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My World


My name is Nick. I am a 19 yr old college student, majoring in, with an Aerospace Specialty. I have been fishing and hunting in many places in United states. If you notice my address says "deepcpesca" that means deep sea fishing. A sport I like alot. I'm pretty good at it too. I suppose my Favorite species to fish for is the Wahoo. A real fun fish; strikes the lure at about 60 mph, has A LOT of razor sharp teeth, looks like a torpedo going through the water, makes a Cudda look like a little goldfish, oh can take about 300 yds of line off the reel in the first couple of seconds. They are not the only fish I have caught. I have caught and released a 120-130 lb stripe marlin, a lot of Dorado, numerous other smaller game fish, and one litty tiny 13 foot wide Manta Ray. Caught on 50 lb test, took a looooonnnngggg time.

I do enjoy fishing on fresh water lakes as well. I spend alot of time on Lake Michigan. Mostly fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, and the occasional Lake Trout. I have caught master angler sized fish. I have been fishing on all of the Great Lakes, except Lake Ontario.


I also like to game hunt. I shot a deer about 7 days before Christmas 97. I like to bird hunt best though. I did pretty good this year. Took a trip to go hunting in Oklahoma for ducks this Christmas break. As a group we got 54 birds in four days I like the country out there, real pretty. I may place some pictures of the dog working a little later.

I have been hunting since I was old enough to do so legally. I'll admit at first I wasn't so good at it. As a matter of fact I was pretty horried at it the first year or so. I have gotten better. After I had been hunting for about 2 yrs I began to run a trap line as well. I mostly trapped muskrats and raccoons. I never really made a profit doing it. It was however a pretty good learning experiance. Nothing like freezing water and a four mile hike through a stream to keep you in shape.

For some reason I picked up the nick-name Casper after I took some people out in the woods. Something about being to hard to hear in the woods. ; )


I have always been a fairly athletic person. I played Baseball most of my youth. Then spent 3 years in High school on the track team. I threw Discus, could be why I liked the pic at the bottom. I was ok, by my senior year I was second best on the team. We had a big team that year and almost won confrence. I didn't think I did too bad considering it was my second sport and I almost never practised it outside the season. I ran and did the jumping events as well but I wasn't good enough to place, so they weren't a real high priority, basically I just tried to finish top 10 or so. I made the college baseball team but had to drop out because of conflicting play time and class time problems. I kinda miss it, I liked playing for the team, but I have decided to mostly concentrate on school and Fencing.

I am pretty good with computers, though this is my first web page (due to a lack of convenient web access mostly). I occasionally do graphic generation and alteration. I'm learning Programming now, I expect this to take awhile to learn. I have other hobbies as well. I enjoy Fencing, Baseball, Basketball, and Boating. I have been Boating on a lot of the major bodies of water, the Pacific, Atlantic, Carribean, the Great Lakes, the Sea Of Cortez, Gulf of Mexico, the Eastern Inter-coastal Waterway. You could say I have been around. In 1990 I took part in Grand River Expedition 90. a canoe trip along the entire length of the Grand River, which is located in Mid-Michigan. During this trip we cleaned parts of the river and held educational demonstrations at towns along the way. I was on the official documentry team and helped with the MSU water study group. I helped them collect water,fish, insect and mud samples. It was intresting, and my parents eventually were contracted to make a movie based on the information gathered by the Scientists. The Movie was titledWhere The River Flows Clean

I just recently got back from a week long (plus 12 hour there and 12 hour back drive time) camping/whitewater rafting trip to the Smokey mountain area. Had lots of fun, saw a couple of copperheads, lots of boar sign. I went with a class from KCC, the college I attended this summer semester. We stayed in Elkmount for a couple days, then split up into 2 groups to stay in the backcountry for a couple of days. Then we stayed at Smokemount for another day.

At Elkmount we did the section of the AP that goes to Charlie's bunion, and a few local smaller hikes to falls etc. We stayed at camp 63 for our backcoutnry excercise. That was pretty fun, i may go back there again....without the city types though. that got to be a drag. I mean we walked a good 5 miles up from the dead end road we took to get out there, all of it uphill, we set up camp, and the first thing I hear is somebodies walkmen+speakers going. Coulda done without that...especially if your gonna play rap. We didn't have any trouble with bears when we were out there, likely cause we took precautions. That was the first camping trip i had ever gone on without family. In the future, I plan picking my group real careful.

When we were at Smokemount we went to the Nantahala river group for Whitewater guides. Went on a nice little 7 hour trip down the Chattooga river. It's the same river they filmed Deliverance on I guess. Anyway, we shot a fair number of class 3-5 rapids, ate lunch near a large waterfall, and went swimming a bit. I'd go and do it again, it was relatively cheap, and the guides knew what they were doing. I may take out Kayak next time though....that looks like it could be postively badass to shoot. The part of the river we were on was in North Carolina.

I like lots of movies too. The Predator, The Alien movies, Star Wars...even Star Trek, though the series get to be a bit much sometime ;) Mostly I tend to watch sci-fi, the occasional western, and action movies.


Like I said, I like computer graphics. In the above pic I added some blood it a little more intresting.


Last modified: 8/19/98


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