One Last Time

By Karahkwa Ross

Codes: X-Files M/S, M/K

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Me? Own them? Yeah, right… would I be a starving college student if I did? They belong to Chris Carter, et al and if he wants to sue me… he can have my student loans.

Warning: This fiction contains element of a slash relationship as well as a heterosexual one.

Summary: Krycek, Scully, and Mulder are brought to together one last time. Set after the end of the series.

WARNING: Death Story!!!

NOTE: This was started before the 2000-2001 season. Admittedly not finished until after but I basically ignored all of that season.


Dana Scully rubbed her eyes. She’d just spent the last five hours arguing with her new partner and she swore if he opened his mouth again in the next three hours she’d strangle him. She sighed as she returned her attention to the report she was writing.

It wasn’t that Jamie Smith was a bad partner. It was just that he was a rookie and Dana was used to Fox Mulder, agent known for his great skills and even stronger commitment to his cases.


Dana’s eyes wandered away from her computer screen to the picture she had sitting on her desk. It was of her and Mulder at Christmas two years ago. He’d been planning on spending it alone so she’d drug him with her to her mother’s. It was a great picture. He was actually smiling.

She pulled her gaze away from it as her eyes clouded up. Mulder had resigned just eight months ago. He’d been diagnosed with an advanced case of rhabdomyosarcoma. At this late in the game, it was incurable. He’d been given only six months to live. Dana didn’t even know if he was still…

Scully drew a shaky breath. She had to write this report.


Alex Krycek sat at his computer and stared blankly at the words written there. He had read the email five times before it had finally sunk in.

Fox Mulder, his former enemy, was inviting him to a mountain cabin for "one last time."

Alex’s head fell back. He’d been shocked when he’d learned of Mulder’s cancer and subsequent retirement. He’d always figured Fox would live forever.

He was grateful to Mulder though. With his hard work and dedication, he’d helped Alex to infiltrate the Consortium to a degree he never would have on his own. When they’d finally brought them down six months ago, it was due mostly to Mulder.

Alex sighed. He’d been back doing "regular cases" for about two months and he’d been really surprised with the general good will he was being shown. Again, it was Mulder who had achieved that by sending a general thank you out to the FBI for helping to bring his father and sister’s killers to justice.

Alex looked back at his screen and then reached for the phone. "Yeah, this is Krycek. I’m gonna need to take some personal time."


Dana couldn’t have been more shocked when Assistant Director Skinner had walked into her office. She’d wondered if one of Jamie’s reports had been sub-par but the director had taken the young agent out to lunch. His gentle admonition to check her email had been a little odd.

But that shock had fallen away. Her inbox contained a message from Mulder. She’d been so pleased to see that he was still alive that she’d opened it without even thinking about what could be in it.

Mulder was asking her to come see him one more time before he died.

Scully’s eyes filled and this time she didn’t force the tears away. She didn’t want to lose her best friend.


Mulder sat alone in his mountain cabin. He’d come here to say good-bye to the world. He’d thought it would be so easy to let go now that Krycek and Scully had brought the Cancer Man and his cronies down. The knowledge that Samantha was waiting for him didn’t ease it any more.

This slow death was worse than anything that he could experience. He wanted it over with. That’s what this weekend was going to be about. He was going to bring those closest to him here and then in the midst of their last night with him, he’d slipped away.

All he needed was for Scully and Krycek to come.


Scully and Krycek sat tensely besides each other. Even though they were once again clearly on the same side, they still weren’t comfortable with each other. Still Mulder needed them both. So they were a team for this weekend.

Scully glanced quickly over at her companion. He’d let her drive the rental car and was now studying the pristine environment around them. He must have felt her gaze because he turned towards her and smiled.

"Are you as nervous as I am?"

Dana laughed. "Yeah."

Alex smiled and relaxed. His gaze returned to the landscape. "I can see why Mulder picked this place. It’s so different from what we saw."

Dana nodded. She still didn’t like to talk about it, even though it had been the biggest case she would probably ever solve. "Mulder always did have good taste."

Alex’s eyes swept her profile. "Yeah."


