy.”

“Nor Chakotay. It’s nice to see someone look so happy.”

Tom nodded. They looked at the dancing couple for a moment. Then he smiled. “But we can’t let them be the only ones. Dance with me, Captain.”

“Love to.”


Harry wrapped Chakotay in his arms. They swayed back and forth to the music. They smiled at the other couples that were swirling around them.

“You know, you’re the most handsome man here.”

“Nope. You are.”

Chakotay blushed at Harry’s response. He hated how he could make him blush. At least with his coloring he just looked a little flushed.

“You look so good when you blush. You get this pleased little look in your eyes and you’re dimples come out.”

“Harry, stop.”

He smiled. “Don’t you like compliments?” He ran his hand down his back and he cupped his butt.


His hand moved back up and then settled in the small of his back. He smiled and then pressed a kiss to the side of Chakotay’s neck.

“You said you’d let me take you home early.”

“Kathryn hasn’t even cut her cake yet. Nor has she opened our gifts yet.”


“Another hour. I promise.”

Harry twisted his face and then smiled. “Okay. I’ll try to be good.”

Chakotay smiled back and then pressed his face into Harry’s neck. “Well, you don’t have to be completely good.”


B’Elanna laughed as Tom twirled Kathryn around and around. Tuvok would never dance with her. Harry used to before Chakotay.

It bummed her out some times. But Chakotay and Harry were her best friends. She could see how well they fit together. She couldn’t begrudge them their happiness.

Her eyes found the two of them in the middle of the crowd. Chakotay looked flushed which meant he was blushing. She hadn’t seen him blush since the time his brother had come to their sect. It was kinda cute.

But B’Elanna’s attention was drawn away from the couple. There on the other side of the room, a group of men was talk. One man, his back turned so B’Elanna couldn’t see who it was, was gesturing wildly. Considering the rest of the group was ex-Maquis, whoever was talking probably was as well. However, B’Elanna couldn’t tell who it was.

All of the men were smiling so it must be a great story they were being told. Maybe she should check it out. She sneaked up on the group. She stayed just to where she could hear them but they couldn’t tell she could overhear.

“I mean I can’t believe Chakotay and Harry are together.”

B’Elanna’s breath caught. They were talking about Chakotay behind his back? He was their Captain for goodness sake.

“What? Because Dorvan is like the center of anti-gayness? I think they look good together.”

“I agree. But you do realize what this means?”

“No what?”

“Chakotay can’t go back to Dorvan. Even if they’ve reclaimed it, he can’t go back. The tribe will never accept it.”


“He must really love Harry to give up the home he was fighting for.”

Before anything else was said, before she could cut in, a hand fell on her shoulder. She spun around to find Joe Carey. “Wanna dance, Lieutenant?”


Chakotay smiled at Harry. The man was incorrigible. He’d decided that he wasn’t going to be eating any cake, or so he’d told Neelix. However, the man had managed to eat more than half of Chakotay’s by feeding him with his fingers.

He still didn’t know how they were both clean when Harry finished but they were. Besides, he was just going to have to lick that bit of frosting off Harry’s nose.


Tuvok watched the commander and ensign from the corner where he and B’Elanna were sitting. He knew his wife approved of the couple so he was inclined to tolerate them.

However, they were an enigma to him. Vulcans mated for biological reasons. Pon Farr and procreation were the main ones. But humans were likely to add in emotional reasons. This was understandable to him. They were emotional creatures and they did still have the same basic biological urges.

At least heterosexual couples did. Homosexual couples could not procreate. This made their union one based purely on emotion.

And that was something the Vulcan could not understand.


Harry smiled at Chakotay and gestured over at Tom and Jenny Delany. “They look good together.”

Chakotay looked that way and couldn’t help nodding. People really were pairing up. It had originally what had brought Harry to his door and he was grateful but at the same time, it meant that more people had emotional involvement, which could be a disaster, if the crew started thinking with their hearts and not their heads in a crisis situation.

Chakotay sighed and looked around the room. He was making note of the couples when he felt a hand touch his cheek.

“What’s wrong?”


“You look worried, Commander.”

Chakotay smiled. Of course, Harry would know that he was thinking of work. “I’m just trying to figure out if any of the couples here could be potentially dangerous to the crew and if I need to make any adjustments in the schedules so that they are working different shifts.”

“Are you going to do that with us?”

“I don’t know. I mean we both know that our first priority is to the ship, but… who says that in a crisis, I’m not going to make an order that will let you be safe and not for the good of the crew.”

“Do you honestly think that’ll happen?”

“I don’t know. I’m aware of the possibility, so it’s probably less likely to happen. But still…”

Chakotay’s sentence was halted by a shadow falling across the table. Both men looked up to see B’Elanna smiling down at them.

“You two have much too serious looks on your faces. This is a party, relax. Chakotay, you’re dancing with me. And Harry, Tom’s all by himself.”

