Uncelebrated Days

By Karahkwa Ross

Rating: NC-17

Codes: C/K

Summary: Not all celebrations are on holidays.

Dedication: To my two great beta readers, Ty and Yelsha. Happy birthday, guys!


Chakotay glanced at the chronometer as he came out of the shower. His eyes bugged out slightly. He couldn’t have spent that much time in the shower, could he?

Well, it really didn’t matter. Either way, he was going to be late for his meeting with the Captain if he didn’t hurry.

He grabbed his uniform and shoes. He went into the main room so he wouldn’t wake Harry.

Harry had pulled a double shift for the last three days while they were making some repairs. Now that he had the day off, Chakotay wanted him to catch up on his sleep. He’d gotten Samantha Wildman to watch the twins for his shift.

Chakotay slid his shoes on and glanced once again at the clock. He had just enough time to grab the PADDs off the desk.

He headed across the room and groaned slightly. The desk was a mess. He didn’t remember it being that bad. Chakotay picked up a PADD and skimmed it. “Hands, hands, fingers, thumbs drum, drum, drumming on a drum…” He smiled. Harry loved reading Dr. Seuss to the twins.

Setting it aside he reached for another one. His eyes glanced at the text. “…dilithum consumption decreased…”

Chakotay sighed. __I don’t really have time to go through all of them.__ He grabbed the rest of the PADDs and headed for the door. He’d just have to sort them in the turbolift.

He hit the hallway at a trot. He was glancing through the PADDs and was organizing them when he saw it.

“Cha, today’s a special day. Figure it out by dinner and you get a prize. Love, Harry.”

His forehead wrinkled. The PADD dated messages so he knew Harry was talking about today. What could he be talking about?

It wasn’t their anniversary. It wasn’t any of their birthdays. What could it be?


Chakotay sighed as he headed out of the Captain’s ready room. The meeting had dragged on forever, but he couldn’t get Harry’s clue out of his mind.

It wasn’t the anniversary of their first date.

Nor their first kiss.

Not even the twin’s conception.

He shook his head and strode determinedly onto the bridge.


Harry stretched in bed and smiled. He was so glad to have been able to sleep in. He knew Chakotay had arranged it for him.

That’s why he’d wanted to make Chakotay’s evening special. Tom and B’Elanna were going to take the twins for a while so they could have some time together.

__I wonder if Cha’s figured it out yet.__ Harry smiled deviously. He was going to have to torture his husband.


Chakotay handed over the bridge to Tuvok and headed for the turbolift. He was going to spend the rest of the time before lunch working on some reports. But before that he had to use the restroom.

He stopped on the deck before his office and headed down the hall. He entered the bathroom and stepped into a stall. He was standing there as an idea hit him.

Was it the anniversary of the first time he and Harry had made love in the shower?



Harry walked into the mess hall hoping to see Chakotay. He was slightly disappointed when his husband was no where to be seen.

Sighing, he decided to spend some time with his best friends. He gathered up a tray and headed over to sit with Tom and B’Elanna.

“Hey, Har, where’s Chakotay?”

Harry smiled and sat down. “I don’t know. I was hoping to see him, but…” He shrugged and took a bite of his lunch.

“Is he looking forward to tonight?”

Harry grinned and leaned forward. “He doesn’t know, yet. I’m going to surprise him.”

Tom and B’Elanna shared a look and then smiled. “You gave him a hint, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Harry’s brow wrinkled. “Why?”

“That would explain why he was asking if any one knew of any holidays being today.”

Harry chuckled. “Good.”


Chakotay walked down the corridor at a pace that could only be called determined. He was trying to keep himself from thinking about Harry’s challenge but he was failing miserably. He’d always been curious and not knowing was driving him insane.

Pausing, he realized he’d taken a wrong turn somewhere. This was not the corridor that lead to his office. This was the corridor…

Chakotay smiled at the memory. Harry had walked him to his office one day after lunch. They’d walked down this very hall. And, for the first time in public, they’d held hands. It was simple thing but it had seemed monumental to them both at the time.

