Uninterrupted Sleep

By Karahkwa Ross

Codes: ST Voy, C/K

Disclaimer: All things Trek belong to Paramount. The situations are purely my own and I mean no copyright violation.

Summary: A late night discovery leads to a dream come true.


Ensigns Harry Kim and Tom Paris sat in Sandrine’s. The holographic bar was their favorite hang out. They’d talk to the holocharacters and the other crewmembers that stumbled in. They never missed a bit of Voyager’s gossip.

So it was in Sandrine’s where young Harry learned a few things about himself and his first-officer.


Commander Chakotay slowly walked down the corridor. He’d just come off a double shift that had left him feeling stiff and sore. All he wanted was a hot shower and twenty-four hours of uninterrupted sleep.

The first part he knew he could have but the other… He’d be lucky to get five hours before he was called to do something. It was days like today that made him hate the Delta Quadrant. Couldn’t the universe just leave Voyager alone long enough for him to catch up on his sleep?

Chakotay sighed as he entered his cabin. He could skip the shower and get another half an hour of sleep. It wouldn’t help his muscles or joints any but his mind needed to sleep.

That damn Starfleet regulation bed never felt so good…


Harry and Tom had been in Sandrine’s for little over an hour when a whole group of ex-Maquis came in. They seemed in a jovial mood although both men knew that a real celebration couldn’t take place without Chakotay.

They were proven wrong when Ken Dalby got up on the bar and hollered for everyone’s attention. “Since Chakotay can’t be here to kick off this party in style, the duty falls to me. The Maquis have something to celebrate tonight and we want all of Voyager to know and share in our joy. Finally, after much prodding from many of us, including me, Greg Ayala and Gerron are engaged!”

Harry clapped along with the rest of the assembled crew. Gerron and Ayala were two of the more popular people aboard. Greg had a very outgoing personality and he seemed to genuinely listen to people when they spoke. Gerron was quiet and shy and nearly everyone considered him their little brother. They were a good match.

After about half an hour of partying, Harry found himself seated next to Greg. Tom was dancing with Gerron and totally embarrassing the younger man. As they both laughed, the ensign was struck by how lucky some people were. Greg and Gerron, Tuvok and B’Elanna, Henley, Lang, and Vorik, they all had these wonderful relationships that fulfilled them. Harry… Well, Harry has trouble with relationships.

“You’re a lucky man, Greg.”

“Yeah, I am. Gerron’s the best. He’s even worth giving up Chakotay for.”

_Chakotay? I didn’t know he was gay._ “I, uh, didn’t know you two were… together.”

“Oh, we’re not really. See, on the commander’s home world same sex relationships aren’t allowed. So he generally doesn’t… well, you know. But once in a while, he can’t stop himself and my oh my…”

Harry was stunned. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Harry, have I shocked you? Didn’t want to think about Chakotay in those context?”

“No. It’s just… I mean, he’s never seemed…”

“He’s never seemed interested in anyone but the Captain and not even her in quite a while. Yeah, I know. It’s… If I tell you something, you won’t tell anyone, right? You won’t even tell the commander that you know?”

Harry nodded. He had no idea was he was getting into but…

“Chakotay figured out that he was gay when he was a kid but before he ever had a real chance to find out what it was like, he started hearing the rhetoric about how it was wrong. So he suppressed, hell, still suppresses his needs in that area. That’s part of the reason I think he hooked up with Seska. She was nearly as forceful as a man.”

“So how do you come in? Were you his first or something?”

“Me? No. I think he had a relationship with one of the men on the _Gettysburg_. But I’m pretty sure I was his second or third. At least in the way of serious relationships. I found out myself when one night I saw him… propositioning a man. None of the Maquis but me and Torres ever knew this, but Chakotay would sell himself to men. It was the only way he could get himself to… He could convince himself that that cell needed the money and that’s why he was doing it. Not for himself.”

Harry nodded. He had learned more tonight than he ever thought he would.

“You don’t think less of the commander, do you?”

“No. I’m just a little surprised, I guess. I just can’t picture him…”

“I know. Can I ask you not to mention it? Not even Tom. I… Chakotay’s a good friend and I hope I haven’t betrayed his trust by telling you this.”

“You haven’t, Greg. Now, I suggest you get your fiancé out of Tom’s arms before Tom decides to steal him away.”

Greg smiled and then went to cut in on Tom. Tom ended up dancing with Dalby so Harry was awarded a few moments to take in what he’d heard. This gave whole new meaning to several of Harry’s favorite daydreams.

Waving at Tom, the young ensign left the Holodeck. He had some thinking to do and he could do that best just walking around alone…


Chakotay looked around the bridge and knew he was dreaming. Not only was the place nearly deserted but also he was naked. As was, he noticed, the only other person there, Ensign Kim.

Yep, this was a dream. This was actually one of Chakotay’s favorite fantasies.

Unfortunately, it was also one that he hated.

He might be able to imagine himself and Harry alone but he couldn’t imagine Harry completely naked. The damn man would stay behind his station throughout out the whole dream.

Chakotay had seen more of the younger man’s body at the resort than he would in his dream.

Chakotay sighed.

“Something the matter, Commander?”


In divergence with the normal dream, Harry stepped away from his post and came down to sit in Tom’s pilot chair. “Now, you’ve never been a very good liar, Chakotay. How about you tell me the truth? No one’s here. Only you and me.”

“Harry, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?” Harry rose and walked towards the command chair. He leaned over him. “Afraid I may do something about your problem?”

He leaned in closer and just as their lips were about to meet...


Chakotay sat up and then sighed. _Oh, for a night of uninterrupted sleep._

“Enter,” he called out as he rose and donned his robe.


Chakotay froze in the middle of the room. It was Harry...

