Unforgettable Lessons

By Karahkwa Ross

Codes: ST VOY C/K

Disclaimer: All things Trek belong to Paramount. This situation is purely my own. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: Sequel to “Uninterrupted Sleep,” “Unwanted Memories,” “Unrealistic Dreams,” and “Unanswered Wishes.” This is the continuation of the date in “UW.”

WARNING: Watch for falling Cliches. Oh, and finally SOMETHING happens.

Note: Once again thanks Ty and Yelsha for beta-ing of me. You’re the best. Any remaining mistakes are mine. Dedicated to Amiroq and to my sister Maloki for taking dictation.


Historic street lamps lit the sidewalk. A woman in high heels crossed the cobblestone street in front of Chakotay and Harry. She smiled at them and said “Good evening, guys. Big date?”

They nodded in unison. As soon as she was past, Harry murmured, “What is this?”

Chakotay pulled them to a stop. They stepped back into an empty doorway. Harry looked up into the half-shadowed face before him. “This is a recreation of my hometown. Do you like it?”

Harry smiled and leaned in to kiss Chakotay on the lips. “I thought they didn’t like relationships like ours.”

“So I did some creative editing. Come on. We’ll be late for our reservation at Sam’s.”

They hurried on down the street and then entered the only lit doorway in the town. The switch from half-darkness to the bright light made Harry and Chakotay both blink for a moment.

When their eyes did adjust, Harry gasped. The entryway may have been brightly lit but the dining room was dim with candles burning on every table. The décor vaguely reminded Harry of an Italian restaurant that he had seen in one of Tom’s old vids.

He was too stunned to do more than silently follow Chakotay and the waiter to a secluded corner. There was only two tables in their area and the other table was unoccupied. They were separated from the holo-characters by a small divider and three potted plants.

“More creative editing?”

“Nope. Sam’s really does look like this. His great-great-great-grandmother was Italian and they handed the recipe down the generations. Of course, Sam and his family have done some creative editing on the recipes to adapt them to Dorvan vegetables and animals.”

Harry nodded and smiled at the young man who poured them some wine. He was surprised then the man left without giving them menus.

“What no menus?”

“Actually I only have enough credits for one of Sam’s entrées. Sorry but I’m having eggplant and you’re having chicken parmesan.”

“Eggplant?” Harry’s eye brows raised. “I didn’t know they had that on Dorvan.”

“They don’t. My grandfather brought it to Dorvan. He loved the stuff and so do I. In fact my family supplies Sam with his eggplant.”

Harry nodded. “Maybe if Sam’s is still open, we can go to the real one when we get back to the Alpha Quadrant.”

Chakotay’s smile faltered a bit. “I don’t think it will be, Harry. And even if it were, we probably wouldn’t be welcome on Dorvan. I told you, this version has some creative editing.”

Harry shrugged. “So let’s enjoy this one.”


Chakotay smiled as Harry licked his fork off. They’d ended up feeding each other. It had started out innocently, or seemingly innocently. Harry had asked to taste his eggplant and then it had developed into more.

He was glad he’d programmed the restaurant staff to give them privacy. Otherwise, he would have been embarrassed.

“This was great, Cha.”

“Yeah. And the night is still young.”

“You mean there’s more?”

Chakotay nodded. “Your choice.”


“Dessert. Dancing. Or we go back to our quarters.”

Harry’s lips pursed. He sighed. “Decisions, decisions. I haven’t danced with you yet, so… Let’s do that.”

Chakotay smiled. “Okay.”

He held his hand out to Harry and led him out of the restaurant. Once they were on the street, Chakotay grinned. “Computer change program to Chakotay4Harry2.”

The dimly lit street disappeared and in its place, a glistening waterfront appeared. Harry turned in circles and took in the scene. Then he laughed. Through his chuckles he got enough breath to ask, “The Riviera, Cha?”

“Best dancing I know anywhere. What are you in the mood for?”

Harry looked down the way. He took in the clubs, with their booming music on the right. On the left were the older, traditional looking dance halls. He looked back to the right and saw a group of what looked like cadets on leave.

“I think we’re a little over dressed for anywhere down there. Maybe next time.”