Mulder surprised them both by meeting them both with hugs and laughter. His eyes were shining and they could both tell that he was glad to have them here. "Did you have a good drive? No trouble with the directions? Alex, you let Dana drive? Are you nuts? Are you hungry? Lunch should be ready soon."

Mulder’s rapid-fire questions brought smiles to their lips. That he’d used their first names had been a treat for the both of them.

Alex laughed. "What, Mulder, have you been starved for conversation?"

"It’s Fox and I’m just glad to see you both."

Dana smiled. "Us, too, M-Fox. Now, did you mention lunch?"


It wasn’t until that evening that Fox was actually able to sit down with them and tell them the real reason they were here. He’d thought of mentioning it at lunch but knew that they needed sometime to relax before he dropped his bombshell.

Fox was lying on the couch with a glass of wine in his hand. Dana was curled up on the opposite end. His feet could just touch her legs. Alex was seated on the floor in front of them. Both of his guests were staring into the fire.

"I guess you want to know why I asked you here. I wasn’t completely honest with you." He cleared his throat. "I’ve decided that this weekend is it."

Dana and Alex’s heads whipped around to look at him. There was no denying the surprise and disbelief in their eyes. He could also see the arguments rising in both of them.

"I want you both to hear me out. If you don’t agree you can leave in the morning and I will have had one last day with both of you. Can you agree to that?"

Alex looked deep into his eyes and then nodded. Scully sat staring at his feet for several moments before meeting his gaze and reluctantly nodding as well.

"I’m going to die either way. I just won’t know when or how. This way gives me some control. I can stop the pain and frustration of not knowing. I can die the way I want to, with the people I care about most with me, with no machines or doctors to interfere. I can be at peace this way.

"It’s time. I’ve been sitting up here, waiting for it to come and it’s driving me nuts. I’m in limbo. I can’t live because I don’t know if I have a tomorrow. Death is… I…" Fox stopped and squeezed his eyes shut. How could be tell these two how much it hurt to try to…

Fox’s eyes flew open. Dana had moved and now held one of his hands. Alex was grasping the other. He smiled shakily.

"You two are the only ones left that I’ve ever… I couldn’t imagine leaving this world without the two of you with me. Please stay."

Dana and Alex both nodded immediately. Neither had seen Mulder cry and here he was on the verge of doing just that. With silent agreement, they moved so that they were both hugging him.

"Neither one of us is leaving you, Fox."


The next morning dawned bright and clear. As Dana watched the sunrise, she couldn’t help but feel as if nature was agreeing with Fox’s decision. She sighed and took a sip of her coffee.

She hadn’t been completely surprised at his little announcement last night. In the back of her mind, she’d been preparing for it, just not enough. How did one get ready to help the man you love commit suicide?

Dana smiled as a rabbit scurried across the lawn. There was nothing she could do. She just had to give Fox her love and be there like she’d promised him.

With this firmly in her mind, she went to shower before making them breakfast.


Fox rolled out of bed like he normally did. Despite the fact that he knew he could sleep in, his body was trained to wake up at 5:30 and he couldn’t shut that alarm clock off. Sighing, he headed for the shower.

He was completely taken by surprise to find a naked Dana Scully in his shower. His first thought was he was still dreaming. His second was that he was hallucinating from his cancer. The third was how stunning she looked standing there with the water running off her body, back-dropped by the dark green curtain.

"Fox?" she asked just standing there frozen, not even making a move to cover herself up.

"Damn, Dana, why do cover all this up with clothes? You are so beautiful."

Fox watched, fascinated, as a blush started somewhere around her belly button and worked it’s way up to her face.

"Fox, I…"

He didn’t let her say anymore but stepped forward and brushed his lips to hers. He pressed a series of soft kisses, then pulled away slightly when he felt her responding. "There was a reason I wanted you here this weekend. And even though this wasn’t it, I’m glad."

"Oh, Mulder…." There was a hitch in her voice and she refused to meet his eyes.

"Shh. If you don’t want-"

"No." She looked up into his eyes finally and he saw her tears. "I’ve wanted this for a long time. It’s just…"

Fox smiled and kissed her softly. "Come back to bed with me." He accompanied his words with a gentle tug of her hands and she followed him into the other room, thankful it was right across the hall and that Alex hadn’t woken up yet.

