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Jose Doroteo Valdez

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Doroteo was born on the first of February, 1860 as close as I can determine. His parents were Jose Manuel Esteban Valdez and Maria Encarnacion Naranjo. In a Census taken on 26 June 1860, I found Doroteo age 5/12 living with Jose Manual Valdez age 30 and Encarnacion Naranjo age 28, and with Dario Valdez age 5 and Leonides Valdez age 3. At this time they lived in la Placita de los Luceros in the county of Taos, Territory of New Mexico, which was known as El Coyote until about 1900 (where the maps then show the town as Lucero).

I have the actual baptism record from 17 February 1860 that you can view. Just click the hyperlinked text.

The area of El Coyote later became part of Mora county; and in the 1870 census records of Ocate, Precinct No. 8, in the county of Mora of New Mexico on the 4th day of Sept, 1870 it lists the family as: Valdez, Estaban age 38; Naranjo, Encarnacion age 39; and children: Hilario 14, Leonores 13, Doroteo 10, Pedro 8, Manuel 7, Donaciano 4, and Macencio 2.
Note: Living next door (according to this 1870 census) is Dosidorio Naranjo age 50. Click here to see this census record.

1885 Census information from Precinct #8 (Mora County) shows Doroteo age 25 living with M. Estevan age 50 and Encarnacion age 45, and with Pedro age 20, Manual age 18, Donacian age 17, Inocencio age 16, and Virginia age 13. Note: Virginia married Mr. Baca and moved to Wagon Mound.

A few years after this, Doroteo married Josefa Montoya (born 19 March 1869) on 1 February 1889; and they lived both in Ojo Felix and El Coyote (Llamo del Coyote) in later years.

The children of Doroteo and Josefa are:

The following is a picture of Josefa and Doroteo. Filiberto is behind them (the tall guy on the left of this picture).

Doroteo died on 7 Sept 1945. He is buried in Ojo Felix in the small graveyard that is on the Southwest slope about half way up the ridge. He has a red flagstone headstone. Note: The graves here have been overgrow with alfalfa. Here is a picture of Josefa with two of her daughters, Antonia and Clorinda, about this period of time.

Later, it is believed that Josefa lived on the North end of the El Coyote valley in an Adobe house just south of Feliberto. In the 1950's Josefa moved to Commerce City, Colorado and stay with Amadeo Maestas and his wife (Josefa's daughter) Antonia Valdez. Josefa (little grandma) died 1 April 1963 at the age of 94. As a child I remember how feisty she was.

Josefa was the daughter of Antonio Montoya and Soledad Casias. Josefa is buried in the Riverside Cemetary in Denver, Colorado. As you enter go approx. 100 feet on the road that goes North (the left fork). You will notice trees just to the left of the road. Stop at the third tree and take 12 paces due West. The marker says Josefita M. Valdez and also states 1869-1964.

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Note: Also I'll be glad to post any other Valdez history as long as I have the disk space allocated. BTW there is are a few Lucero school pictures with Doroteo and Josefita grandchildren pictured.


Map of the El Coyote area as it was - approx. 1860

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