__What day was that? Is today the anniversary….__ His mind counted back and he sighed as he realized he was wrong again.

Shaking his head, he turned the right direction at the next intersection and was at his office door in moments.

__If only Harry didn’t have the day off, then I could grill him for hints.__

As he looked around his office he was reminded of the first day off Harry had had after their honeymoon. Chakotay had been knee-deep in crew evaluations and Harry’s brought him a covered tray of lunch so they could be together.

Chakotay eye’s lit up and he quickly called up Harry’s service record. Maybe that was the anniversary he was looking for…

“Nope,” he murmured dejectedly as he closed the file. “What could it be?”


Harry strolled down the corridor slowly. He’d walked Tom back to the bridge and then was going to get the twins from Sam Wildman.

He came to a junction between two hallways and stopped when he saw a group of people coming down the other way. He was waiting patiently for them to pass when he heard someone say Chakotay’s name.

He perked up and listened more closely.

“Did you see the commander at lunch?”

“I don’t think he ate a thing.”

“I’ve never seen him so distracted. I wonder what was on his mind.”

Harry grinned. He knew what was on his Cha’s mind.

And now he was going to have to mess with it.


Chakotay picked up the first PADD from his growing pile. It was a security report from Tuvok. Apparently, some drunken crewmen had somehow ended up spending the night in a set of unused quarters. All he had to do was approve the punishment.

Scanning to the end of the report, Chakotay grinned.

“For a similar infraction, Lieutenants Paris and Kim were fined three months replicator privileges. Since this incident did not included a member of the command staff or a command center, I suggest only a one month fine.”

Chakotay remembered the “similar infraction.” Harry and Tom had spent the night in his office after getting really drunk the night before their wedding.

Of course, neither had told him about it. Needless to say, it had been a pleasant surprise to see the report a few months later. He still thought it was very nice to of Tuvok to wait until the “honeymoon stage” of their marriage was over before punishing Harry.

In fact, that had to have been about a year before…

Before he could help himself, Chakotay was checking the date of the report. Unfortunately, the anniversary had all ready passed.

The commander sighed. With all his distractions, he wasn’t getting very many reports done. He’d have to work late tonight if he didn’t get his butt in gear.

He turned his attention back to the console and noticed a message flashing. It must have been there since before he’d come into the office because he didn’t recall the computer announcing the message.

But why hadn’t it been sent to the bridge when he’d been logged on to the console there?

The message opened effortlessly. After scanning the short note, Chakotay groaned and put his head down.

“Have you figured it out yet?”


“Computer open cultural database. Search for Korean holidays. Are there any occurring today?”


“How about Amerindian holidays?”


Chakotay frowned. He’d been sure if today wasn’t an anniversary of something then it had to be a holiday that one or both of them would celebrate.

“How many Earth holidays occur today?”



“Please restate request.”


Chakotay put away his last report and sighed. He’d finally managed to get some work done during the afternoon. However, he still hadn’t figured out Harry’s riddle.

He rolled his head and then leaned back against the chair. He just couldn’t figure it out. Harry would be displeased, he knew.

Sighing, he rose and headed for the door. Unless something came to him in the hallway or turbolift, he was just going to have to disappoint his husband.

Chakotay walked slowly toward the turbolift. As he waited for the doors to open, he tried to think of something he could have missed. He’d covered almost every major event in their relationship. He’d checked and knew this wasn’t a religious holiday for either of them.

The ‘lift doors opened and he walked through them. He smiled briefly at Tuvok and the Captain.

“Commander, will you and Harry be bringing the twins to the mess hall tonight?”

“I don’t think so, Captain. Harry said something about a dinner in tonight.”

Tuvok raised his eyebrow. It was obvious to him that the commander was unaware of Harry’s plans for the evening.

“I hope you have a good time, then, commander,” he commented as the ‘lift stopped on his deck.

“What did he mean by that?”

“I don’t know, Captain.”