Taking Chakotay’s hand, he walked to the left and looked in window after window at swirling couples. The musician in him listened to the waltzes and foxtrots. He smiled. His Cha was a true romantic.

“All this detail must have taken a lot of time,” He murmured as he stepped onto the stoop of his choice, a discrete little establishment.

Chakotay just smiled. Then, he leaned forward to softly kiss Harry’s lips. “You’re worth it.”

Harry smiled and pulled him in for another kiss. When he finally released him, they were both breathless. They simply held on to each other for a moment before Harry finally pulled them through the door.

They stepped into another dimly lit room. This one boasted a mahogany bar along the right wall and a matching stage along the far wall. The drummer, keyboardist, guitarist, and singer on the stage were playing to a small group, only about ten couples.

The left wall boasted a series of small alcoves with tables and other places to sit out a dance or two. The tables were covered with forest green or maroon cloths that exactly match the checkerboard pattern of the tiled floor.

Harry turned around to smile at Chakotay and noticed the front windows. The street had been too dark to see them. The mountains, a rose garden, and a beach filled the three large windows. Combined with the crystal chandeliers that hung gracefully from the ceiling, the whole place was soft and romantic.

Chakotay smiled at Harry’s look of awe. He’d almost forgotten how great this place had looked. This had been one of his favorites but he’d assumed that Harry would pick somewhere more noticeable.

“Would you like a drink or a dance first?”


Chakotay lead the way to the bar and got them both a glass of synthetic champagne. Harry looked around as he took a sip. It was great tasting stuff for synthahol.

“Cha, this place is amazing.”

“And you haven’t even danced yet.”

Harry laughed. “You did a great job on the program.”

Chakotay blushed and then pressed a kiss to Harry’s cheek. The song ended and the band began to play a slow dance.

“Dance with me.”

Harry and Chakotay walked to the center of the room hand in hand. Then Harry wrapped his arms around Chakotay and pulled in close. The other man responded by returning the favor.

They were pressed together from shoulders to knees as they swayed to the soft music. Neither paid any attention to the song or the crowd around them. They were so caught up in each other that when the music changed to a faster song, they didn’t even know it.

Harry slowly slid his hands up and down Chakotay’s back. The action earned him a moan and a head buried in the crook of his neck. They stayed that way for a while before Harry could feel Chakotay’s arousal pressing against his belly.

“You wanna get outta here?”

“Mmmm. I have another program if you’d like.”

Harry smiled. “How long do you have the holodeck for?”

“All night. Shall we run Chakotay4Harry3?”



Harry smiled as he found himself on a nighttime beach. Cha really was a romantic. The full moon made the dunes simmer. The stars glimmered on the water.

“Where are we now?”

“Ranse 5.”

Chakotay took Harry’s hand and lead him along the beach. They walked slowly, taking in the sounds of the water and the view of the stars on the water. Soon however, they came to a blanket.


“Yeah, Harry.”

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

Chakotay flashed his dimples. “Do I have really have to try?”

“No. That is my job.” Harry grinned as he pushed Chakotay down onto the blanket. Soon, they were locked in a passionate kiss that left them breathless.

Chakotay pulled away for a moment. He smiled as he skimmed his hand down Harry’s front. His hand slid to the vest buttons and undid them one at a time. Then he pushed the jacket and vest off his shoulders. His hands ran up his arms and across to the neck of Harry’s shirt. As Chakotay undid each button, he pressed a kiss to his lover’s lips.

Chakotay pushed the shirt off and reached for the button of Harry’s pants. But his hands were stopped just shy of their goal.

“My turn.”

Harry’s hand reached the lapels of the jacket. He pushed it off Chakotay’s shoulders. He leaned forward to kiss his lover. As he did so, he undid the first three buttons of the shirt. Then his hands slid to the waistband of the pants. His lips dipped down to place kisses on his neck and the part of his chest that was exposed as he pulled the tail of Chakotay’s shirt out. He pulled back and then pulled both shirt and vest over his head and off.

Chakotay laughed and pressed himself against Harry. Despite the warm breeze coming off the ocean, his skin was hot to the touch.

Their lips met and after a moment Chakotay’s lips parted to let Harry’s tongue play with his own. They tangled over and over again. Each touch was more amazing then the last.

