Bluehorse Bio

Referred to as one of the Beethovens of the literary world, Elizabeth Bluehorse is known for a signature writing style that has been described as both poetic and beautifully descriptive.  Having proven her popularity, Ms. Bluehorse has secured a name for herself in the very competitive fellowship of worldwide writers.

Following several magazine and newspaper articles, her first full length novel, The View From the Hill, set in 13th Century Scotland, made its debut in 1997. The years that followed brought Grandfather's Drum and Child of Heaven/Child of Earth, and a wonderfully entertaining look at her childhood depicted within the pages of A Walk In Tall Grass. Elizabeth has since produced screen and stage plays of several of her books and has been working on The Daughters of Eva O'Duinn a miniseries for television. Her most recent offering, The Awakening is currently available wherever fine books are sold. Other projects under construction are:
~ Rocky Mountain Sunrise (the sequel to A Walk In Tall Grass)
~ Mist On the Mountain
~ Up From the Mire (the sequel to The Awakening)

Ms. Bluehorse is active in both Scottish and Native American affiliated groups,and devotes much of her time to the national organizations Reading For Every Child and the American Diabetes Association.

Through her books, articles, and lectures, she has earned a place in the hearts of a devoted following of fans who love a good story skillfully told.

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