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The View From the Hill

In July of 1304 Scotland found itself in the tightening grip of King Edward II of England. Central to this struggle, Stirling Castle stood in proud defiance at the headwaters of the River Forth which led deep into the highland strongholds. For the clans of Stirling it was a time of earnest struggle and sacrifice when the loyalty and bravery of the people would be pressed to the extreme. Throughout Scotland names like William Wallace and Robert Bruce found their place in the annals of time as the battle for The Red Lion Flag swept like wildfire through hills and valleys and across the moors.

As with all of history it is often the most insignificant of lives that shine the brightest and are soon forgotten. Though unacclaimed on the written page these shining many kindle a legacy of fire within the hearts of untold generations to come. The soul of this book was found in one such Ďsmall' life who stood shoulder to shoulder and raised the cry of defiance when silence would have swallowed the land. Her name was Janet Olifant.

Grandfather's Drum

The fire died low, casting a shadowy light on the walls of the lodge. Now and then a hickory knot exploded sending a flurry of sparks scurrying up into the darkness. Winter lay stretched out, covering the land in a great whiteness which blanketed the meadows and enwrapped the hills. Large flakes of snow drifted down, magically appearing out of the black expanse that had replaced the sky and stolen the stars. Night had brought with it no breeze; no wind to stir the pines and make them speak. There was only silence, not even the cry of the owl; only quiet and snow.


In this collection of original short stories, Elizabeth Bluehorse takes us on a journey into the craft of the Native Storyteller. Through these tales, fashioned after the oratory style of the Grandfathers, readers will find themselves transported deep into the magical heart of the natural world as seen through the eyes of the wenakshe'.
Wenakshe' is the Cherokee word which indicates one's extended family of relatives past, present, and future.

Child of Heaven/Child of Earth

Elizabeth Bluehorse, author of The View From the Hill and Grandfather's Drum, opens her heart and her journals in this compelling journey through life as seen through the eyes of one of the most sensitive, artistic writers of our time. In Child of Heaven/Child of Earth, Elizabeth invites you to wander barefoot through meadows filled with wild flowers and moments imbued with laughter and tears. Along the journey, readers will encounter a deep spiritual strength and zest for living that will uplift and warm them for years to come. Child of Heaven/Child of Earth is an anthology of prose and poetry that will be enjoyed time and time again.

Child of Heaven/Child of Earth is also available in a very special gift edition that is exquisitely formatted and sure to thrill any recipient. Here is a look at the cover:

A Walk In Tall Grass

Slip into your jammies. Stretch out on your bed or kick back in your favorite chair. A Walk In Tall Grass by Elizabeth Bluehorse is definitely a book to curl up with. Filled with all the innocence, warmth and joy of childhood, this volume is a must for everyone who has basked in the light of a full moon, loved a dog, played in the cool of a dew drenched meadow, hugged a child, or awakened to the magic of new fallen snow.

Based upon Elizabethís childhood memoirs when she and her four siblings were growing up in the wilds and woodlands of their familyís home place, come share this genuine love-of-life adventure as expressed through the masterful pen of this popular storyteller.

A Walk In Tall Grass is one of those exceptional books brimming with laughter and tears that readers will find themselves quoting from in years to come.

A portion of the authorís income from the sale of A Walk In Tall Grass has been designated as an ongoing contribution to the American Diabetes Association.

The Awakening

What do magic wands and torsion waves have in common?
Is Ďreality' real?
What is time?
Why am I here, and do I have to stay?
What did King Solomon have to say about the nature of the Universe?
What does the ancient Mesopotamian book called the Enuma Elish have in common with the book of Genesis?
What do the teachings of the ancient Egyptian god, Thoth, the Wisdom of Solomon, the Tibetan book called
the Bardo Thodol, and the redemptive concepts of Christianity have in common?
What are the Pillars of Reality?
What is the Lie, and what is its counteracting Truth?
What does it really mean to know God?

The answers to all these questions are revealed within the science and knowledge of The Awakening.

Whispered Secrets - The Nordic Runes

Whispered Secrets - The Nordic Runes by Elizabeth Bluehorse is an in depth study of the ancient Runes of Odin known as the Elder FUTHARK. If you are looking for a book that will tell you how to do Rune casts and foretell the future, this is not the book for you. If youíre looking for a book that will introduce you to the magic and mystery of the ancient secrets - then this is what youíve been searching for.

The product of some thirty-five years of research, Whispered Secrets - The Nordic Runes is the current result of an ongoing quest to reach back into those far distant times and seek out the hidden meanings of the Runes as they were originally known.

Whispered Secrets - The Nordic Runes is filled with color illustrations and is available in two versions - one which offers the full color and one that is printed in black and white in order to offer readers a less expensive alternative.

”ranŽldan - The Language of the Mountain Elves

Ten years in the making, here is the definitive guide to learning ”ranŽldan - The Language of the Mountain Elves. Included is everything you will need to become fluent in this unique, active and functional language - an exhaustive grammar, learning assists, conversation studies, an Englilsh / ”ranŽldan Dictionary, and an ”ranŽldan / English Reverse Dictionary.

Inspired by the Elvish Languages of J.R.R. Tolkien, ”ranŽldan is new, useful, and vibrant.

This volume is available in hardback, paperback and Ebook editions.

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