Once the door was firmly shut behind them, Fox began dropping kisses on her face, shoulders, and the tops of her breasts. With each kiss came a whispered "So beautiful, so soft." Dana’s response was a low moan and running her hands over what she could reach of his shoulders, back and chest.

After a few moments, Fox raised is head and looked deep into her eyes. Whatever he saw caused him to moan and crush her to him. His lips claimed hers. His tongue broached no argument as it slipped into her mouth. He tasted every part of her mouth before pulling back to take a shaky breath, then returning once again.

Their tongues tangled time after time and before Dana knew it, she was lying on the bed beneath her former partner. He finally left her mouth to trail his open mouth down the side of her neck and the center of her chest. He ignored both her breasts even though her nipples begged for his attention.

Instead he settled between her legs and began slowly licking a spiral down to her navel. By the time his tongue finally reached the slight indention, Dana was trembling with need. When his tongue dipped in and slowly mimicked the ultimate act of love, she gasped at the feel of it and arched towards him.

"Fox, please," she moaned when she thought she could bare no more.

Mulder lifted his head. The sight awaiting him enthralled him. Her head was thrown back, eyes squeezed tight. He could see and hear her rapid breathing. She’d never been sexier to him then right now.

He slid back up and kissed her long and passionately. After a moment, he rolled away from her.

"Fox!" she gasped and reached out to pull him back to her. "Don’t leave me," she added the need evident in her voice.

Fox pressed a kiss to the hand reaching for him. "I’m not going anywhere, Dana. I just need to get us some protection."

Dana’s heart stopped. Protection… if they didn’t use it maybe… "Fox, we don’t-"

He smiled as if he knew what she was thinking. "I may not have to worry about catching something, Dana, but you do. I can’t risk that, no matter how much-"

Dana’s eyes dropped but she nodded. Fox pressed another kiss to her hand and then headed for the dresser across the room. He reached inside the top drawer and pulled out the needed protection.

Returning to the bed, he knew the ambiance had been broken. He placed the condom near the pillows and then set out to reestablishing the mood they’d had before. The first few kissed were soft and slow, establishing the connection they both longed for. But after a while, not even they were enough.

Fox settled between her thighs once again and pressed his groin against her core. She moaned and raised her hips to increase the contact. He slipped his hand between them and felt just how much she wanted him and how ready she was.

He reached for the protection and tore the packet open with trembling fingers. He hurriedly rolled on the condom and then looked down at Scully. There was such love and trust in her eyes; he nearly came from just that.

Slowly, he entered her body. He pushed forward only slightly, not wanting to hurt her. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, he was completely joined with her.

"My god, Mulder," Dana whispered at the sensation. "If I’d known I would have taken you at your desk years ago."

Fox laughed and then pressed a soft kiss to her lips. Then he started moving. Slowly at first, but the simple movements soon were not enough. They moved together, more and more, until the world was nothing more than the two of them.

Sensation raced across their skin and through their veins. The feelings grew hotter and hotter until finally they exploded in a ball of white-hot pleasure.

It was several moments before either one could do anything but breathe. Once they regained some mental capacity, they curled up together.

Dana buried her face in his neck so that he wouldn’t see her anguish. How could she lose him so soon after finally, finally being able to have him as she’d always dreamed? She fought back tears as she pressed a kiss to his pulse point.


She couldn’t- Not right now. She shook her head and pressed even closer.

Fox simply held her for few moments before breaking the silence. "You know, if we don’t get up soon, Krycek is gonna come in here looking for us."

"Or worse. He could try to make breakfast."


Alex awoke to the smell of bacon. He rolled over and saw the sky was still lightening.


It had taken him a long time to sleep. Fox had certainly surprised him. He would have never guessed that his former partner cared so much for him to ask him to be a part of this. Even though he was flattered, it hurt.

Why did he have to find out about Fox’s feelings so late in the game? Why couldn’t he have known sooner when maybe… just maybe something could have come out of them?

