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Deer Pic

Here is a rather poor picture of the deer I shot around christmass in 1997. Not sure what's wrong with the clarity, it looked fine when I viewed it after scanning. The odd border is there cause I didn't bother to trim the picture all that much.


here is a Pic of my Uncle Steve setting decoys out while duck Hunting in Oklahoma. We were in a flooded soyfield. We did very good that day, his dog Trene is "helping" him. She's a Black Lab.


Here is a picture of Trene after she retrieved a drake pintail. The picture is darker then i would like but I can't get it too looked fine in photoshop.


To give you an example of the hunting we were doing, here is a picture I took on the way out to our hunting spot one day. I think we had a 3- 5 miles boat ride accross a a flooded river. We had a spotter in the bow so that we could avoid hitting too many slightly submerged trees. You can also see our hunting buddy Dave Balcom's Boat on the right hand side. They did very well on this trip to, he had brought his son along. Pretty eh? Though that was a long boat trip every morning in the very dark conditions, On one day we likely went 8-10 miles before we got to where we were going. That was the day we saw thousands of ducks in the air at the same time....every single one of them at about 600 feet..or so it seemed.


Here is another retrieve by Trene, this was a Hen Mallard I think. If its the one I am thinking of, I put 9 pellets out of a number 2 shot shell (20 guage) at 40 yards...pretty much Dead on Impact.

senior pic

My senior picture from High school.


Picture of a marlin being caught, that's me in the foreground. About a 125 pounder. Don't know the exact amount, we released it. the estimater who told me the weight is pretty reliable though, he had caught a lot of marlin. You can see him on the right side of the picture, he's my grandfather. The location we were at was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. That's our boat we are in.

A typical sunrise at sea.

A sunrise in Baja California Sur, Mexico. We are about 6-8 miles out from port in this picture, to go fishing we always got up before the predawn. sometimes as early as 4 am, other times 4:30 am.


In Deep sea fishing you very seldom use a net to land a fish. You use a Gaff. Basically a long pole with a big hook on the end, you just hook the fish, beat it on the skull a few times with a bat (to ensure that you don't have shipboard accident involving a sharp teeth and your vital areas) and haul whatever it was you caught on board. I can't remember too well, but this fish looks about 14-16 pounds. About the average size, though some can get bigger then 80 pounds. I think Dorado only live two years, should tell you something about them.