Before either could protest, Harry was shoved at Tom and Chakotay was gliding across the dance floor with a Klingon on his arm.

B’Elanna smiled as Chakotay twirled her around before they fell into the slow dance. “You’re getting really good at this. You been practicing with Harry?”

“Yeah. He’s so graceful. I didn’t want to seem like a klutz next to him.”

“You too look happy together.”

“We are.”

“Enough to give up your home for?”

Chakotay stopped for a split second before dancing again. “Where did you hear that?”

“Huritt Rowtag.”

Chakotay nodded. Huritt Rowtag was the only member of the Maquis that had been from Dorvan. They’d never really seen eye-to-eye on anything.

“What else did he say?”

B’Elanna looked unhappy as she remembered the conversation she had overheard. “That he thought you and Harry look good together. And that you must really love Harry.”


Harry smiled as he sat down with Tom. “How’s it going?”

“Good, but not as good as things with you and the commander. You two look so good together. I think everyone has agreed. But is it true?”

“We are happy together,” Harry answered not really knowing what Tom was asking about. Even so, his grin went from ear to ear.

“No, not that; anyone with eyes can see that. I meant what I’ve been hearing about Chakotay’s tribe. About him being kicked out for dating you.”

Harry’s face paled, or as close as it could. He’d known Chakotay’s people considered their type of relationship taboo, but he hadn’t realized it was quite that restricted. His eyes flew to his lover. He might not have said it, but there was no doubt that his Cha loved him.


Harry slid his arm around Chakotay’s waist. All of those attending the party were seated around the captain as she opened her gifts. Harry was sitting as close to Chakotay as was possible.

Chakotay smiled. Harry acted so lovingly sometimes. Little touches meant the world to them both. They leaned their heads together as Kathryn lifted the first package.

Harry’s eyes lit up as he noticed that it was Chakotay’s gift. If they were lucky, they might be able so sneak away soon.

Kathryn ripped through the bright paper. Chakotay had been dropping hints as to what he had gotten her for weeks and she still had no clue.

She looked at the box. What was “Mr. Coffee”?

“It’s a coffee maker, Captain. You put ground beans in the font part and water in the back and it brews you coffee.”

“Oh. That’s sweet, Chakotay, but we don’t have ground coffee beans.”

Harry smiled. “If you’ll open my gift, ma’am, you might change your mind about the Commander’s.”

Smiling, Janeway look the matching box and opened it as well. Inside were four metal cans. Their labels read “Folder’s,” “Maxwell House,” “Chock Full O’ Nuts,” and “Hills Brothers.” She looked up expectantly.

“These were the most popular brands of coffee. I thought you could try them and then we could get you more of the kind you liked. They each come with a scoop so you get the right amount of grounds.”

Kathryn smiled. “Thank you. This was very thoughtful.”

The Doctor cleared his throat. “As I understand coffee makers, you can also make tea if you use the leaves instead of the grounds. I’m sure you could find much more information on them in the computer.”

“I’ll have to do that. Thank you both.”


It took just over an hour and a half before Chakotay and Harry were able to sneak out of the party. They’d sat through the rest of the gifts and then Tom and B’Elanna had both claimed a dance. Ayala had cut in and somehow, Harry and Chakotay had gotten passed to almost ever crew member at the party for a least some part of a dance. It had been a lot of fun.

But nothing was better than sneaking off for home and spending some time alone.

Harry was surprised when Chakotay pulled his hand away from his in the turbolift. They always held hands when off duty.


“I think I want to spend tonight alone.”

Harry stared at Chakotay for a moment. He couldn’t believe it. They hadn’t been lovers that long but since they’d started dating they’d spent nearly every night together and since becoming lovers there hadn’t been a night they were apart. But Chakotay had a very determined look on his face.


“I want to be alone.”

Harry sighed. Talking to Chakotay when he didn’t want to was like conversing with an airlock. So he decided not to beat around the bush. “Is it because of the rumors that are going around about you having to leave your tribe if anyone from there finds out?”

Chakotay jerked but his voice was calm as he said, “Can’t I want to be alone? Does there have to be a reason?”

Harry knew he’d hit a nerve. Chakotay must have just heard the rumors and had been hoping Harry hadn’t. Well if that was how his lover was going to play it, Harry would just have to fight dirty. He gradually backed Chakotay up to the wall and pressed his body against his. His voice was low and intense. “What is it, Cha? Are you starting to get too close? Starting to feel too much? Afraid I’ll leave and you’ll be left with a broken heart and no home to go to?”

Chakotay’s jaw clenched. Another direct hit.

“I’m not going anywhere, Chakotay. I wore this suit tonight to tell everyone on this ship that you belong to me and I belong to you. I love you. I’m not leaving. Now, as for spending tonight alone? No way. You promised to let me I could have my way with you and I’m going to. But if you need time to meditate, think about this, or whatever, I’ll leave you alone tomorrow night.”