Alex groaned softly. It was bad enough he couldn’t sleep because of these questions. He wasn’t going to let what little time he had left with Fox be ruined by them.

He’d give Fox all the love and support he could in the time they had left. It was all he could do.


Breakfast was a tense affair. Fox and Dana were both nervous that Alex had heard something or sense something was different between them. Alex was nervous because he could tell they were.

Finally, Fox sighed and slumped in his chair. "Okay. Let’s get it over with."

"What? No, it’s too soon. Not till Sunday."

Fox looked up into Dana’s wide eyes and realized what he’d said. "I didn’t mean that, Dana. I meant let’s talk about whatever it is that’s got us so tense."

Alex let out a breath and reached for his coffee. "I’ve been wondering what’s going on with you two. You’re strung so tight I’m afraid to sneeze for fear of having your guns on me."

Dana smiled at the comment. A little over a year ago they never would have been able to joke like this. "I think this whole situation has me tense."

"It would be hard for a doctor to deal with this," Alex stated. "I’m sure your gut reaction is to go find a cure."

Dana nodded. Who would have known Krycek could be compassionate? "Since I ruined this meal, how about I make it up to you both?"


Smiling, the agent laid out her plan for a dinner fit for a king.


Alex settled onto the couch with a book. Fox and Dana were in the kitchen. Fox was drawing her a map for the closest town with a large grocery store.

Finally he heard the door open and shut. Moments later the engine started and then he heard the car take off down the drive. The door opened again.

"Hey, Alex. It’s beautiful day. Would you like to go for a walk with me?"

Alex lifted his head and saw the rather hopeful look on Fox’s face. There was just something so… innocent about that face.

"Love to." He rose and crossed the room. "Know any good trails?"

Fox laughed. "I know them all. Come on."

They walked slowly through the yard and then onto a well-worn trail through the woods. Both were silent until the edge of Mulder’s yard had disappeared. The calmness of the woods had settled around them and neither seemed inclined to break it.

"This is such a great place. I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be."

"Yeah, Fox, this is."

"I hope you’ll take good care of it."

Alex stopped. Mulder took a few more steps and then turned to smile at him. "Of course, you have share with Dana but I’m sure you’ll be able to share"

"You’re giving this place to us. But what about your moth-"

"My mother doesn’t care for the mountains. I knew you would enjoy the quiet. A nice change from the city."

Alex nodded. How could he explain that he would always think of this as the place Mulder died? "I don’t think I’ll use this place much."

"Why not? Alex, this is the only place we will have good memories. We have such a bad history. This way there’s always somewhere that has good memories."

"Mulder, I-" Alex stopped and looked at his feet, not knowing what to say or do.

"It’s Fox and you do have good memories don’t you?"

Alex cleared his throat and looked. "I do and I will—until tomorrow."

Mulder smiled gently. "Don’t think about that. Not now anyway. Не надо занимать у кого-либо беспокоиться, Aleksei."

Krycek snorted. "Don’t borrow trouble? All right I’ll try. And when did you learn Russian?"

Mulder shrugged. "I’ve had some time on my hands." He reached out and pulled Alex next to him. "Come on. There’s something I need to show you and some things we need to talk about."

Alex nodded and fell into step with Fox. They walked for a while in silence before coming around a bend. Laid out before them was a small pond with two huge pine trees bracing the banks.

"Wow. It’s beautiful."

Mulder nodded. "It’s part of the property. I wasn’t sure about this place until I saw the pond. Come on. There is a great place to sit and relax."

Fox rushed over to the bank and then vanished. Alex followed, worried. He topped the bank at the run and then skidded to a halt spraying dirt all over Fox and the blanket that he’d felt there.

"That eager, Alex?"

"I-I was worried that you’d fallen."

Fox grinned. "I didn’t cry out or anything."

"No but you… you’re sick and I…"

"You were worried. You’re an odd man, Alex Krycek. I think that’s why I like you so much."

Alex brushed the dirt off the blanket and sat down. "Even with our history?"

"You did what you did for the good of our country. I think I always knew that somehow. Even when I thought you were on the wrong side I thought you were special."

"Thanks. That means a lot to me, Mulder."

