Questions and Secrets

Author: Karahkwa


Codes: J/?, C/Original

Rating: G

Size: ?K (Approximate 1 typed page)

Summary: Itís too short for a summary

"Tell me something, Chakotay."

"Of course, Captain."

Kathryn sighed. He could be so formal sometimes. "Itís a personal question, Chakotay."

"Thatís fine, Kathryn."

"Why havenít you foundÖ" She stopped not sure how to finish the question.

"Why havenít I settled down with someone? Thatís what youíre asking, isnít it?"

Kathryn nodded slowly, a little surprised that he knew her so well. "I just hate to see you lonely. Especially when everyone is settling down."

"Even you? I know youíve been dating someone. But I wonít ask," he added when she blushed. "I havenít picked a partner to settle down with becauseÖ Iím all ready in love. And I canít be with that person but it wouldnít be fair to whoever I would be with."

"ChakotayÖ IsÖ Is itÖ a member of the crew?"

Smiling softly, he shook his head. "Itís not in my file, but Iím married. My wife means everything to me. I was to see her after we got back from the Badlands."

"Why didnít you say anything? Why didnít you put in the records?"

"Because my wife was a ĎFleet scientist. We were afraid sheíd lose her job and she loved her work. Weíd have these romantic getaways andÖ We never told anyone. Iím sure I can trust you to keep it to yourself."

"Of course. But why? No one can harm her from the Delta Quadrant."

Chakotay smiled. "I like being mysterious. And, besides, if we were ever to return home, then the two people I love the most could be in danger."


"Kianna, my wife and my daughter, Ayasha."

"A daughter, too? Congratulations."

"Sheís three and Iíve only seen her a handful of times. I may never see her again."

Kathryn cleared her throat. "Iíll do everything I can to get you home to them."

"I know you will."

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