“Just a minute, Ensign.”

Taking a calming breath, he went to face the object of his fantasies.

“I’m sorry to wake you, Commander, but...”

Chakotay shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, Ensign. Now what can I do for you?”

Harry looked down at his hands and the look of embarrassment that crossed his face told Chakotay it would be a long night.

“Would you like anything? A cup of tea, maybe?”


“Have a seat.”

Chakotay had a reputation as a counselor. He was sure that was why Harry was here.

“So,” he said as he handed the younger man his cup. “What brings you here, tonight?”

“Ayala and Gerron. I was at their party tonight. And...”

Chakotay nodded. He’d been asked to it by Dalby but had declined knowing he’d be tired after his double shift.

“They’re a great couple, aren’t they?”

“Yeah. They’re so happy.”

“And that bothers you?”

Harry looked away and blushed. “I just... Everyone’s settling down and they’re all so happy. I’m not just talking about Greg and Gerron. There’s Tuvok and B’Elanna and Vorik, Henley, and Lang.”

“Not to mention Powell and Golwat and...”

“Yeah, well, it started me thinking and I... well, I was hoping you could give me some advice.”

Chakotay nodded slightly. “If I can, Harry.”

“Well, I’m thinking that maybe I should settle down. And I kind of, well, I have some one in mind only...”

“You’re here for advice on your love life?” Chakotay groaned to himself. “You’re asking the wrong person, Harry. I have just as much bad luck with relationships as you do.”

“Well, yeah, but see... Ayala said... and I need advice about men.”

Chakotay closed his eyes. “What did Ayala say?” he asked tersely.

“Just that you and he... sometimes...” Harry blushed.

Chakotay relaxed instantly. Of course, he had no way of knowing that Harry was blushing because he was a horrible liar. He did, however, let the subject drop and returned to the original conversation. “All right. So this man you have your eye on, do you know if he likes men?”

“Well, I... just recently I found out that he does. But I don’t know how to proceed.”

“Is he seeing anyone?”


“Then I suggest the direct approach. Just ask him.”

“Just say ‘I’m really attracted to you. Would you care to go out with me?’”

“Well, maybe just start with the last part and see where that goes.”

Harry nodded. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

_I’m not telling you about me and Ayala or anyone else._ “I may not answer but you can ask.”

“Would you care to go out with me?”

Chakotay jerked in his seat. He couldn’t believe... “Me? You want me?”

Harry nodded and didn’t look at him. “Just tell me if you want me to leave.”

Chakotay couldn’t believe his ears. Harry wanted him. Thought that they could have something serious. It was his hidden fantasy come true. He reached down and pinched his thigh.

_This is real..._

“I guess I should leave, huh?”

“No, no. Don’t leave. We haven’t set our date yet.”

Harry smiled and glanced up. His eyes were shining and Chakotay could see how excited and happy he was. “How about tomorrow night?”

Chakotay smiled back. “That’s fine, Harry.”

“About 1830, my place?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Harry smiled and patted the couch next to him. Chakotay moved slowly to the spot he’d indicated. His shy little smile faltered a little.

“I should tell you... Greg and I weren’t all that serious. It’s been quite a while since I’ve...”

Harry reached over and took Chakotay’s hands. “Chakotay, Greg said that not everyone on Dorvan is all right with same sex relationships.”

Watching the younger man’s thumb rubbing circles on his skin, it suddenly didn’t really matter to Chakotay. He simply shrugged and brought Harry’s hand up to his lips.

The young man shivered. And then slid his arms around Chakotay. “Would it be too forward to ask for a first kiss before the first date?”

Chakotay answered by leaning forward and lightly pressing his lips to Harry’s. He brushed those beautiful lips once, twice, a third time. Then the younger man growled and captured his lips.

Harry had never felt anything as wonderful as Chakotay’s lips. They were soft and smooth and when they parted he was rewarded with the most wonderful taste. It was more sweet and pleasing than chocolate but as strong as Neelix’s pepper sauce.

The first tentative touch of Chakotay’s tongue to his own was like touching an open plasma manifold. His entire body felt the power surge through him.

Harry released the commander’s lips to take a much-needed breath and Chakotay made the most of it. He slid his open mouth across the younger man’s cheek and nibbled gently on his ear. When a low moan passed Harry’s lips, he moved down his lover’s neck caressing the column of muscles.

Chakotay stopped when Harry’s shirt got in his road. He instead pressed a kiss to the pulse point that was beating so furiously beside his cheek.

Harry whimpered. That was the only way the older man could describe the sound. Chakotay barely had time to process that thought, when he found himself flat on his back.

Harry buried his face in Chakotay’s neck. For a long moment he simply breathed in his lover’s scent. Then he proceeded to mark the other man with a hickey.

When the mark was sufficiently large and just the right shade, Harry worked his way back up to Chakotay’s mouth. If they’d thought the first kiss was hot, the second was an inferno.

Chakotay pulled away and took a deep breath. “Would you mind if we stopped here for tonight?” He sounded somewhat hesitant to ask.

Harry smiled softy. “Sure. I can’t ask you to go any farther before our first date.” He then cleared his throat. “I should go.”

Chakotay grabbed a hold of Harry’s hand. “Would… would you stay with me tonight? I know I said…”

“I don’t want to be alone tonight either. So do you have some pajamas I can borrow for tonight?”

Ten minutes later, Harry climbed into bed beside Chakotay. For a few tense moments, they lay side by side. Then the older man rolled over and cuddled up. Harry responded by wrapping his arms around his companion.

Harry sighed and relaxed. Within moments, he was asleep.

Chakotay tightened his hold on Harry’s waist and rubbed his face against his chest. As he drifted off to sleep, he was never so happy to not have a night of uninterrupted sleep.

The End

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