"Fox, my name is Fox."

"Sorry." Alex looked away.

This place was wonderful. The sunlight gleamed off the lake, broken only by a few sparkles shining off fish scales. The grass was warm and fragrant. A few early flowers dotted the floor. Towering pines provided just enough shade.

"This is a great place."

"Yeah. I can see Skinner fishing here. Or Scully’s nephew’s skinny dipping."

"Not Scully?"

"Dana is a beautiful woman and she would be a sight to see, but she’s just too dignified."

Alex laughed. He had to agree.

Fox rolled closer to Alex and smiled. "You know what else this place is good for?"


"Making out."

Alex gulped. Was Fox hitting on him?

"Would you like to make out with me, Alex?"

Alex shook his head, half thinking he was dreaming. This only happened in his wildest wet dreams.

"No? Oh, I’m sorry, Alex. I thought you…"

"I do, Fox. I find you very attractive, but…"

Fox sat up and leaned closer to Alex. "What’s wrong?"

Krycek turned to look into Fox’s eyes. "If we… then when you’re gone I’ll long for you. But if we don’t, then wonder what I’m missing. Either way…"

"Either way, I’m gone, Alex. Life isn’t perfect; we have to take what we can get. How many years did you spend alone? Why not have this time?"

Alex nodded slightly. He had loved Mulder from a far ever since they first met. If his love only had two days left on Earth, then why not spend this time showing him how he felt?

"I don’t want to make out with, Fox. I want to make love to you."

Fox grinned. "Good," he declared and then, he pounced.

Alex laughed as fingers nipped at his skin and pulled on his clothes. Mulder was crazy… But then he knew that.

"Fox, why don’t to you kiss me before you get me naked?"

Mulder giggled. "Oh, yeah. Sorry."

Alex gasped. His Fox knew how to kiss. Soft lips caressed and brushed his. It was slow and sexy and… chaste.

Alex moaned and opened his mouth. Fox’s tongue plunged past his lips before they were fully opened. They tongues tangled then release. Fox caressed his upper teeth and then retangled with Alex’s.

Alex groaned and sucked hard on his treat. He chuckled and slurped harder when Mulder pressed closer. Finally Alex pulled back.

"Where’d you learn to kiss like that?"

Fox smiled. "All natural talent. Seems you have some too."

"Mmm. Maybe, I do. Now what other talents do you have?"

Mulder grinned evilly and then slid down Alex’s body. He pushed the leather jacket from his shoulders and undid the buttons of Alex’s flannel shirt. "A mountain man, Alex?"

"I didn’t know what to bring. Skinner suggested it."

Fox nodded. "I like it. Almost as much as I like this." He leaned in and gently nipped his left nipple.

Alex arched his back and groaned. "I like that too."

Mulder chuckled and latched onto the side of Alex’s neck. For a moment, the Russian basked in the feeling of love that flowed into him. Then he thought of Scully and tried to pull away.

"No hickies. Dana…"

"Dana will understand, Alex," Mulder soothed. "I just want you to have something to remember me by when I’m gone."

"I all ready do, Fox. I have years of memories and fantasies. And I have this." Alex knocked on his prosthetic arm.

"I’m sorry about that, Alex. I want you to have something better."

Alex bit his lip and then grinned. He tipped his head to the side. "Then mark me as yours."

Mulder groaned and dove it. He nipped and sucked on the exposed flesh. Alex squirmed and managed to remove his shirt and push Fox’s coat from his shoulders.

Fox pulled back to survey his work and then gasped as Alex pulled his sweater over his head. He grinned as Alex drew his hand over his chest. "That eager?"

"I’ve wanted you for years, Fox. I dream about you at night. I… I’ve been in love with you forever."

"Alex…" Mulder gulped. "I love you, too."

Alex groaned and kissed Fox again. His fingers fell to Fox’s fly. He pulled back slightly and panted. "I need you naked now."


"Now. I’ve waited too long."

Fox grinned and pulled his pants off. Alex worked his fly open and pushed his pants and boxers down his thighs. He panted and pushed Mulder off before turning onto his stomach.


"Make love to me, Fox," he said over his shoulder. "Please."

