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Amadeo A. Maestas and Antonia Valdez

Amadeo was born on 24 June 1893. He was the third son of Juan N. Mestas and Feliciana Arellano. He married Maria Antonia Valdez (born 13 May 1895) on 22 November 1915. Antonia is the daughter of Doroteo Valdez and Josefa Montoya. Amadeo and Antonia raised their kids in the El Coyote valley, building an adobe home in the 1920's approximately one mile north of the town of Lucero (previously called El Coyote until the year 1900).

In the 1950's they moved to Commerce City, Colorado in the Denver Metro area where most of their children now lived. They lived a very loving and family-oriented life. They cared very much for their children and grandchildren. Both Amadeo and Antonia are buried in the Highland cemetery (north end) at 104th and I-25 in Northglenn, Colorado. As you enter the North entrance, you veer right (heading SW). Park immediately on the right side of the road. To the NW you should see a statue. Take approximately 20 steps due North (or NW) you should be close. For those with GPS receivers, go to N39 53.979 W104 59.166

Amadeo and Antonia had 10 children:
Eloy Rubel, Martha, Teresa, Arthur, Rebecca, Eloy, Viola, Angie, Mabel, and James. Again, click on a particular name to go to their web page.
I can't give out birth dates yet, because my aunts will give me a premature death date. Note: Both Amadeo and Antonia were very old when they did finally have children. :-)

Eloy Rubel (buried to the left of his grandpa Juan), Teresa (who died of diphtheria), and Rebecca all died young. It's possible that one of these children as well as Martha and Art are in this Lucero school picture that is from the early 1930's.

These children grew up in El Coyote, and some more are depicted in this Lucero school picture from the early 1940's. Right click on the image to download the big picture, which you can save to your own computer.
Viola is shown at the window, and her brother Eloy is to the right. Angie is on the far left, and Mabel is on the far right. Also their cousin Hector Montoya is the small child at the bottom, just left of center. Flamina Casias is at the upper left of the picture.

Amadeo A. Maestas

Amadeo's parents are Juan N. Mestas and Feliciana Arellano. Amadeo was raised in the El Coyote valley and is identified as a sheep herder according to census records.

Antonia Valdez

Antonia's parents are Doroteo Valdez and Josefa Montoya. Doroteo who died in 1945 is buried on a south-west hillside in Ojo Feliz, New Mexico; and Josefa (who lived with Amadeo and Antonia the last 10 years of her life) is buried in Denver. Doroteo's parents are Jose Manuel Estavan Valdez and Maria Encaranacion Naranjo. Josefa's parents are Antonio Montoya and Soledad Casias. Soledad is buried in a cemetery about a mile to the East of Lucero (and about a quarter mile to the North from the road where you come upon the first abandoned homestead). It is said that the adobe home on the other side of the Coyote Creek (at the foot of the mountain) was that of Antonio and Soledad.

1910 Census

In Lucero, I found Maestas, Juan N. age 61 and wife Margarita age 45. The census indicated this was the second marriage for each of them. 7 children were born and 4 were still living, and this information referred to the children as being from Feliciana. Amadeo age 16 was living at home and New Mexico was listed as the birthplace for self, father, and mother for each of the family members.

In Coyote, I found Valdez, Doroteo J. age 49 and Josefita M. age 39. A 21 year marriage was indicated with 11 births and 5 still alive. Children shown were: Begnino (m) age 26, Antonia (f) age 15, Samuel J. (m) age 9, Florinda (f) age 6, and Cruz J. (m) age 2.

Note: My belief is that Juan and Josefa's mothers were sisters, making them cousins. Their children (Amadeo and Antonia) were second cousins. This is based on both Stanley Lucero's research of his family (Fresquez) and information found on showing the children of Jose and Teodora Silva. It is only a theory/strong possibility for now, I'm hoping to look through film number 016860 and 016862 which have the baptismal, marriage, and death records of the San Antonio Church in Penasco. Another microfilm that I'm interested in viewing is film # 1036795 Item 8. This one has Rayado, Colfax Co., NM vital records, which may list Juan N. and Feliciana's marriage, which should have occurred in the mid 1870s. On any of these microfilmed records may be parent information that will tie up a lot of loose ends, and help complete our family tree (see below).

If anyone wishes to add history or comments, please e-mail old photos (scanned) or stories. I will be glad to add anything you send to these web pages.

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Pictures of Amadeo and Antonia's Children

Thanks to Scott Hamliton for sending the left and bottom right picture. The left picture shows art (in back) and Vi and Eloy. The bottom right pictures shows (L to R) Martha, Mabel, Vi, and Angie. Four of the cutest aunts you could get from one family.

Genealogy Forum Web Pages on our family names

The Family Tree of Amadeo A. MAESTAS and Antonia VALDEZ

The red on this pedigree chart indicates a possibility that looks promising, but hasn't quite been proven out beyond a shadow of doubt.
Cristobal Clemente Mestas
Francisco Mestas
b. 13 Jun 1802
Maria Eulalia Gonzalez
Jose Luciano Mestas
b. 5 July 1828
d. bef Sep 1849
Antonio Martin
Maria de Jesus Martines
Dolores Armenta
Juan Andres Casillas
Jose Antonio Casillas
Maria Manuela Romero
Maria de la Luz Casias or Casillas
Jose Mariano Silva
Maria Teodora de Esquipulas Silva
Maria Manuela Martin
Jose de Gracia ARILLANO
b. 1844
Feliciana ARELLANO
Maria de J. CRUZ
b. 1854
Jose Manuel Estaban VALDEZ
Jose Doroteo VALDEZ
Maria Encarnicion NARANJO
Antonia VALDEZ
Jose Domingo MONTOYA
Juan Antonio Rodrigo MONTOYA
b. approx. 1832
Maria de la Cruz MARTINEZ
Bernando Casillas
Juan Andres Casillas
Rosa Lujan
Jose Antonio CASIAS
Maria Manuela Romero
Soledad CASIAS
or Casillas b. 1840
Jose Mariano Silva
Teodorita (Maria Tiodora) SILVA
Maria Manuela Martin

Note: Throughout the years 2001 through 2005, the old adobe house of Amadeo Maestas and Antonia Valdez (one mile North of Lucero) is being restored to honor their memory, and maintain a part of family history. Please feel free to stop by and say hi while this work continues. Most of the work is currently being done by their grandson Larry, but daughter Viola is pitching in as much as she can. Other brothers and sisters, and even brother-in-law Dave have helped out over the years as well as Viola's husband Clarence.

Pictures and Lucero History

Picture of Amadeo's mom Feliciana, sister Sofia, and Amadeo as a child, and gif version at 144 dpi for better printing.

A web page has been developed to provide some history, and to show what Lucero and the El Coyote valley look like today. Feel free to view this web page, and visit your ancestor's homeland some day.

If you go to the cemetery to visit Amadeo and Antonia, free feel to stop by and visit two of their great grandchildren at 3952.979N 10459.166W (Whitney and Noel).

Here is a picture of the family in 1953, standing in front of Clarence and Vi's new house at 1150 Yuba Street, Aurora, CO

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