They rode in silence until the turbolift stopped on the command deck. Janeway’s quarters were to the left and Chakotay’s were to the right.

“Well, do have fun tonight.”

“Thanks, Kathryn.”

Chakotay strolled slowly down the hallway. Since he wasn’t getting Harry’s “prize” at dinner maybe they would take the twins to the mess hall. They were such a hit with the crew that they could eat in peace when they did that.

Chakotay walked through the door and stopped in his tracks. Candles lighted the entire room. Harry had the table set with their china that Gregor and Gerron had given them at their wedding.


“Hi, Cha.”

Chakotay turned and saw Harry standing in their bedroom door. He was wearing what looked like a Vulcan robe.


Harry walked forward and wrapped his arms around Chakotay’s neck. He leaned in for a quick kiss. “Mmm. Did you figure it out?”

Chakotay snuck another kiss before answering. “No. I didn’t.”

“I didn’t think you would.” Harry grinned and kissed him again.

“You did this just to torment me?” Chakotay asked between kisses.

“Mmm hmm.”

They spent a few more minutes just kissing. Then Harry broke away. “Go change and I’ll get dinner ready.”

Chakotay went into the bedroom and found a similar robe on the bed. He slipped off his uniform and pulled the robe on. He had to admit the outfit was rather comfortable. He walked back into the living room.

Harry was carrying two covered trays to the table. He smiled at Cha and together they sat down.

“So where are the twins?” Chakotay asked as Harry poured two glasses of wine.

“Tom and B’Elanna are watching them. Then they’re gonna stay overnight with Tom.”

Chakotay’s brows lifted when Harry lifted the lid off the trays. It was his favorite meal: vegetarian chili, corn bread and lettuce salads.

“Harry, what is the occasion?”

“Today is Saint Christopher’s Day.”

Chakotay shared Harry’s smile but he had to ask. “Who?”

“Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. Who better for Voyager to celebrate?”

“Indeed.” Chakotay leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Harry’s lips.

“Eat before it gets cold. Then you can get your prize.”


“Cha, just eat. I promise you’ll like tonight.”

Chakotay gave him a searching look and then dished himself a big bowl of chili.

They ate in silence for several moments. Eventually comments of pleasure over the meal turned into light conversation that covered everything from the food to how they’d spent their days.

Finally the salad, soup, and bread were all gone. Harry let Chakotay help him clear the table and was sure to set the cleaner on gentle for their china.

Taking the wine and their glasses over to the couch, Chakotay settled into Harry’s arms for some snuggling.

“Mmm. I do like my prize.”

Harry grinned and pressed a gentle kiss to Chakotay’s temple. “This isn’t your prize. I just thought we should finish the wine.”

Chakotay pulled up a little and look at Harry. “Do I get any hints?”

“Nope. Just trust me, Cha. You’ll enjoy tonight.”

In silence, they drank the wine and caressed each other. Chakotay snuggled closer reveling in the freedom of not having the twins to worry about.

“You ready for your prize?”

“Mmm.” Chakotay pressed closer. “Do we get to stay close?”

Harry smiled. “Oh, yes, Cha; we’ll be close. Now, let me up so that I can go get it.”

Groaning for a moment, Cha sat up and waited for Harry to come back. After a few minutes, he got impatient. “Har?”

“Turn around, Cha. Kneel facing the back of the couch.”

Chakotay sighed and did as Harry requested. He waited for his husband to come back into the room. It was several moments before he realized he hadn’t heard another sound. He opened his mouth to call out again but all sound halted when his robe was lifted and a hot tongue pressed against the small of his back. He gasped and pushed back.

Harry chuckled and pulled back slightly. “Spread your legs some more, Cha.”

Chakotay did as bidden was rewarded with two hands parting his cheeks. That same hot tongue flicked out to caress the puckered opening that was found there. The embrace grew as Chakotay shifted and spread his legs even more. Soon, Harry was licking him for balls to ass.

“Mmm, Har…”

Harry grinned and pulled back. “Ready for your gift?”