Fox shook his head. "I wasn’t planning. I don’t… We don’t have any lube, Alex."

Alex nodded and rolled over. He reached down and pulled on his erection. "Make me come, Mulder. Jerk me off and then we’ll have plenty of lube."


"This might be my only chance to make love to you, Fox. I want it all."

"We don’t have protection."

Alex grinned and pulled a condom from his wallet. "Hey, I’m a bachelor," he said in self-defense at Mulder’s raised eyebrow. "I can hope, can’t I?"

Mulder laughed and kissed Alex with all of his love and passion. His hand slid down his body to gently stroke Alex’s hard-on.

After a couple of moments, Alex gasped and pulled away. His hips jerked humping Fox’s hand. "M-m-more," he begged. "More."

"Tell me what you like, Alex. Tell me what you need."

Alex jerked harder, faster. "Kiss me. I… I can do the rest."

"Alex, let me do this."

Alex moaned. "Don’t need much… Just kiss me and maybe… Touch me where you’ll be in a few moments."

Mulder nodded and kissed Alex. His other hand slid down between Alex’s legs to rub up and down the crease between Alex’s cheeks. He grinned when Alex groaned when he pressed his finger against his anus. The tip of his finger slid inside of him just as Alex screamed against Fox’s mouth and came.

After a few moments, Alex came back to himself to feel Fox’s fingers working inside him. "Oh yeah, oh yeah. Feels good, lover."

Fox grinned and continued stretching him. "Are you sure, Alex? We don’t have to…"

Alex spread his legs and gave Mulder his most wanton look. "Make love to me. Now. I’m ready."

Fox removed his fingers and opened the condom. He slipped it on and then slid inside Alex inch by inch.

"Oh, lover, you feel so good. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah."

Fox grinned and began thrusting, slowly at first then building with Alex’s grunts and moans of encouragement. His hand slid between them to stroke Alex’s renewed arousal.

"You are so beautiful, ‘Lex. So sexy. I don’t know why I waited so long."

"Fox, hurry. I’m so close… So close."

Mulder grinned and changed the angle of his thrust to make Alex scream. He pounded harder and harder into Alex until he whimpered and came. His muscles clenched and gripped Mulder until he groaned and spurted his seed.


"Do you need any help, Dana?"

Looking up from where she was chopping up a head of lettuce, she shook her head at Alex. "I’m just finishing the salad. The meat and the potatoes won’t be done for a while so I’m good."

Alex nodded and walked up to the counter, where he picked up a pairing knife and deftly cut the end off a cucumber. He rubbed the cut-off end against the rest of the veggie. He then sliced it.

Dana looked over at Alex and gasped. "What the hell is that on your neck?"

Alex blushed and pulled his collar up a little bit. "It’s… um….a bruise."

"What hit you?" Dana pulled his collar down. "That’s an odd bruise. It looks a lot like a… hickie."

"Um…" Alex blushed again.

"Did you and Mulder…?"


"It’s okay if you did, Alex. I mean, he and I…"

Alex looked startled for a moment and then grinned. "Then why am I the only one who’s red?"


Mulder sighed as he slid down into the plush couch cushions. Scully had made an incredible dinner for the three of them and now they had some time to sit and talk or just sit, as Alex and Dana seemed to want to do. Normally he wouldn’t mind but it was obvious the silence was strained. "What’s wrong? You’re both too quiet."

Alex’s glance flicked to Scully’s. "We… About this afternoon… and this morning… We…"

Mulder nodded. "I was pretty sure you’d talk to each other about it. Look, I… I asked you here because I…" Mulder’s pause was enough to have each of his guests moving to comfort him.

"It’s just we were wondering what your intentions were about tonight. If you wanted us to spend the night in our rooms or if you want one of us or…."

Fox smiled at Dana’s hurried explanation. He hadn’t really thought about that part. "I wasn’t sure either. I mean, I didn’t really plan all this."

Alex nodded. He’s known that Fox didn’t have the guile for this. "What would you like to happen tonight, Fox?"

"Honestly, I’d love to fall asleep with both of you."

Alex nodded. Dana laughed softly. "I hope you have a king-sized bed."


