By Karahkwa Ross

Codes: X Files Sk/K

Disclaimer: I donít own them. They belong to Chris Carter, et al. and I mean no copyright violation.

Summary: PWP


You are the most beautiful sight in the world. Your head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut, hands clutching the sheets. You mouth parts to release a moan and I take in your kiss-swollen lips. Yes, youíre beautiful

And somehow I know if you knew what I was thinking while we have sex, youíd shoot me.

Walter Skinner is not one to be thought as a beautiful.

Then again, heís also not thought as a bottom, and yet you are. In fact youíre an exclusive bottom.

Imagine that. I have to beg and plead with the FBIís Assistant Director Skinner to get him to top me. And Iím only successful once in a great while.


God. That voice, all roughed with need. I love it. So sexy and sweet.

I wait knowing you, knowing youíll tell me what you want.

"Faster, Alex. Harder. God, Alex, you feel so good. More, please."

Walter Skinner begging for it, is there anything sexier on earth?

I canít tell you no. I give you what you want.

I love the way you thrash and moan beneath me. And those sounds you make in the back of your throat as you push back against me.

I know youíre close. I can see it in the way youíre biting your lip. You want to make it last.

I thrust at an angle and relish your scream of delight. Again and youíre biting your lip and twisting the sheets. A third time and you shudder.

I hold still for a second, just watching you. One more thrust and I know what will happen.

Youíll whisper my name and shiver as you cum. Thereíll be this delicious quiver in your voice that alone will make me cum inside of you.

You open your eyes and I can see the need in their blue depths. Youíre so damn beautiful.

I do the only thing I can do. I thrust as hard as I can, wanting to give you as much pleasure as I can.

Thereís the shiver and here comes the whisper.

"I love you, Alex."

I freeze, half from the force of my orgasm and half from the force of your words. "Oh God."

I love you, too, beautiful.

The End

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