“Harry, you’re gift enough.”

The soft statement earned him another stroke from that incredible tongue. “I love you, Cha. But I’m not your prize.”

Harry pressed kisses to the small of his husband’s back. As he licked and sucked on the area, he slid a greased item into Cha’s ass.

Chakotay stiffened slightly and his muscles clenched. “A butt plug?”

“You don’t like it?” Harry pulled back and Chakotay turned slightly to look at him.

“It’s not that. It’s… Do you really think we need…”

Harry smiled and kissed Chakotay’s lips. “No, we don’t need toys. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some. If you don’t like it, I’ll put it in the recycler.”

Harry reached up and pulled the plug part of the way out. As he did, he also twisted it.

“Shit!” Chakotay’s back arched as he pushed back against the plug. “What…?”

“It’s a combination butt plug and dildo. It switches from one to the other.” He demonstrated. “Do you want me to get rid of it?” Harry smiled as he saw his husband pressed back again.

“Well, we could at lease try it out for tonight.”

Harry grinned. “Well then, how about we get more comfortable?”

Within moments, the two men were laying naked face to face with Chakotay on top. Harry’s hands rested on the older man’s buttocks. They kneaded the muscles as well as twisted the “toy” switching it from butt plug to dildo and back again.


“You like?” Harry twisted faster.


“Talk to me, Cha.”

“Mmm. Love you… love you.” As he spoke, Chakotay shifted so that he was actually straddling his husband’s waist. He pushed back against the butt plug as much was he could while still rubbing against his lover.

“Love you, too,” Harry murmured as he pulled Chakotay’s head down for a kiss.

As the kiss grew deeper and deeper, Chakotay’s movement accelerated. Finally, he pulled back panting for breath.

To Harry he’d never looked more incredible. He face was flushed, his eyes wide and dark as sin. His expression showed pleasure and a bit of wavering control. Looking down his husband’s body, Harry could Chakotay was definitely enjoying their new toy.


“Need…mmm… Har.”

Harry couldn’t help but smirk. Chakotay only shortened his name when he was very aroused. In fact, the nickname was usually used when Cha was climaxing…

“Ready for more?”

Apparently, Chakotay wasn’t ready for more. He buried his face in Harry’s shoulder and shuddered his way through orgasm.

Moments later his head came up and he sighed. “I’m sorry, Harry.”

The younger man smiled. “I’m not. I’m glad you liked your prize.”

“But you…” Chakotay looked down between their body’s too see Harry’s remaining arousal.

“Who said I was done with you yet?”

Harry slid their toy out of his husband’s body. He flipped Chakotay over and settled between his legs. Gently, he pressed in.

“Mmm, Harry.”

Harry froze. He looked into Cha’s face but the closed eyes told him nothing. “Is this okay?”

“Yeah. Feels good, Harry.”

Smiling, he leaned down for a kiss as he continued moving. As he slid his tongue into Chakotay’s mouth, he felt the other man start to press against him for more. His thrusts increased in speed as his hands began to roam his husbands body.

Chakotay’s hands left the cushion they’d been clutching to stroke Harry’s back. As Harry started thrusting faster, those hands clenched the tight muscles of that butt. Neither lasted more than two thrusts after that, as usual.

Harry lifted his head a few minutes later. “Are you sorry now?”

Chakotay opened eyes a crack and smiled slightly. There was no denying the satisfaction in his voice as he spoke, “Nope.”


Chakotay stroked Harry’s arm. They were curled up on the couch after spending the rest of the evening cuddling and talking.

Eventually, although he was embarrassed, Chakotay finally admitted that Harry’s message had distracted him all day. “I just couldn’t figure it out and I thought of nearly everything,” he said before listing several of the things he had considered.

“You really thought of all those things, Cha?”

“I figured it was an anniversary of something. I just didn’t know what.”

Harry snuggled closer and kissed Chakotay softly. “I didn’t know our lives had so many uncelebrated days.”

The End

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