The warmth woke Mulder first. Even though it was summer, the mountain air got nippy at night. But tonight, there was no cold.

Smiling, Fox stretched careful not to wake his two companions. Neither Dana nor Alex stirred as he slid out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

After doing his business, Fox crept back to the bedroom. The sky was still dark and a quick glance at the clock confirmed that it was still the middle of the night. Fox looked down at the bed.

Alex was curled up with his nose buried in Mulder’s pillow. His face lost the lines that stress and life had put around his eyes. His black hair lay at odd angles and promised to produce a show in the morning. Dana lay on her side with her arm stretched across the space he’d vacated only moments before. Her features softened in sleep as well, giving her an almost child-like innocence. Her fiery hair fanned out over the pillow behind her. They were beautiful. And Fox was a very luck man to have either in his life.

This is how I want to die. This is why I wanted them here. So I could die in the arms of the two people I love.

Mulder’s jaw clenched. He’d planned to wait another day. They need more time before they had to say good-bye but…

"Fox? What’s wrong?"

Startled he looked up to see both Dana and Alex gazing up at him with sleepy eyes. "I was just watching you sleep. You’re both so beautiful."


Mulder shook his head and returned to the bed. "I’m just being sentimental. Ignore me."

Dana and Alex shared a glance. They each slid an arm around Fox and pulled him up the bed to rest against the pillows. Alex leaned close and kissed the side of his neck quickly.

"Are you ready to say good-bye, Fox?"

Wide eyes turned to meet Dana’s. How had she known what he’d been thinking just seconds before? "I was thinking that I wanted to die in both of your arms. I know neither of you is ready yet."

"But are you ready, Fox? Is it time?"

Fox glanced at Alex. Were they so willing to be rid of him? After they’d each just found…

"We each love you, Fox. And if you’re ready to go…" Alex faltered, his voice shaking ever so slightly.

"What kind of love asks you to stay if you’re all ready half-way gone? If you’re ready, Fox, so are we."

Mulder looked first into sincere blue eyes and then into desperate green orbs. "I love each of you, too. And I…"

Alex leaned over and kissed Mulder softly. "What…?"

"Three bottles in the medicine cabinet," he answered pointing in the general area of the bathroom. "I have a dozen different medicines that I…"

Dana pulled Mulder in for a kiss. "You stay with Alex. I’ll go check to make sure there’s enough to…."

Fox nodded and watched as she padded across the room in her silk nightgown. After a moment, he looked over at Alex. "Are you sure about this?"

"Are you? You know that if you’ve changed your mind, Dana and I will be with you until the end."

"Either way there’s an end, Alex. This way you’re free to move on and we’re sure that we’ll be together."

Alex nodded. He’d known Mulder wouldn’t back out but he had to offer. "Then, yeah, I’m sure." Alex tightened his arms around his lover and inhaled his scent for what could be the very last time.

After a moment, Dana returned with a pitcher of water, a glass and three pill bottles. She nodded slightly and then climbed back into bed, setting the tray on the bedside stand.


"Could… could we say our good-byes and then go to sleep? I can take the pills after you’re asleep."

"No," Dana said sharply. "I want every moment I can get."

"Me, too, Fox."

Mulder nodded. Should have known better than to try the easy way out. "Okay. Then let’s lay here for a while. Then I’ll start taking the medicine and then say good-bye."

Alex nodded and snuggled up with Fox’s back. He kissed the back of Mulder’s neck and sighed. Dana cuddled up to his front and slid her arms around his waist. Fox’s eyes closed and he sighed in contentment.

After a moment he reached for the first bottle. He popped the top and shook them into his mouth like M&M’s from the bag. He swallowed once then drank a little water.

Alex squeezed his eyes shut. He loves me and I love him and this is best for all of us. I know it is but… God, why does he have to leave me… leave us? His arms tightened on Fox’s shoulder and hip.

Dana saw Alex’s reaction and blinked back tears. The fact that his man she’d once thought to be a killer and a traitor was so affected hit her more than the actual act of watching Fox commit suicide.

