Title: White Ceiling

Author: Karahkwa

Email: karahkwa@startrekmail.com

Size: ? Short

Rating: G

Codes: ?/?, A

Summary: Insomnia. (Not my usual style; not sure where it came from)


I canít sleep. I lay awake and stare at that white ceiling. Or else I sit at my terminal all night, doing nothing just sitting there.

And when I do sleep, Iím out for a long time without even a single dream. Instead, I spend ten to twelve hours seeing only pitch-black darkness.

I donít know whatís wrong with me. Nothing interests me anymore, when I used to think life was full of wonderful things to do.

When did I become jaded?

When you left me maybe. Or possibly when you started dating less than a week later. Oh, but it could be when I tried to move on and I found no one, not matter how sexy, attracted my fancy.

Or maybe it was when no one even noticed my last birthdayÖ

Iím completely alone and no one cares.

It could be worse, I guess. I could be without that damn white ceiling.

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