The Answer is in the Star
By Karahkwa
Rating: PG-13
Codes: DH/TA
Disclaimer: Andromeda and all things relating to her belong to Tribune Entertainment, Fireworks Entertainment, and the estate of Gene Roddenberry. No copyright infringement is intended. I make no money from this work.
Summary: Rommi does some matchmaking.


Tyr Anasazi stared out his window. The Andromeda Ascendant had spent the last three days traversing a major asteroid field. Stars could finally be seen again.

Of course, Tyr wasnít much for stargazing, usually.

Then again today was hardly usual. Dylan had nearly died at the hands of yet another pirate. What heíd been thinking when he willingly boarded that manís ship, well, Tyr would probably never know.

Why couldnít the man keep his butt out of trouble?

Although it was very fine assÖ

Tyr shook his head to try to clear the sexual thoughts that raced through his mind. Dylan was completely oblivious to the attraction Tyr felt for him. Then again, no one knew, except Rommi.

Andromeda never missed a single detail. Tyr didnít know if she could process the data about his behavior towards the High Guard captain and come up with the right reason, but somehow it was comforting that she might know. She would watch Dylan better if she thought it would affect him so much.

The ship was funny that way. Andromeda would take on a new captain, even Beka, if necessary. But if she thought any member of the crew would be seriously harmed by the lose of Dylan, sheíd do whatever she could to see he made it back to them safe and sound.

Even if Try couldnít protect Dylan directly, he could through her. It wasnít what the Nietzschean desired but for now, it would do.


Rommi knocked softly on Dylanís door. After a few moments, she manually opened the door.

"Dylan?" she called into the darkened room.

A sigh came from the couch. "Come in, Rommi. Is there a problem?"

Rommi stepped forward and raised the light level one level. "You look horrible, Dylan."

"Thanks. So what can I do for you?"

"Iíd like for you to talk with Tyr."

Dylan straightened. Heíd finally admitted his attraction to Tyr. And Rommi had been his confidant. "Why?"

"Because he looks nearly as bad as you do."

"Did something happen to him today?" Dylan mentally cursed himself for letting Tyr get hurt. He should have checked on him better. He should haveÖ

"You were almost killed today, Dylan. How would you react?"

Dylan sagged. "Rommi, just because I haveÖ feelings for Tyr, it doesnít mean he returns them."

"And Iím telling you that I know he does. He watches you when he thinks no one is watching him. His heart rate increases when you enter the room."

"He could just be watching me to find a way to overthrow me and take you over."

"Then why did he tell Beka that youíre were going to make it off that pirateís ship? Dylan, she nearly left you but Tyr talked her into five more minutes. Five minutes when we were in danger. How Nietzschean is that?"

Dylan sighed. "Tyr is unusual. And perhaps there are reasons that he wouldnít like Beka in charge of you, Rommi. Maybe he has feelings for you."

"Be serious, Dylan. Talk to him. Please. If nothing else, find out why heís been so sad lately."

"I havenít noticed anything. Whatís wrong?"

"Heís changed some of his habits. I think the reason is emotional."

Dylan was curious at least. Rommi never missed a thing. If she said Tyr had changed his behavior then he had. "Whatís up?"

Rommi straightened. "He has stopped working out at night. Heís taken to stargazing. He stays in his quarters when not on duty."

Dylan cocked his head. "Youíre right. I havenít seen him off the bridge lately."

"Talk to him."


Dylan cleared his throat and then hit the chime on Tryís door. He waited several moments before the dark-skinned man appeared in the doorway.

"Can I help you, Captain?"

Dylan almost didnít answer. Tyr had obviously been getting ready for bed. His chest and feet were bare. After a moment, he was able to think of a response. "Can I come in?"

Tyr frowned and stepped back. "Will this be long? Iím getting cold."

"Rommi could turn up the heat," Dylan suggested, unwilling to see that rock hard chest covered up.

"What do you want, Dylan?"

"Whatís wrong?"

"Excuse me?"

"Youíve been acting oddly lately. Has something happened?"

Tyr straightened. "No. Nothing has happened."

"I donít believe you, Tyr." Dylan smiled softly. "Youíre not the stargazing type but Rommi tells me thatís what youíve been doing instead of working out at night."

"Iíve had some things on my mind. Is that all right with you, Captain?"

Dylan nodded, even though he knew Tyrís use of his title was an insult. "I want to help you, if I can."

"Why do you care? And donít give me any crap about being a caring leader. You didnít like it when Trance went off for a little holiday. You have a reason for offering to help. What is it?"

Dylan sighed softly. Of course, he isnít going to jump at an offer of help. Heís Nietzschean. "I want us to be friends, Tyr. Weíre very much a like and on a small ship like this someone who understands you isÖ an asset."

"You have Andromeda. You donít need me. And I donít need you. My kind does not need friends. You know this. Whatís your real reason?"

Tyr stepped forward. Not one to back down, Dylan stepped forward to meet his challenge. His words however came without thinking. "Who says I donít need you?"

The younger man faltered. Heíd expected Dylan to stand his ground but he didnít understand what the words meant. They couldnít meanÖ "What are you talking about?"

Dylan looked deep into Tyrís chocolate eyes. Here goes nothing. "This." He reached up and pulled the other manís mouth to his.

Tyrís heart stopped only to thunder back to life in his chest. Dylanís soft lips caressed his mouth with a tenderness heíd never known. Passion ran though his body and he opened his mouth beneath those questing lips.

Dylan moaned and his tongue whipped forward to invade Tyrís mouth. He was quick to caress the teeth and gums but avoided contact with the searching tongue that was determined to meet him. Only when the otherís arms finally came around Dylan did he allow his tongue to dance with Tyrís.

After several moments, the young Nietzschean pulled back. "Dylan, are you sure?"

"Yes." Dylan reached up and brushed one of Tyrís many braids out of his face. "Iíve been attracted to you for some time. I do need you. But if youíre not sureÖ"

"I need you, too," he whispered as he lowered his head for another kiss.

This time it was Dylan who pulled away. "Iím sorry. I want you butÖ I think Iím too tired toÖ"

Tyr sighed but nodded. "We have time, Dylan. You just donít get killed in the next twenty-four hours and weíll see where this goes."

"Deal. Will you tell me whatís been bothering you lately? Can I help?"

Tyr shook his head and kissed Dylan almost chastely. "You all ready have. Iíve been avoiding you."

"Why? I canít get enough of you."

"Nor I you. But I thought that if I spent time with you, youíd realize I wanted you. I didnít know how you would react."

Dylan smiled. "Then youíll be joining the living again?"

"Yes, Dylan."

"Good. Now, why donít you take me into the bedroom and letís see just how tired we are."


Rommi smiled and darkened the lights. Neither man noticed as they kissed and caressed andÖ Well, some things are meant to be private.

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