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Summer 2020


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Elizabeth's new book The Awakening (ISBN 1-4116-1901-3) is now available online and at your favorite bookstore.

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Excerpt from The Awakening
by Elizabeth Bluehorse
Copyright 2019

Chapter 2
The Search for God

Who is God? You must admit, that is an imposing question, the answer to which people throughout the ages have searched with varying degrees of certitude. Truly, the only absolutely incontrovertible answer would be that God is far more than any of us have ever imagined. Since we humans really don't even have a handle on the vastness of what it means to be human, where the subject of God is concerned, no matter how much we know, or think we know, there is always more to learn.

The encouraging thing about the myriad postulations that have sprung from the heartfelt grapplings of spiritual consciousness throughout the ages is that they all agree. Yes, agree.

I know that when one considers that throughout the ages of man's ceaseless waging of wars and unnamed cruelty toward his fellow man, ‘God' has been man's ultimate excuse. And, in this endless barrage of "my God is better than your God" it seems that there should be some kernel of truth and justification, but there isn't.

Even if the varying factions refuse to openly admit it, the heart of the Jew, the Christian, the Buddhist, the Moslem, the Hindu, etc., are at one in their perception of God. If you doubt that fact, read the following excerpt, and examine your own thoughts and see if in all spiritual contemplation you or any other person of spiritual concern could find any fault with what is said.

Speaking of God, it is written: "You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Ultimate Abode, the Purest, the Absolute Truth. You are the eternal, transcendental, original Person, the Unborn, the Greatest."

From which sacred book of spiritual learning do you think that excerpt was taken? The Bible? The Koran? The Torah? It could have come from any one of them! But, in truth, it is a quote from the book of sacred writings known as the Bhagavad-Gita - ‘The Divine Song of God' which is contained within the epic poem, the Mahabharata* from the ancient texts held sacred by the Hindu and Buddhist faiths.

Regardless of one's personal religious beliefs and spiritual learning, God is bigger, wider, higher, deeper, more fathomless, more omnipotent, more omnipresent, more omniscient, more Loving than any of us could ever discover through the committed study and spiritual seeking of a million lifetimes, let alone through the minute perception that we may have acquired thus far.

Through the living of life many people have developed misconceptions about God, about their relationship to their Creator, and about God's Love for them. Many people, because of pains inflicted upon them by other people, have come to project the resulting hurt, distrust, and anger upon God. Because of the generational passing down of falsehoods, many people have developed a very erroneous conception of who God is.

If you gain only one thing from your reading of this book, I hope that it will be the very courageous commitment within yourself to seek out God for yourself; to find within your soul the daring to trust that God loves you and, unlike man, is working for and desires only your greatest good. I hope that you will discover the personal power to lay aside your preconceptions and call upon your Creator and learn who God is for yourself. Open your mind and your heart, not to the inclusion of any and all, nor to the exclusion of all that you have learned thus far; rather, open yourself to the consideration that God may be leading you to places that you have never gone before; teaching you more of Himself and of His infinite Creation than you had previously known.

The fathomless depths of the facts of these suggestions I will leave there, and commit them to the study of the industrious philosopher. For now, I wish only to express four points for you to carry forward with you.

Point #1: Seeking to create God in our own image is the truest form of idolatry. It is the way of deception and leads only to darkness. God is God. No matter what man thinks or does, and regardless of whatever name or concept he chooses to label the Almighty with, the Creator is in and of Himself. Man's petty little conceptualizations do not dictate who and what the Lord God really is.

Point #2: God is more than the mind of any created being has ever imagined, considered, or comprehended.

Point #3: God is far more than you have ever imagined, considered, or comprehended.

And, as you proceed, consider also

Point #4: That you are far more than you have ever imagined, considered, or comprehended.

Who is God? In the following pages we will search out many things and in it all we will learn more of God. For God is the Center of the Circle and the Source of all things, of all understanding, of all knowledge. As we move forward we will find that, though the verbiage may be different, the studies of learnéd people throughout the ages have brought them all to the same erudition, to an understanding of the same Divine Creator. And, though there are many sources to assist the traveler on his or her journey, the true answers lie only within one's own personal voyage into the depths of the Heart of their Creator, the Master of the Universe for Whom all expressions of words can but only fall short.

Isaiah 46:9b-10

"For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like me, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things which have not been, saying, "My purpose will be established, and I will accomplish all My good pleasure."


The View from the Hill has a new face and a new edition!

Introduction to the NEW Second Edition:

In the years following the first publication of The View from the Hill the story of Janet Olifant has undergone several transformations. While the telling has remained much the same, Ms. Bluehorse transcribed the book into a screenplay for feature film. The following year, she worked it into a stage play which has been presented by both professional theatre companies and several academic drama organizations.

Through these processes, additional research was done and Janet's story grew in content. This Second Edition includes the expanded text that became part of the screenplay and stage play versions and received new cover art by illustrator, Annie Freelove.


Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Elizabeth Bluehorse Writing Contest. These two very talented winners will be studying under the tutelage of Ms. Bluehorse for the next year. The ultimate goal being the publication of their first completed work.

Congratulations to:
Barbaree Johanssen
Daniel Jones

Cover Artist

Sincere thanks to artist/illustrator, Annie Freelove, for the beautiful artwork she has done for the covers of Ms. Bluehorse's books. The latest being The Light of the Ages for The Awakening.

To view or purchase prints of any of Annie's paintings visit her website at

Internet Acquaintances

Ms. Bluehorse was pleasantly surprised to learn that the History Channel sanctioned website called This Week In American Indian History ( has honored her with a link to her home page in the 'Suggested Links' section of their site. Ms. Bluehorse is grateful to be recognized in this way.

Another exciting web link has gone up at It is absolutely wonderful to have this new internet association. You can visit the link at to read both the introduction to The View From the Hill and an excerpt from the first chapter. And, while you're visiting, take some time to wander through the rest of this fantastic site that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Scotland.

Those wishing to contact Ms. Bluehorse should feel free to utilize the email address indicated below.

Blessings and peace.


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