Chakotay looked into his lover’s eyes. He could see love and passion there. Harry had understood all that he’d been feeling tonight and yet he was still there, still wanted to be there in the future.

He nodded slowly and took Harry’s hand. Harry smiled and pressed a soft kiss to Chakotay’s lips. They both wanted more but the turbolift had stopped at their desk.

Chakotay leads Harry down the hall. No one passes them so no one sees the look in the commander’s eyes. It’s one of near total despair.

Once in his quarters, Chakotay turns his every thought to kissing Harry. He doesn’t want to think about all the things that had made him doubt this relationship. He couldn’t get enough of Harry. He pulled on his clothes, his lover’s clothes as he angled them towards the bedroom door.

Harry groaned as Chakotay pushed his tongue into his mouth. Chakotay had never been the aggressor in any of their encounters. It was exciting.

Harry finally broke kiss, long enough to pant “Cha?”

“Need you. Need you so badly.”

Harry was sent into sensory overload for the next few moments. Chakotay kissed, touched, stroked everything. It seemed like he had a hundred hands and dozens of frenzied lips.

It was only when Chakotay broke their contact to push him naked onto the bed that Harry was able to even think. By then he was so hot and hard that all he could do was watch his lover strip off his remaining clothes and grab the lube from the bedside drawer.

Chakotay knelt on the bed beside Harry and leaned down to kiss him. Harry’s hands twined in his hair. That sweet mouth was completely addictive. He wanted more and more.

Chakotay groaned softly and Harry reluctantly broke the kiss. He gazed down his lover’s body and gasped when he saw what was making Chakotay moan. He was preparing himself.

Sometime during that kiss Chakotay had managed to get two lube-covered fingers up his ass and was now adding a third.

Of all the things Chakotay had done, this was by far the sexiest.

“Cha...” Harry’s voice was husky with passion.

Chakotay’s eyes opened and there was something in them that Harry couldn’t name. “Shh... Just lie back. I’ll do every thing.”

Harry wanted to shake his head, wanted to say no, but something in those eyes stopped him. Chakotay needed to do whatever it was that he was going to do.

Harry reached up and pulled Chakotay in for another kiss. He was careful to let Chakotay set the pace. He was wrapped up in that kiss that he missed his lover moving to straddle him.

He didn’t miss anything else though. Chakotay broke the kiss at the same time as he slowly lowered himself onto Harry’s cock. His head fell forward but he made eye contact with Harry.

Slowly, Chakotay rocked back and forth, providing them each with a little friction. But soon he was moving more, getting short little thrusts. Harry pushed up into each thrust but somehow it through off Chakotay’s rhythm. So he settled back and let his lover do the work.

Chakotay moved slowly, working towards the goal of fully fucking himself on Harry. Finally he was raising and lowering his hips so that just the tip remained at the top of each stroke and he was completely filled when he sunk down on Harry.

After a few moments of this, he started to pick up the pace. Slightly at first but soon there was no pause in the motion. He was raising back up before he had really stopped going down.

Then suddenly Chakotay groaned and froze. His head fell back and he broke eye contact for the first time as he squeezed his eyes shut. Harry realized that he must have hit his prostate for the first time.

Harry looked at his lover. The position of his body screamed his pleasure as surely as his near silent moans. His face was flushed, he eyes were shut, his nipples were erect, his cook was weeping and twitching.

Chakotay had never looked more beautiful. Harry still couldn’t believe he was his. His body clamored to take over, to take his lover until there were no others, not even in his memory. But Cha had wanted to do this and he wasn’t about to-

“Harry, please.”

That was all he needed. He grabbed Chakotay’s hips and began thrusting as hard as he could. He brought his knees up and planted his feet to get better leverage as he drove upward.

Chakotay groaned and his hands came forward to rest on the bed. He pressed down to meet Harry’s thrust but otherwise he was totally passive. His gasps and moans of pleasure, though, were enough to fire Harry’s blood and cause him to thrust harder and faster.

Chakotay’s back arched and his arms shook. His mouth opened in a silent scream as he came all over Harry’s stomach and chest.

The contractions Chakotay’s orgasm made Harry groan. It felt wonderful, but it was too much for him and he thrust once more, twice, a third time. With a strangled “Cha!” he came deep inside his lover.

As the last of Harry’s seed entered his body, Chakotay’s arms gave out and he collapsed onto Harry. Neither man moved for a long while, even when Harry softened enough to slip out of his lover.

Chakotay finally found the strength to raise his head from Harry’s chest. He smiled at the dazed look on his face. But the smile was whisked away on a gasp as Harry’s eyes open.

There, in those eyes…

Suddenly he knew. Harry loved him and his acceptance was unquestioning.

The End (for now)

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