By Karahkwa

Codes: ST: Voy

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Summary: Chakotay gives and recieves some good advise.

Commander Chakotay strode down the corridor. He’d just spent ten minutes arguing with Lt. B’Elanna Torres and it hadn’t been pretty.


Chakotay looked over at Harry Kim as he stopped to wait for the turbolift. “Word of advice, Ensign? Never tell a Klingon Chief of Engineering that her operations report is incomplete.”

“Why didn’t you just beam to sick bay?” the younger man asked as he gestured toward the man’s bloody and obviously broken nose.

“She locked my voice out of the computer.”

Harry’s eyebrows raised in a perfect imitation of Tuvok. He however stayed silent.

When it finally came, the ensign pulled the commander into the waiting turbolift and called for sickbay.

They rode in silence, mostly because Chakotay was leaning heavily on the wall and seemed to be weakening. Harry didn’t know what else he could do but get the commander to the holo-doc as quickly as possible.

Once the lift stopped and Harry had drug the semi-conscious man into the sickbay and activated the doctor, Ensign Kim commed both the captain and Tuvok to tell them what had happened. Then he went to Engineering.

“Hey, Starfleet. To what do I owe this honor?”

“I’m just here to give you some advice. If you’re gonna break someone’s nose, don’t lock them out of the computer.”

Harry stormed away from B’Elanna and she stoppd breifly to wonder about what the hell she’d done to piss him off. Oh, well, she thought, I should be finishing up here. I’m sure I’ll be in the brig for hitting Chakotay soon.


When Chakotay came to, he found the Doctor staring down at him. “Ah, Commander, welcome back.”

“What happened?” he asked as he slowly sat up.

“Well, from what I can tell, Lt. Torres broke your nose and locked you out of the computer. If Ensign Kim hadn’t met you in the corridor, you could have bleed to death.”

Chaktoay shook his head. He vaguely remember telling B’Elanna that her Engineering report had several mistakes and that he wanted her to fix them. He couldn’t remember her answer but it must not have been too pleasant.

“Lt. Tuvok has put Lt. Torres into custody for assaulting a commanding officer. The Captain wished to be informed when you awakened."

Chakotay only nodded. For some reason everything seem very surreal. “When can I leave?”

“You did lose a lot of blood and I’d like to keep an eye on you. I’ll release you after dinner and I’m going to take you off duty tomorrow. I want you to rest.”


Two days later, Chakotay stood alone in the turbolift. He was on his way to the morning briefing and then his first duty shift since his “incident” with Lt. Torres. B’Elanna would be spending a week in the brig.

He was surprised when the ‘lift stopped before his deck. He was a good ten minutes early for the meeting and usually the ‘lift didn’t stop unless it was someone going the same direction as it already was.

Ensign Kim stepped in. Chaktoay was surprised to see Harry alone. Usually the young man ate with Lts. Paris and Torres and arrived with them just a few minutes before the meeting started.



Chakotay knew he should thank the younger man for his intervention the other day. He opened his mouth to do just that when Harry interrupted.

“Word of advice, Commander? Never tell a Klingon Chief of Engineering that her operations report is incomplete.”

The End

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