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Mrs. Geneva Pittmon's Letter

On December 16, 1987 Brushy Bill Roberts' niece Mrs. Geneva Pittmon wrote this letter to Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang founder Joe Bowlin. In this letter she says that Brushy Bill Roberts was born on August 26, 1879 and that this is proven in the Roberts family Bible. If Mrs. Pittmon is correct, this means that Brushy Bill Roberts was only 2 years old in 1881 when Billy the Kid was killed in Fort Sumner by Sheriff Pat Garrett!

December 16, 1987

Dear Sir: the reason you are not finding my family is you don't have the right name. My grandfather was H.O. Roberts married to Shara (I think she meant Sarah)Elizabeth Ferguson on May 14, 1876. Oliver P. Roberts was Brushy Bill's name. I don't know what the P. was for. He was born August 26, 1879. I have the family Bible record. My husband thinks I should not tell you anything unless I know just what are your interests in my family? A William A. Tunstill P.O. Box 995 Roswell New Mex 88201 is also writing me asking questions which I have not written. He also has come up with a Ben Roberts as my great grandfather who was from (Kentucky?)and settled near Austin, 1835. I would also like for this to be settled as I know my uncle Oliver was not Billy the Kid.

Mrs. Geneva Pittmon