Finally, Harry pulled away. He gazed into the dark eyes of his lover and smiled. “How about we go on to what’s next?”

Chakotay smiled back and reached for the button of Harry’s pants. This time he was allowed to undo the single button and slide the zipper down. His hands moved around the waist to the back where he pushed them off and down.

Harry raised himself off his side and was soon lying there in nothing but a pair of white briefs. Chakotay smiled. “Standard issue?”

“Well, if I’d known we were finally going to show each other our underwear, I would have replicated something a little sexier.”

Chakotay kissed Harry’s lips and ran his hand over the front of his briefs. “Believe me, these are sexy enough as it is.”

Harry smiled. “So what have you got?” He reached for the button and undid it and the zipper. He ran his hands around to Chakotay’s backside and then slid his hands inside.


“What?” Chakotay did his best to keep his face innocent-looking but it was a little hard to do that with two hands on his bare butt.

Harry chuckled. He squeezed the flesh beneath his hands and then pushed the pants down. He smiled as Chakotay rolled over to lie on his back. The man was so sexy there in just his bare skin.

Harry run his right hand down Chakotay’s front and left his hand on his thigh just inches away from his hard-on. He then rolled over so that he was covering Chakotay’s chest. He pressed kisses to his lips and down to the pulse point at the base of his throat.

Chakotay wrapped his arms around Harry and did his best to touch every part of his lover that he could reach. He sighed when Harry moved to cover his body with his own. The feel of the fabric of his underwear against his privates was almost too much for him.

“Mmm. Harry. I think… you’re a little over dressed here.”

Harry grinned. And slid farther between Chakotay’s legs. He tongued each one of his nipples. Then he slid farther down to tease his navel with his tongue.

“Har. Har. Harry.”

Harry’s head raised. “Yes, Cha?”

“Come up here and kiss me.”

Harry grinned. He moved up Chakotay’s body and pressed a soft his to his lips. He started to move downward again but Chakotay growled and grabbed his head. He pulled Harry closer as he did is best to lodge his tongue down his throat. He reached down and pushed his briefs off.

Harry moaned then slowly nibbled his way down Chakotay’s chest. Again, his tongue played in the other man’s belly-button. The playful in and out motion, prompted Chakotay to order the computer to generate some lube.

Chakotay smacked the side of Harry’s head lightly with it. Harry smiled and reached over to flip the lid on the tube. Chakotay smiled back and spread his legs a little bit more.

Harry pulled back. “Are you sure, Cha? There is other things we could do. We don’t have to…”

“Harry, I’ve wanted you for years. Make love to me.”

He began slowly. First, he teasingly rubbed the skin of Chakotay’s inner-thigh. With a slight motion, he urged him to bend his knees and lift his hips. Squeezing some lube onto his fingers, he took advantage of the position to begin to prepare his lover. This, too, he did slowly, drawing moans and threats of retribution from Chakotay.

Finally, he stopped. He smiled hugely into his lover’s face. “You are so much fun to tease.”

“Well, stop it before you drive me crazy.”

He chuckled as he prepared himself. “How do you want to do this?”

“Just like this.”

Harry nodded and lifted Chakotay’s ankles to his shoulders. He smiled and carefully pressed into him. He paused after entering the entire way to let Chakotay adjust. He looked down into Chakotay’s face and gasped.

His Cha’s eyes were shut but not tightly. He was smiling and when he finally opened his eyes, there was no denying the look of joy in them. He reached up and stroked his face.

Harry began to move, slowly at first, using Chakotay’s face as a guide of when to change his thrusts. He’d just reached a relatively fast pace when he hit Chakotay’s prostate for the first time.

Chakotay’s back arched as pleasure exploded behind his eyes. He squeezed his eyes and clenched his teeth. He wanted to wait for Harry. But the next thrust was just too much for him and his body seemed to explode with pleasure.

Harry watched the pleasure spread across his lover’s face. But then he felt his muscles tighten around him and the pleasure was racing through him as well. He cried out Chakotay’s name before collapsing.

Chakotay regained enough to slide his legs down into a slightly more comfortable position and wrap his arms around Harry. He’d learned that there were a right and wrong way to cuddle. Some of the most rewarding lessons are unforgettable.

The End (for now)

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