Not the Right Night

By Karahkwa Ross

Codes: ST: DS9 B/ED, B/JS

Series: The Right One (1/7)

Rating: Well, not PG but not NC-17 either.

Disclaimer: All things Trek belong to Paramount. The situation is purely my own and I mean no copyright violations. No money is being made.

Summary: Jake and Julian learn the importance of timing.

Spoilers: References to happenings in “The Dogs of War” and “What You Leave Behind.” However, this takes place after the series finale.

Julian Bashir sat in his office and sighed. For what had to be the first time since he’d become DS9’s doctor, there hadn’t been a single medical patient in two weeks. No accidents, no new couples needing to make sure they were up to date on their infertility shots, nothing.

This, on top of the recent departure of his best friend Miles, had the young doctor nearly wishing for the war to start up again. At least then he’d had something to do.

Julian sighed. His relationship with Ezri was the only good thing in his life right now. They’d settled into a nice comfortable routine…

“What do I do, Worf?” Ezri asked over the comm-link.

“If you’re having problems with the doctor, I suggest you talk to him.”

Ezri snorted. “Right. I tried that. He doesn’t understand; he likes this pattern we’ve fallen into. I’m sorry but after nine lifetimes, a girl needs a little creativity now and then.”

Worf pondered the statement and then answered, as Jadzia would have. “After nine lifetimes I should think that a girl would know how to spice things up herself.”

Ezri smiled, knowing why he’d answered that way. Then she frowned. “I’ve tired that too. It didn’t work. Worf, I don’t want to dump him but… I don’t think I have much choice.”


Julian downed his bourbon in one swallow. The liquor had barely made it down his throat when he asked Quark for another.

“Are you sure, doctor? You have had quite a few tonight.”

“I am a doctor, Quark. I know what I’m doing. Now give me another.”

At the other end of the bar, Kasidy and Jake Sisko and Kira Nerys watched as Julian proceeded to get drunk. When Quark came by to refill their drinks, Jake couldn’t help but ask, “What’s up with Julian? I thought he and Ezri had a date tonight.”

“Dax broke it off. Said he wasn’t being romantic enough anymore.”

Jake didn’t say much but it did worry him. Even though he’d only been a kid when he’d met Julian, he known the man had the hots from Jadzia. They’d agreed to be friends but Jake had to wonder if Julian’s attraction to Ezri wasn’t in some way a resurgence of that original feeling.

Julian must have decided he was drunk enough, because he then tried to get up and leave. He made it about one step before he started to take a dive for the floor.

Jake was at his side before he could actually fall. “Dr. Bashir, I’ve been meaning to catch up with you. What? You’re headed for the habitat ring. Me too. May I walk with you?”

Before Julian’s drunken mind could process Jake’s words, the pair was out the door and heading for their quarters.

Kasidy smiled at Kira as they listened to Jake’s mindless chatter. He was going to keep the doctor confused until he could get him home and gave him a sobriety hypo-spray.

Julian stood… well, okay… he leaned on Jake as the ‘lift took them to the habitat ring. There was an odd chattering in his ear and after several minutes he figured out it was Jake talking. He tired to ask him to stop but his tongue didn’t seem to work. So he did the only thing he could think of. He kissed Jake.

Jake stood frozen. He had no idea why Julian was kissing him but…damn, the doctor was a pretty fine kisser.

The thought was enough to make Jake start. “Doctor!” He pushed Julian away.

Luckily the drunk man remained standing when he hit the other side of the ‘lift. Hitting the hall seemed to snap Julian out of his stupor. “Oh, God, Jake, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I know better than to hit on my commanding officer’s son.”

Jake swallowed. He hated to tell the drunken man but… “Julian, my dad’s not your commander anymore. He’s with the Prophets, remember? Kira’s in command now.”

Julian frowned. “I’m sorry. But if Kira’s in charge…” He didn’t finish his statement other than to rush across the ‘lift and kiss Jake soundly.

When the younger man pulled back to protest, Julian cut him off with a husky, “Let me comfort you, Jake” and a passionate French kiss. As much as he hated to admit it, Jake liked the idea of Julian comforting him and he was enjoying the kisses. But…

Jake pulled away and turned his back. He was helping a friend who was drunk because his girlfriend had dumped him. No matter what he was feeling now, he couldn’t forget that.


“Julian, we can’t.”

“Why not?”

Let me count… “We’re in the ‘lift. Anyone could see us.”

“So come back to my quarters.”

Oh God. “What about Ezri?”

“She’s tired of me. You won’t tire of me, will you, Jake?”

Jake just shook his head. “Let’s just get you home.”

For some reason, Julian behaved the rest of the ride. Jake didn’t know if that was good or bad. However, it did keep them from being terribly embarrassed when a Bajoran security officer enter the ‘lift a few moments later.

After what seemed like forever, Jake pulled the oblivious doctor out of the ‘lift and down the corridor to the man’s quarters. Despite the fact that the hallway was empty, the young man’s face burned when Julian asked, “That impatient, are we?”

Julian silently laughed at his companion. He didn’t know why Jake was in such a hurry. They had all night to… A huge grin broke across his face as his mind filled with all sorts of fantasies. Jake was in for the night of his young life.

Jake’s good luck and Julian’s good behavior only lasted long enough to get into the doctor’s quarters. Once inside, Julian began to pull Jake toward the bedroom. Even though he was only using one hand, he also managed to get his shirt most of the way off.


“Call me Julian.” The order was punctuated by a hard kiss.

“Julian… wait please.”


“I… I need to get something… replicate something.”

Julian smiled and kissed Jake again. “No need. I’ve got lube in the bedroom.”

Jake gulped. “It… it’s something else.”


“I… I can’t say. It’s a… surprise.”

“Ooh. Kinky. I’ll meet you in the bedroom. Hurry.” With those words, Julian headed for the open doorway. He was silently humming to himself and he was taking his clothes off.

Jake closed his eyes and sighed with relief when Julian was out of sight. When Julian sat out to seduce…

Jake pushed the thought away. He might have enjoyed the kissing and touching but it didn’t change any of the facts. Julian was drunk because Ezri dumped him. He was just seeing him home.

Besides, he wasn’t exactly in the best of positions here. At best Julian was interest in him but only putting on the moves because he was too drunk to stop. At worst, the doctor was just using him to forget about Ezri and it probably wouldn’t mean anything later. Even if this situation with Julian was somewhere in between, Jake knew better than to get involved with someone on the rebound. It was asking for heartache and his father hadn’t raised no fools.

“Are you coming?”

“Be patient. I promise you’ll like it.” Jake couldn’t believe those words had come from his mouth. Still they seemed to mollify the doctor, which was his goal right now.

He quickly crossed to the replicator and soon at the sobriety hypo in hand. As he looked at it, Jake realized that when he gave the medicine to Julian, the man would be horrified by his actions. He didn’t want the doctor to be unduly embarrassed by his actions, no matter how they’d made him feel. He turned back to the computer and made another request.

Slowly he went into the bedroom. Julian pounced on him the instant he was through the door. Jake did the only thing he could. He wrapped his arms around the doctor’s neck. After he angled the man so his knees were against the edge of the bed, Jake administered the two hypos he held into either side of the man’s neck. The combined effect of the tranquilizer and the sobriety medicine had the man dropping like a sack of potatoes.

Jake lifted the man the rest of the way on the bed and then made sure he was comfortably tucked in for the night. With a final kiss on the forehead, Jake left and headed to his own quarters. He knew Kasidy wouldn’t be home yet and he had some… personal business to see to.

Yep, he thought contemplating his cold shower and lonely bed. My daddy didn’t raise no fools.

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