Fox downed the two remaining bottles with ease and settled back. "We’ve got about a half hour. I don’t really know how…"

"I checked… You should just go to sleep."

Fox nodded. He reached up and stroked her hair. "I used to fantasize about your hair. I always imagined brushing it off your face and then kissing you until neither of us could think or breath."

"Fox… I used to fantasize about tackling you and making love to you on the floor in our office."

"Me, too," Alex added. "Only it usually leads to the top of the desk too."

Mulder chuckled. "I used to think I was nuts for wanting either of you, but I can’t imagine anyone else here with me now. I love you."

Alex squeezed his eyes shut again. He wanted to speak but his throat was so tight…

"We love you, Fox. We always have."

"Always will," Alex croaked before hiding his face in Fox’s neck. "Always will."

Mulder shivered. He pulled Dana closer as he pressed back into Alex. "Make me a promise. Take care of each other. I don’t know if I can watch over you and protect you where I’m going… Or if there’s even somewhere to go but… If I can’t take care of you, then take care of each other."

Alex nodded. He wanted to halt the tears that ran down his face but he couldn’t so he pressed as close as he could to his lost love.

"Alex is in good hands, Fox. And I know that I’m in good hands in his care. You don’t have to worry about us. Just be happy wherever you go."

Fox smiled. "What did I do to get so lucky to have both of you? If this is karma, I must have…"

"You’re a wonderful man, Fox Mulder. I doubt even two great loves is enough to pay back your goodness." Even shaking and shuddering, Alex’s voice held an air of conviction that Fox believed.

"The truth is out there," Fox murmured. "No, the truth is here."

"What truth, Fox?" Dana asked, wondering if the drugs were starting to take effect.

"That love really is the most important thing. All these years, I was looking for something. Well, I’ve found it in you. I was so foolish."

"No, Fox. We were all looking."

"And we didn’t find it either, until now… until you."

Mulder shuddered. "I think it’s starting. I’m tired… but I feel like there are a thousand things to say to each of you."

"You’ve said it all. You said ‘I love you.’"

"I do. I love you so much… So much." Fox shivered again. His eyes drooped and then he forced them open again. "Keep promise."

Alex nodded and spoke softly. "I love you, Fox, and I’ll take care of Dana for you."

"And you don’t have to worry about Alex. I’ll take care of him. I love you."

"Mmmmm… love you…." Fox’s eyes dropped and his chest heaved slightly. Then his breath evened out for a few moments.

Dana’s tears mixed with Alex’s as they pooled in the hollows of Fox’s collarbones.

"Warm…. So warm…" His voice came as a whisper as he slipped away into it.


Dana and Alex were the last ones to leave the cemetery. They each had waited on the outside of the crowd during the services.

Somehow it was odd to be at a funeral for Fox. After all, they’d all ready said their good-byes to Mulder. They waited for the mourners to leave before they stepped up the graveside.

"Nice service," Alex finally said as he looked down at the fresh earth. "Fox knows how to plan a funeral."

"Knew. Fox knew."


They stood there silently for several moments. Then as one, they turned to go to their cars.

Dana’s hand shook slightly as she put the key in her car door. Alex’s hand covered it and slid the keys into the lock. She nodded her thanks. "You going to Fox’s mother’s house later?"

"No. I just …" He shook his head, not sure how to explain.

"Yeah. I know what you mean, Alex."

The dark haired man nodded then walked away. "I’ll see you around, Dana."


Dana walked slowly down the corridor. For once, she was glad she no longer worked in the office she had shared with Mulder. Although she’d said good-bye, it would still be hard to walk into that office now that he was truly gone. Instead, she opened the door to an office on the fourth floor of the Hoover Building.

Dana froze. Jamie Smith’s things were gone. Setting his stuff on the desk, Alex Krycek turned to look at her.

"Alex, what are you…"

"My partner and I aren’t getting along. Skinner offered me a better deal. Do you mind?"

Dana laughed. "Actually, I was going to talk to Skinner this morning."

Alex laughed and, taking a roll of tape out of the drawer, walked to the window. He placed two pieces of tape in an "X" on the glass. On the heart of the X, he wrote a single word, "Mulder."

The End

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